Sunday, December 08, 2013

Old Time Communication


We were looking through our posted photos for this year and discovered most of the more recent ones show all of us stuffing our faces, so we grabbed this one of me.  And that's how I got selected as spokesfurry of the day. 

That's okay.  I don't mind.

This post is for Jan since she has been around since communication was accomplished with hieroglyphics carved on a wall.. (Uh, I wonder if she'll get upset with me for giving away her age?)  She definitely remembers this old-time machine.  She's told us stories of spraining her thumb on one of them a time or dozen.

Perhaps your human can relate? Anyway, we hope you all have a Sunday Smile.

The boys had been up in the attic together helping with some cleaning. The kids uncovered an old manual typewriter and asked her, "Hey Mom, what's this?"

"Oh, that's an old typewriter," she answered, thinking that would satisfy their curiosity.

"Well, what does it do?" they queried.

"I'll show you," she said and returned with a blank piece of paper. She rolled the paper into the typewriter and began striking the keys, leaving black letters of print on the page.

"WOW!" they exclaimed, "That's really cool...but how does it work like that?  Where do you plug it in?"

“There is no plug," she answered. "It doesn't need a plug."

"Then where do you put the batteries?" they persisted.

"It doesn't need batteries either," she continued.

"Wow! This is so cool!" they exclaimed. "Someone should have invented this a long time ago!"

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  1. I guess mom-person is a bit younger than Jan , she have an electrical typewriter *mol*
    Thanks a lot for sharing the link to my photo !

  2. OUR mom had a Manual Typewriter Too.

    She says she learned to type in SCHOOL... and that she used the Biblical Method... Seek and Ye shall FIND. BaaaaWaaaah.

    Thingys surely HAVE changed. Some fur the BETTER... some Not so much.

  3. MOL, the head peep had one of those typewriters when she was younger. She suspects that the "biblical method" of typing (good one, Frankie Furter and Ernie!) was the only way to go with that... no way anybody had strong enough fingers to touch-type on that thing.

  4. I'm happy to vote for my buddy. he he - M is laughing cuz she learned to type on the old relic manual typewriter., She could burn rubber with that thing she says - 70 Wpm. Sometimes she wishes we still had some regular typewriters around for filling out forms, etc., Man, is she old.

  5. LOL at someone should have invented that a long time ago!! Hahaha! Too funny! And I am heading over to vote now! Thanks

  6. That was a cute story! woo woo woo!

  7. We have come a very long way in the communication dept. since the days of manual typewriters. I couldn't imagine doing much with those things. For one, I am not the best typist and make too many mistakes.

  8. I think mom was born before typewriters, BOL

  9. I have my Mom's VERY old manual typewriter and another not so very old manual of hers as well. I actually started writing my first novel using that VERY old one....had to give up my long fingernails but it was worth it!


  10. Those hiero.. thingies were way after my mum was born, so I think she must be prehistoric!! She says she remembers manual typewriters when the letters used to get stuck and what about tippex? She's tried using that on the lappy screen, I swear!!!

  11. Remember mimeograph copies? Mmmmm I'd always take a deep sniff of those in grade school when the teacher passed them out!

  12. OMC!!! That's funny...and sad...and oh my, I'm feeling old.
    ; ) GG

  13. Or TBT is kinna old too. He keeps mentioning stuff that we have never heard of. Like "typewriters" and "dialing" the telphone.

  14. The third job I had after high school was very uptown. On my first day at work, I sat at my new desk and looked at the typewriter. I was a NEW electric typewriter! I just sat there staring at it with no idea what to do with it. After a short while, which seemed like a long while, one of the guys silently passed by my desk, turned it on, and kept walking. No words were spoken but I wanted to tell him I loved him.


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