Thursday, December 05, 2013

Kjelle, Leigh and Ms Klutz

Percy:  We know Jan would rather we not tell this story, but it's too good to keep to ourselves.  We've told you a number of times how klutzy Jan is.  She just keeps getting better and better at it.

Cyndi:  We have all been playing musical beds quite a bit since it got cold and Jan was taking pictures of us yet again when ....

Rusty:  ... she tripped over a surge protector strip and ...

Micah:  ... you don't want to know.

Cameron:  What do you mean they don't want to know?  Of course they do!

Buddy:  If they don't, we'll tell them anyway.  Jan tripped ...

Merci:  ... and her arm flew out and the camera flew across the room and ...

Sam:  ... it hit the wood over the fireplace and fell onto the concrete with a ...


Cameron: What was that?  I nearly jumped out of my fur.

Rusty:  Oh, that was just Sam's tail knocking the decorative tin off the table again.

Percy:  But that's what happened.  The camera crashed to the floor and ...

Cyndi: ... scared the crap out of us, is what it did!

Micah:  Jan just stood there staring at the fireplace, then walked over and picked up the camera ...

Merci: ... aimed it at Buddy, stared at the strange colors floating around the viewfinder, and clicked the shutter.

Buddy:  Surprisingly it still takes pictures, sort of.  Not bad for a camera that flew 4 feet across the room and crashed 3 1/2 feet to the hard floor.

Sam:  Yes, Jan measured the distances.  She still can't believe the camera is even in one piece, let alone trying to continue on nonchalantly..

Percy:  Jan says she hopes it will take half-decent photos until we figure out how to steal ... um, I mean get a new camera. 

Micah:  We wish we could share a picture of Jan's face when she realized what had happened, but you'll have to use your imagination.  Or you could try tripping your human while she's carrying a cup of hot coffee.

Our friend Kjelle Bus A.K.A. Charlie Rascals is entered in a photo contest and can use your help.  There's no need to sign up, give your email or name, or do anything except to go to this link -

Look for this photo of the handsome Kjelle.  All you have to do is to click on ROSTA.  That's it.  You've voted.  Wasn't that easy!

It will seem like nothing happened but the number on the bottom left will have changed and if you click twice, it will tell you you've already voted.  Of course, you won't know what it's telling you unless you speak Swedish, but the first time we thought it  didn't work and we clicked twice, then ran the popup text through Google Translate.  It said we'd already voted.  Oh, well good thing we don't speak the language or that would have been embarrassing.  :)

We hope you will save the link and vote daily.  The contest ends December 31st.  We vote daily. 

And we got some exciting news from an ex-cat blogger.  Many of you will remember the blogs Rascal and Little Cat Zee.  Leigh has been blogging for quite a while on 5 Acres & A Dream.  She has just published her first book, titled 5 Acres & A Dream The Book: The Challenges of Establishing A Self-Sufficient Homestead.

You can read more about the book on the blog  5 Acres & A Dream.  Leigh is giving away a copy of her book and it's easy to enter.  The link to entry information is in her post.  Good luck on winning.

We are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop hosted by Pepi Smart Dog.

Also This 'N That Thursday hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs.

And co-hosted by Ruckus the Eskie.


  1. You might think Jan is klutzy, but The Staff actually managed to drop a elebenty zillion lb camera lens on ME!!!!!! At least Jan managed to miss all you kitties!! *sigh*

  2. and my mom-person have managed to drop a cellphone in a toilet.
    Yes it actually worked after the bath :)
    Mom dismantled it and dryed it with the hairdryer.
    Maybe I shall tell you that she droped it before she used the lou !

    Thank´s a lot for sharing the link to the photocompetition !
    The voting is ending on december 31.


  3. OMD OMD what KIND of camera is it? THAT would make a SUPER AD for it. You could make 87 bazillion bucks for that.

    Glad no one was hurt in that fiasco.

  4. yikes. to think mom just misplaces the flashy box around here. :)

  5. You should hear when mom steps on my bone in the middle of the night

  6. Having opposable thumbs must be what makes humans klutzy.

  7. Jan, thank you so much! I still love cats and sometimes think of two new cat blogs for them

    HooligaNation for the kittens and
    CurmudgeoNation for big cat Riley.

    Those titles fit!

  8. Oh I hope Jan is alright? Sounds like she had quite an episode! Didn't break anything I hope! :)

  9. Wow, that sounds like one tough camera! We are glad Jan is okay (she IS okay, right?)!

    We've been voting for Kjelle every day. We tried to "rosta" too many times, too. MOL.

    Leigh's book sounds pretty terrific.


  10. Wow...that's quite a story about Miss Jan.....AND we read about Kjelle (Charlie's) contest and have voted for him of course!! Let's hope there are no more "whoopsies" round your place before the holidays.....that would be NO FUN!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  11. food serviss gurl heer can trip N fall on de sidewalk on a sunny day with a sur fiss smooth az can bee.... thanx for de linx ta Kjelle's votin page; we bookmarked N will vote day lee !!

  12. We're glad your camera survived -- or sort of survived. We are afraid to trip peeps carrying beverages, hot or cold, because we don't want to wear them!

  13. Humans provide the best in entertainment, don't they?

  14. We're glad everyone is alright, including the camera!

  15. I WISH Mom would break her camera then it wouldn't be in our faces all the time! I'm glad all of you survived with only a scare. ~Cooper from

  16. Your Mom should do a commercial for whatever brand of hardy camera that is!! Amazing that it's still carrying on as if nothing happened. (the camera, not your mom, MOL).

  17. Thanks so much for joining TNT! Yikes on the camera. Glad it still takes pictures. :)

  18. Oh boy..those pesky surge protector strips. Quite annoying but necessary!

    Also thanks for hopping onto This N That Thursday Blog Hop. See you next week (if not earlier!)

  19. Good werk dedding the camera! We bet ya all had "something" ta to with that...


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