Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Bed Saga

Cyndi:  This past winter we did a whole series of articles on beds.  Dog beds, cat beds, purloined beds,shredded beds -

Buddy:  Miss Pam crocheted Percy his own cat cave bed because his favorite sleeping place was taken over by Micah.  (A Cat Cave for Percy)   

Cyndi:  So then Miss Pam crocheted a new bed for Percy because Micah took over his cat cave.  (Percy's Cat Cave Part 2)

Buddy  Miss Pam knitted Percy a new bed.  And guess who claimed it before Percy even had a chance to see it?  (Percy's New New Bed)  Good guess.  Yes, it was Micah.

Cyndi:  Miss Pam then crocheted three more new beds - a total of five, one for each kitty.  She hoped Percy would get at least one of them.

Buddy:  But it got hot early this year and none of the cats wanted a warm place to sleep, so Jan put the beds aside for next winter; however, when she went to photograph them so the cats could thank Miss Pam, Jan couldn't remember where she'd put them.  She tore the house apart - twice!

Cyndi:  She did finally find them.  By accident.  She kept forgetting to take photos.  Now that it's late July and we're sweltering, we finally have a photo of our lovely, warm, new, unused beds.  Never fear, though, they will be used when cooler weather arrives!

Buddy:  Yes, they will be used.  The question is, even with one bed per cat, will Percy finally get to sleep in his own new bed or will some unnamed cat claim two for himself?  The saga continues.

Cyndi:  We want to thank Miss Pam for thinking of our comfort and for the work she put into gifting us with such beautiful winter beds.

Buddy:  And the cats would also like to thank Jan for finally finding the beds she put safely aside so they wouldn't get lost.

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  1. They are nice beds - I just hope your human doesn't misplace them again!

  2. Hari OM
    MOL BOL... so glad they were unearthed, for they are smart beds indeed. Here's hoping for Percy... hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. What an incredible plethora of beds!!! And Mad by Pam too! Wow you guys are lucky.
    Right now, at the townhouse, there are 4 beds and no cats!!! BUT next week at this time, there should be 4 cats...I wonder if they each will have a bed or if one will claim them all!
    Love Barb

  4. What fantastic cat beds! Miss Pam is very talented. And don't give your Mom too much of a hassle for losing stuff; if she finally found them, then nothing was lost!

  5. At least Marcus didn't claim one... he's big enough to grab all!

  6. Miss Pam is a heckuva knitter!!! I really think it would be funny to say Knit Wit because she has wit and can knit but I don''t mean THAT at all, Miss Pan! Beautiful knitting...we are all thankful for you and your lovely gifts, even if found in summer.

  7. Those are all nice beds and even better now that they are found! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. guyz...yur bedz R total lee awesum...N ya shuld claim em... now; ewe noe, with furz N stuff sew when winterz doez get heer they R all set N reddy ta go ~ ♥♥☺☺

  9. What beautiful beds...we sure hope everyone shares this winter. We do understand tho, in this house , "what's yours is mine" is pretty much the mantra!
    Jakey & Arty

  10. Those are great beds, that was a thoughtful gift.

  11. Those are indeed wunnerful beds! We don't much use real kitty beds like those. We are more "Folded Towels" and "Lined Boxes" nappers ourselves.

  12. How wonderful to have all those nice cozy beds:)
    What a great friend your knitting lady is!

    I hope Percy will be able to claim one as a 'special, just for him' one!

  13. What awesome looking beds. That sure was nice of Miss Pam. Here's hoping you get to enjoy them this winter (not that we're rushing the seasons along). :)

  14. We love these beds! Not that we want it to be cold yet, but we look forward to pictures of you guys enjoying them! Purrs from the Zee/Zoey gang

  15. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay bed!!! bed is wun of my fayvrit things!!! yoo kannot hav too menny beds i always say!!! i am glad yoo hav got enuf for all of yoo eeven if sum funny farmer wot shall remayn naymless mite try to bogart mor then wun for himself!!! ok bye

  16. I special hand made bed is such a thoughtful and wonderful gift! You are the luckiest kitties to have such beautiful beds. I hope you will not hog the kitty beds this Winter, Micah.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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