Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ripples and Comments

Sam: Hey, everyone, you'll never guess what we got in the mail today! What? How'd you guess? Oh, the title. Well it's true. We got some more Ripple Treats to try. Remember, we received 2 Ripples last week> (Click on "Ripples Dog Treats" to read our post.) But this time instead of sending 2, they sent 4. One for each of us and an extra for --

Jaaaan, what do you mean, the extra is for Merci? I know she didn't get one last time but .... two? Merci's small. I'm the one with the big appetite.

Buddy: Can you tell which one of us is the most eager to get a treat? I used to be at the head of the line, like Sam is now. But the more I begged, the longer it took Jan to give it to me. So Merci and I are being patient. Sam is drooling on the cat scratcher.

Merci: Can you tell I'm excited? I finally get to try one, a medium mint one. And in a day or so I can have the small chicken flavor one. Thank you, Ripples, for including me this time.

Sam: Since I had mint last time, I get a large chicken flavor this time.

Buddy: And I get a large mint. Oh, no, not again. Jan let go! What's with you? I don't care if you want a photo! I want my treat!

Sam, Buddy & Merci: Nom, nom, munch, munch. Thank you, Good Pet Stuff Company for the Ripples Treats. These are really good! Jan cares about things like Ripples' unique shape and texture helps clean teeth and maintain healthy gums, or Ripples are both low in fat and high in quality protein for optimal energy performance. That information is Jan's responsibility. We don't care whether they are nutritious. We just care if they taste good. Mmmmmm, yummy.

Crystal: For some reason we are no longer able to leave comments on a lot of blogs. We're not sure exactly when it happened, but it's been 2 days or more. Those whose blogspot blogs use "Comment As: Select Profile", when we select Google ID, our comments go poof!

Cotton: Yes, we tried several times to welcome Ariel back yesterday and today. She has a new blog called A Smile A Day. We finally tried Internet Explorer and a comment went through. We went back in Firefox and ... poof! Also, A Kitty Named Reese and Tuffy Tails -- just to name a couple. This is very frustrating. You might not be hearing from us, but we aren't neglecting you.

Cyndi: We had this problem a while back and don't know why it has returned or how to fix it. But it's very frustrating! The Google Reader is helping us keep up better with your blogs, but these evaporating comments are wasting a lot of time. Does any kitty or woofie know how to fix this in Firefox? We assume something was changed when Firefox was updated recently.


  1. You woofies are going to end up spoiled if you're not careful! Heehee!

  2. We had that happen about 4-6 weeks ago after a Firefox update but it righted itself the next day. You dogs are very lucky with your yummy treats.

  3. We wondered if ours were getting lost, too. We use foxfire and we enter the word verification, but don't see the comments on the site immediately. I guess I need to go back and check a few.

  4. We haven't had that problem--we did after we updated firefox like Eric and Flynn said but it then righted itself.

  5. Sorry you are having troubles! I love your comments and would love to have them appear on my blog. I appreciate the effort made in making comments. I hope it rights itself soon.

    The treats looks super nommy!!!

  6. Those treats look BIG! Good, but BIG! Just the right size for all you Funny Farm Woofsters, tho'. Yeah, I had the same thing happen for a few days and then, like others have said, it seemed to right itself without intervention from me..don't know if it's a Firefox issue or a Blogger/Firefox issue..anyway, I lerrrrrrrve it when you visit me-thank you!

  7. WOW!

    What lukhky khanines!

    Another time or two I heard about that khommenting issue it had something to do with 3rd party khookies or something like that...


  8. Ohhh treats are the best!! Hmm.. why do our humans subject us to a photo session before they give us a treat or a new toy? **sigh**

  9. Ripples look yummy! (But maybe not so much for a bunny!)

    Re your comment problem. Maybe that's why we've only gotten 1 comment on our last post. And our blogroll isn't updating. The newest post is yours and it's the July 28th post. It says 57 minutes ago!!!

    Maybe we're in a time warp or something? (Or maybe it's the 107 degree heat we had yesterday, which followed a 106 degree day on Tuesday! It fried the blog!)

  10. OMG -- those look good. You into sharing?? With me, I mean.

    We had the same thing for a few days a couple of months ago but it suddenly started working again. Just give it a little more time.


  11. Those treats look delicious! I'm going to show them to my parents, bet their dachshund would love to have some of her own!

    Thank you for your kind words over Hans' passing. The support and understanding from all our friends really help to ease the pain.

  12. Just to inform that I'm back for after so long <33

    With love,

  13. Oh I'm so glad Merci got a Ripple at last! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. we've had a couple of disapearing comments and it;s SO frustrating as my human often tends to write a lot - so now she selects & "copies" what she's helped me type in the box, before hitting the submit button - so that if it disappears, she just needs to right click & paste without having to type it all over again!

  14. We don't know how to fix it, but we are having the same problem in Firefox, so we are using IE (which leads to another set of problems). We wishes they would stop fixing things that work, cause they seem to have a lot of bugs when they do. ~S,S,C & F

  15. Merci got her treat! I hope it was worth the wait!

  16. Glad Merci got one! Very nice of them to send one for her too.
    Maybe you need to clear your cache/cookies?
    ~lickies, Ludo

  17. Those snacks look delicious! I bet the two woofies at my home would like to have some.


  18. Hooray for more Ripples!

    I haven't noticed any commenting problems yet. We use FF.

  19. Woo! Those look soooooo yummy!


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