Friday, July 17, 2009

Is Your Sidebar A Sock Drawer

Before we do our post, we want to mention a couple of things.

Katie and da Katz has asked us to mention the Katiez Furr-e-bay auction, which will run through next Thursday, July 23. Katie has generously offered to donate 10% of the video auction proceeds to JFF. But we want to encourage you to drop by either auction there because, as many of you know, Katie has been having a rough time for a while now and she has a sick mother and a number of furry bellies to fill, including several young kittens. We know times are tough for all of you in one way or another, but we hope you will check out her auction items. There just might be something you need.

And Miss Peach's Mommy Karla surprised us by opening an auction for a beautiful carnelian agate bracelet she purchased in Alaska last year.

Karla, ML, Auntie Deb and Katie, you are all so sweet. We appreciate your kind thoughts and deeds, as well as those who have been sending us information and leads to check out. Bloggers are a great group!

And now to back to the post we were working on --

While doing an internet search today, we came across what we think is a neat video, and we'd like to share it with you. We worked on cleaning up our sidebar recently, trying to make JFF a little less cluttered than it was, but we had no idea we were actually cleaning out our sock drawer. Well, it must be Jan's sock drawer. None of us wear socks.

We hope you enjoy this video. We did. But don't any blogger take offense, please. We are not pointing a paw at any specific site or sites. We are just throwing the information out there for educational purposes. And if the sock fits .... and you get an urge .... or not.


  1. Lots of times my mom forgets about those blogs on the side bar.... and just goes to those who have made comments previously!

  2. We thinks he is talking about our sidebar. We are not offended we are going to clean it up one day it is on the to do list. Along with cleaning out several REAL SOCK DRAWERS. ~S,S,C & F

  3. We are always trying to remove unnecessary things from our sidebar, and especially slow-loading things. It is a painful process!

  4. We are always trying to tidy up our sidebar because we want our site too look nice!

  5. I did this awhile ago. I have found though that isn't working for me & now have my own domain. My brother is still working on feeding it all my current stuff & a word press format. Thanks for sharing the video & all the animal work you do.

  6. Your site and sidebar have always looked neat, but thanks for reminding us.

  7. Uh oh...we think we gots some cleaning to do!

  8. Mom need to clean ours up a bit. The sidebar is getting pretty long..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  9. w00fs, that bloggie made u stop and think..we shedded a lot of tears last nite when we found it...did u read in the comments, the doggy they found on the steps didnt make had parvo..

    b safe,

  10. Wow, this is right on the money for me coz I have more awards to add but my sidebar is already so long and cluttered! I don't want to trash the lovely awards and gifts I've received but I need to make a "closet" or something for them if I can get my head round how to do it, lol!

    I'm sad and shocked about Ariel's deleted blog too. If I couldn't blog anymore for some reason I would still keep mine because of all the lovely friends I have found through it, and the warmth of kind comments, awards etc. If for some reason it was inadvertently destroyed I would be so upset! Even if I can't get to my friends' blogs as often as I'd like to, I still love and value you all! I remember how much my eyes leaked when you said you were going to stop blogging and how happy I was when you decided to continue! Mwaahhh!

    Ooo, long, sorry! Going to check out dem orcshuns now says Alfie!

    Hugs, luffs and purrs from BC and the Caramel Cats :) xxx

  11. We are slowly cleaning up my sidebar. Mom is in the process of setting up blogreader to help with our visits. Thanks for the info.

  12. What a funny video!!



  13. Mommy says that you might want to add a paypal button to your sidebar - that way if you have auctions or something people can send green papers easy!

  14. Hey guys....thanks for understanding about MBE! I appreciate it!

    Sam I Am

    Mommy sends love to all the Funny Farmers!


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