Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ginger, Fred and Achy Bones

Merci:  Hey, don't I look like the cat's meow?  Wait ... that's not right.  I'm a dog. But I do look spiffy, don't I.  I'm wearing a pink princess bandana.  Some call it a kerchief. 

Buddy:  And I'm wearing a tie.  Can you believe it?  A red plaid tie.  You'd think I'm going somewhere besides a walk before dark.  Jan doesn't let me date, you know. 

 Merci:  Well, we could do some dancing, Buddy.  That would keep us warm.  Would you like that?

Buddy:  No, my bones ache in this cold, damp weather.  I might manage a slow shuffle if you're serious, but no bop, wop or dip.

Sam:  Miss Merci, may I have this dance? 

Merci:  *whisper*  How did you get the tie away from Buddy? 

Sam:  I asked him for it.  I promised Jan will wash and iron it when I'm done with it.  My bones don't ache, so I'd be happy to escort you to the backyard ball where we can dance among the leaves and mud. 

 Merci:  I've never danced before; however, I'd be delighted to learn, Sam.  But ... um, you do realize the tie is Buddy's size?  You're a really big guy and the tie is small in comparison. 

Sam:  That's okay.  I won't have to worry about dipping it in the water bowl when we take a refreshment break. And since I've never danced before either, we can make up our own steps as we go.

Buddy:  While the two social butterflies learn to dance, I''ll tell you a little about the bandana and tie.  They came from Tail Trends, a pet project that sells a line of dog apparel - hand-crafted and stylish bandanas with felt applique, neckties and bow ties, tutus, and hair bows.  They recently introduced “The Original Collar Cozy,” a tubular cover that allows you to dress up plain old collars by slipping on different designs.  They have holiday designs, too, so you dogs can dress up for Christmas and New Year's parties.

Sam:  Did you tell them my tie ... I mean, your tie has a satin ribbon that ties behind my ... your neck?

Buddy:  Not yet.

Sam:  That's okay.  I just did.  You don't need to now.

Merci:  My bandana ties around my neck like any kerchief would.  I think it makes me look very feminine.

Buddy:  Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers have spoken.  Stop by Tail Trends and check out their inventory.

We were sent a sample necktie and kerchief but received no compensation.  Any opinions expressed are strictly our own.


  1. Oh, lovely, a backyard ball! We hope everyone had a great time.

  2. Oh we love love love your bandana and tie, we wish mom was smart enuf to make a tie for angus! You guys look so gorgeous !
    stella rose

  3. How cute. Love the outfits! :D

  4. You guys look pawsome!

    Happy Tuesday! xoxo

  5. You all look like the cats meow, BOL

  6. Awwww don't you look adorable!!!!!
    Poor dog not allowed to date lol
    Great pics Jan!

  7. Not allowed to date! How sad!
    And since I AM a cat, I can definitely say you two ARE the cat's meows!!!!

  8. We think you all look terrific in your kerchief and necktie. :) And yes, Merci ... you ARE the cat's meow, beautiful girl.

  9. Wow! Me-OW! Those do make you look spiffy!

  10. Hope you had a grrreat time at your backyard dance !

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  12. sam...frank lee ewe iz rockin that tie !!!! just dont let jan put pants on ...any one....

  13. Very feminine, indeed! You wear it like a beauty, Merci! - Crepes.

  14. They are so cute ^-^

    Welcome to join my blog :)

  15. Oh wow! You look so spiffy!! We are glad you got a dance Merci :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ

    Thank you for your kind words and hugs when our Tillie crossed the Bridge. We miss her SO much.

  16. You look very smart all dressed up for the Backyard Ball.

  17. We spelled A-diorable but the iPad corrected it!

  18. Grand idea but I’d never wear anything.

  19. Okay, every one of those photos is a real "awwwwww."

    I had to come by to tell you two things. One, I took your suggestion about blog comments and it works! (No more word verification).

    Also, I'm very excited to announce my new book is in print! Forgive me, but I have to tell everyone! If you have a chance, do drop by my homesteading blog for a look-see.

  20. Ooooh, I think you look vewy dappew and am so happy to heaw that you awe dancing..it will shoowely help you wawm up in this cold cold weathew
    smoochie kisses to all of you

  21. Adorable photos of all 3 gorgeous babies, sounds like a fun backyard ball!...Stay warm, sweeties...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  22. Well have a nise dance dear Merci and Sam... and stay warm! It going to gets cold as in Brrrrrr....

    And thanks fur praying fur me.

    Miss Laura Belle


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