Friday, December 20, 2013

Sammy Kimmell and Red

Hey, Little Puppy No Name here.  The other furries said it's okay for me to post again since I have some good news.

It's a really dreary day and we got off to a late start on our morning walk - the one we've been mostly skipping for a while because it's been too cold or rainy for Jan.  (It wasn't noon yet so it counted as morning, didn't it?) 

We started off but Jan saw a neighbor across the street and we doubled back so she could ask if he knew of anyone looking for a little brown dog.  We were all jumping up and down and barking, trying to greet him.  The guy pointed to me and asked, "That one? Yes, he's mine.  He didn't even know how to eat or drink when I got him. I had to teach him.  He didn't play either."  (He added the last because I was busy tugging on Merci's leash.)

So now I have a name.  I'm "Red."  I'll be staying on for a while, though.  My owner takes care of his mother. He knows I'm safe and Jan will  continue working on my housebreaking while he builds me a crate  I don't know why she needs to work on it.  I'm already very good at breaking things. But, hey, if she thinks I need improvement, I'm game.

The Funny Farmers have been telling me stories of Jan. Today I got to see her in action.  In all the excitement, Jan suddenly noticed Sam's brand new harness (thank you, Miss Pat) was at the wrong end.  Instead of at his shoulders, it was unbuckled and sliding down his hips.  Jan was totally calm, cool and collected.  She immediately dropped all four leashes and grabbed Sam. 

When she realized we were loose, the neighbor stepped on two leashes and Jan managed to grab one.  They got the harness back on Sam.  A couple minutes later, it was around his hips again.  This time the neighbor tightened the straps quite a bit.  Jan is so grateful this didn't happen on our walk last night.  Or when Sam was being unruly because he saw a squirrel or motorcycle and wanted to chase it and there wasn't anyone around to help her.

And good thing Sam was secure because here came a medium brown dog and a good-sized Bassett mix the others called Luke the Pee Machine (you might remember him) with their owner trying to catch them  We did some more leaping and barking.  Then we went on our walk.

It's almost 1:30 now and Jan is finally eating breakfast while I post. She's not sharing, but we did eat earlier. 

I think that's all the news for today.  Oh, sorry, the Funny Farmer Felines have to do their regular Friday interview post.  I think I'll go nap now.

Little Puppy No Name - now known as Red

Thank you, Red.  We have been fortunate to interview some old friends, as well as make new ones.  This week we got to know a new friend better, Sammy Kimmell of One Spoiled Cat.  He's quite the character.

Stop by to read Sammy Loves Teasers and Worldwide Wildcats.  It is published at Mousebreath, the ezine for cats by cats.

We are joining Rascal & Rocco's Pet Parade blog hop #20..  


  1. Welcome Red. We are glad that everyone now knows your story and that you have an owner. And glad that Jan can help out. :)

  2. Oh I'm so happy to know Puppy No Name is no longer PNN but "Red" ! He's so adorable it's just heartwarming to know that he'll have his home back again. He was so lucky that he had a safe temporary home where he was so well taken care of. You'll have a special Christmas this year "Red" !!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy
    One Spoiled Cat
    p.s. Enjoyed the interview!!

  3. Hi, there!

    Thanks for stopping by - yes, you found the home of Sammy's girlfriend, Sundae and her hoomans!
    Please visit again soon! We're off to read Sammy's interview!
    Have a good weekend -


  4. So glad you have a name! Little Red, love it!

  5. Hi Red - formerlly LPNN. It's good to know you haf a home right near Jan! We know she will teach you well

  6. Well that is good news that the little one has a home. I bet it is a weight of Jan's mind. Hello Red, the name suits you. x

  7. Well Hello Red! Sounds like you will have a great place to stay until things are ready for you at home! And we're off to read about Sammy!!

  8. Hi Red....I's so hap-pee to meet you. I hope your owner will take good care of you. I know Jan takes good care of you. Wasn't he even looking for you? My pawrents would be frantic if I went missing. {But I would never do dat....I gots it too good here}


  9. Howdy Red! You are a cutie! We've gotta go read that interview.

  10. O Red! Yeu are berry cute! And how lucky yeu are teu sbend time on Jan's Funny Farm!!!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  11. Well at last the mystery is solved! Looks like you have added some much (not) needed vitality to the FFF household! MOL Must go and read Sammy's interview. He is one of my best pals! :) xx

  12. Oh we are so glad Red's person was found. We hopes everything works out OK.

  13. Very happy that Red's person is found :P

  14. Red is a good name. Glad he has a home too.
    We love Sammy and will run over and visit.

  15. I am glad you are staying with Jan, Red

  16. Glad to meet you Red. That is great news.
    Sue B


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