Monday, July 27, 2009

Dr. Buddy On Call

Dr. Buddy: I am pleased to announce that this past weekend I obtained my medical degree from the Brown Hound University of Medical Research. Just in time to be of help to Jan. As many of you are aware, Ms. Nimble Fingers managed to shove 2 wooden floor splinters under one fingernail, only one of which she was able to remove Saturday morning. Because of this, JFF has been posting updates through one-and-a-half pawed Percy, who has been having phantom sympathy paw pain.

Percy: Pssst. Slow down. I'm still typing with one and a half paws.

Dr. Buddy: Okay. One of the reasons I took the accelerated course was so I could be the one to do brain surgery on our Jan.

Cotton: Brain surgery? She had a splinter under a nail.

Dr. Buddy: Yes, I am aware of that, Cotton. But pain affects the human brain, so brain surgery was definitely called for. I was so looking forward to getting a glimpse of how Jan's brain works. Or seeing if it does work.

Sam: Brain surgery was called for? You mean it isn't now?

Dr. Buddy: Yes, thanks to my eagle eyes and tremorless hands, Jan no longer requires brain surgery. At least not for a splinter. This afternoon I deftly removed the splinter with a pair of needlenose pliers.

Crystal: Ahem.

Dr. Buddy: Oh, right. I am exaggerating just a tad. But the prognosis is good and my fee will be reasonable.

Cameron: Buddy, you can't charge Jan for taking out the splinter. She removed it herself.

See the little splinter? Ouch!

Dr. Buddy: How am I ever going to get paying patients if you guys are going to be so negative? Remember, Jan just spent a lot of money that was set aside for something else.

Merci: Right. She just bought an area rug and a couple of large mats to try to cover some parts of the floor that splinter so we woofies won't suffer with splinters too.

Rusty: Yeah, so we need to help get Buddy's medical practice off on a positive note.

Cyndi: But Buddy can't exaggerate. That would be lying.

Dr. Buddy: I wouldn't be lying if I say I snoopervised the splinter's removal.

Sam: That's true. You did snoopervise.

Cotton: I thought Buddy slept through the operation?

Percy: He did, at Jan's feet, with one eye open. Now please stop trying to all talk at once!

Dr. Buddy: Well, I think my first medical case has come to a satisfactory conclusion. Now, on to the next. Percy, let me take a look at your injured paw.

Percy: Noooooooo way. It's phantom sympathy pain, Buddy. I only think it hurts. And now that Jan's finger is on the mend, my paw is too.

Dr. Buddy: Well, if you won't let me examine your paw, can I at least operate on your brain?

(s) Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam

PS from Jan: Why any landlord in the humid South would rent out a house with unsealed floors is beyond me! These are not the first splinters, but definitely the worst. Several hours after the injury on Saturday, I remembered my mother using a baking soda paste to draw out a bee stinger, so I tried it for a splinter and it did work. The splinter went very deep (I could see the path through the nail) so it took longer, but this afternoon I was relieved to find it had worked out just enough I was able to pull it out using tweezers -- very carefully. Thanks for all the nice messages and for the advice some of you emailed.


  1. That must be such a relief to have that splinter out - glad you had the pliers that worked. Be sure to soak that finger in warm soapy water to keep it clean. No doubt it is still painful but maybe not as bad.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  2. So glad it is out. I freaked when I heard what happened. I mean this is torture that the Geneva Convention ruled out.

  3. Just the thought makes our mom's fingers hurt!! So glad the splinter is out! Dr. Buddy, you did a fine job, we will definitely recommend you!

  4. Good thing woo got it out!

    Water boarding was next - you would be SOOOOOO furry hydrated that splinter would have broken out due to the pressure buildup!

    PeeEssWoo: The next health insurance plan should khonsider pets being responsible fur their hoomans khare and upkeep!

  5. ow ow ow ow ow i'm glad Dr. Buddy was there to help...or at least think about helping.

    can you do brain surgeree on my beans? the lack of sleep is really effecting them...

    Thank you for the warm welcome for our little Baby Joel. We are very happy to have him home. purrrrrrrs

  6. We are glad the splinter is gone! YEAH.

  7. So glad you got it out! Thanks fur visiting me on my blog- I wanted to stop by and say hi too!

  8. That's a nasty looking splinter! Glad it's out!

  9. I'm so glad you finally got that splinter out Jan! You should make your landlord seal the floors, they're just not safe! Thank Bast for Dr. Buddy's help...

    Thanks for your sympathetic comment :) xxx

  10. So glad you got it out Jan and didn't require brain surgery. Although we are sure Buddy is a GREAT doctor. ~S,S,C & F

  11. Dr. Buddy, remember that anytime hooman Jan's needs require first aid supplies, such as neosporin packets or bandages, the Rescuers can provide what you need. Just contact Medic Maggie.

  12. I had never thought about baking soda! Glad this has been resolved.

  13. Dr. Buddy to the rescue! That is one honking big splinter!

  14. Buddy, congratulations on earning your medical degree! It sounds like you saved Jan's life by snoopervising while she removed the splinter. You must be a very highly skilled surgeon to be able to perform surgery with needlenose pliers. We are very impressed.

  15. That was a HUGE splinter! You poor thing! That must have hurt! I'm so glad the baking soda helped! Be sure to put some antibiotic ointment on the finger to keep the germies away!

    How is Dr. Buddy with back pain???

    Love, Deb

  16. Owie! I am glad you got it out! Here's hoping this week is splinter-free!

  17. Glad to hear you got it out, and that the kitties and pups were able to assist and snoopervise!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  18. Oh Jan,

    We're glad to hear that your splinters dealt with. We hope your boo boos will heal soon enough ... and we're glad Dr Buddy didn't do any brain surgery on you ... if u ask us, we think he's quack!

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the dog Woods Pack

  19. We are glad you got that nasty looking splinter out, but we are even more glad that Dr. Buddy didn't get to perform brain surgery on you.

  20. Owie, owie, owie! We're so glad Dr. Buddy was able to remove your splinter. :)
    PS: Our mom needs to remember that baking soda thing!

  21. We are very glad the splinter is out! Those can be very ouchie!

    Concats on your becoming a Doctor Buddy! What an accomplishment!

  22. Oooo nasty.Must be a relief to get that splinter out and to be saved the brain surgery with Doctor Buddy. How is he with Al Er Geees?

    Wiry wags n kisses Eric xx

  23. That was really nice of you Buddy to take the splinter out. LOL. That "little splinter" looks a little large for it to go under a nail. OUCH!! So glad Jan got it to come out.


  24. OO OOO OOOO Owwwwcchhieee!! Splinters under nails HURT, no matter the size!! Glad you got it owt. We did not know about the baking sody trick.. good thing to file away in the back of the old brain.

    Wonder if any of your furry special smart pets are lawyers, so mebbee you kin sue the landlord fur damages??? MOL


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