Sunday, December 29, 2013

Homeless for Christmas

We hope you are having a fun weekend.  With lots of good food.  (Want to share?  We'll eat most anything you want to put on your plate.  Or drop on your lap..)  A warm, comfy sunspot for a nap.  And happy memories of a Christmas spent with family and friends and even a few strangers.

Not everyone is so fortunate, for a variety of reasons. How do the homeless celebrate?  Or do they?

Christmas is over for 2013, but the Christmas spirit lives on, so we would like to share this video with you.

This is an actor in Poland where temperatures go below freezing in winter.  He is displaying the true spirit of Christmas giving.  This should give you a Sunday Smile.  Or perhaps a happy tear.

If the video doesn't play, click here


  1. Purrs and hugs from all of us!
    Season's greetings and best wishes for the New Year!

  2. Jan one sad thing is that so many times that coat or those shoes are used to barter with or stolen from them or they are harmed for having something nice. The homeless population here we found out want to be. It is sad, and this video was heartwarming but most of those homeless chose to be. Not a criticism to want to help at all but it's simply a choice they make.

  3. PERFECT !! We needed to see this. To remember that it isn't just for ONE Month or one DAY... it is needed all year long.

    Santa even gave his GLOVES away.

  4. Oh what a lovely man that actor is. He made so many people happy that day x

  5. What a great Santa story. I can't imagine being homeless especially at this time of year.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. We need to walk in another's shoes once in a while to appreciate what we have.

    Happy New Year!


  7. That was very, very special.

  8. So heartwarming to see. Happy New Year.
    Sue B

  9. Wow, that was so incredibly moving. Those people so rarely see any kindness whatsoever, making this even more beautiful. Thank you for sharing this video with all of us, Jan.

  10. What a wonderful series of caring acts (admittedly, all deliberately filmed)! *I* do not believe that homeless people WANT to live outside in cold and misery. They may feel forced to for mental or social or financial reasons but I have no doubt that if they could at least have a small private apartment or any shelter where they felt safer, they would welcome it gratefully.



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