Thursday, July 23, 2009

World's Best Cat Litter

Percy: The woofies got their own post two days in a row. It's about time we kitties get one. Now where did I file that photo of our litter pans?

Cotton: Ewwwww. Don't be gross. You can't post our dirty litter.

Percy: Clean litter, Cotton. I didn't say anything about showing our dirty litter.

Cotton, leaning into Percy's view of the monitor: Oh, okay. You can post that picture. But why?

Crystal: World's Best Cat Litter sent us a couple of 7-pound bags of their natural clumping cat litter made from corn. It arrived just after Jan changed our litter so it has taken us a month to finish our personal test.

Cyndi: She didn't know how we would take to it, so she cleaned both pans -- we have really big, deep pans because one of us likes to stand up and pee -- and put our regular litter in one and WBCL in the other to see if we would use it.

Cameron: And we did. Sort of.

Rusty: Well, Jan loved it. She thought it was terrific.

Cameron: But Jan has her own litterbox room, so why does it matter what she thinks of it?

Cyndi: Think about it, Cameron. Who scoops/changes the litter and cleans the pans?

Cameron: Oh, right. But how did we sort of like it?

Cotton: We sort of used it when our regular litter pan needed scooping. So when Jan opened the 2nd bag of WBCL, she put it in both litter pans. So one of us peed in the bathtub. Didn't he, Rusty?

Rusty: Why are you all pointing a paw at me? Who says that was me? You can't prove it!

Cotton: But you're the only one of us that's been declawed. You don't like litter, to start with. And you don't like to try anything new! So it had to be you.

Percy, looking around at the other felines: Or .... one of us. Whoever it was, Jan switched back to one pan of each litter in a hurry.

Jan here: If I had it to do over again, I would mix some of each together to get the cats used to the new product. But I was thinking regular and clumping don't mix. Did any of you who tried this product try it that way, and was it more successful? It isn't that they wouldn't use the WBCL. Some did, but some of them are slow to adapt to changes in their lifestyle. Overall, I think they did well. I liked that it is 100% natural and didn't give me breathing problems. And it might have masked the odors better if certain kitties remembered to scrach and cover. My biggest hurdle is not whether the cats would use it, but that the price is out of our budget range.

Percy: Thanks for your uninvited opinion, Jan. When you turn into a feline, you can discuss kitty litter. Meanwhile, you're excused. This is our journal.

Crystal: The World's Best Cat Litter is flushable, biodegradable, chemical-free and septic-safe. Or so they say. Jan cleaned our pans the fun way. She didn't try to flush it.

Cameron, shaking his head: And she says we're slow to adapt?

Read about the World's Best Cat Litter here.

JFF kitties -- Crystal, Cotton, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron & Rusty


  1. What an interesting post! No, serious - am not being sarcastic! :-) It's probably sad that I find cat litter so interesting...Have to say, I HATE scooping litter - we always used the eco-friendly, clumping kind but still...was SO glad when Lemon decided she'd much rather just wee & poo outside and we could ditch the litter tray for good!! But I know we'll probably have to go through a litter pahse again when we finally feel ready to get another cat (kitten) so am always interested in hearing litter reviews! :-)


  2. I did the same as you. One box with WBCL and the others with the regular litter. I have 4 litter boxes. 3 in the extra bedroom (which is really the cats room) and one in my bedroom for Babe. They seemed to use both about the same, and I liked the WBCL mostly because of the lack of dust and my sneezing stopped. So I've switched over completely to the new stuff and have had no problems so far. You're right tho, the cost is way too much.

  3. it may well be the worlds best cat litter, but I think it's also the worlds most expensive cat litter! I use normal clumping fullers earth clay stuff.

  4. I've always wanted to try that litter before. Thanks for the review.

  5. Even though the cats do the majority of their business outside (Thank CAT)we do keep 2 litter boxes in the garage in case they need to go at night and for when we are away. So the review was helpful. Although I tend to buy the cheapest litter I can find. ~A

  6. Grass is the BEST litterOUTSIDEbox material!


  7. We did very well with the WBCL. There were no transition problems at all. Now we are using the breeze litter box so can't use it but it was an okay litter.

  8. I've never given much thought to litter, just bought the cheapest that is on sale. Now I'm intrigued with experimenting.

  9. We loved that cat litter when we tried it! We can't find it easily where we are yet but our Mom said that it was a pleasure to actually flush.

  10. My mom hates to scoop, too, but she'd rather have the clumps than a big mess.

  11. we actually use an automatic litter box ( - our clean kitties really like it, especially the fact that it sweeps the poop away and absorbs urine (and the odor) with the crystal litter. A worthwhile investment! The company even has a litter subscription service where they ship the litter to you automatically, so you dont have to lug it home from the store.

    Can you tell that I like minimal effort? lol


  12. That sounds like innaresting cat litter! Thankies fur the review. Right now, us Ballicai use the clumpy stuff, but Mom has thought about tryin something new.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  13. Ahhh....interesting litter commentary! :)

  14. We easily switch litters, and have tried different types to try to help Harley with his EGC. We both really like WBCL since it is perfume and dye free, and you can just flush the clumps!

  15. We did one with WBL ans one with out. Kirby wanted to play in the fresh clean WBL. We have Littermaid boxes. The only issue was that we apparently filled it too full and the WBL prevented teh sweep arm from ending the cycle. Once we lowered the level, it worked OK. They use the WBL litter box the most during the day and the other at night cause it is closer to our bedroom.

  16. That's the problem with clay litter alternatives... expense

    Mouse is allergic to corn or we would try that.

    I have asthma so dusty clay litters are out!

    I'm using pine litter, but it costs so much and doesn't clump or get rid of smells very easily.

    And seems to encourage Bootsie and Mouse to relieve themselves on anything wood! Not good.

    When I get down to three cats, I will try a low dust clay clumping something in the kitty closet where the dust will stay in there!

  17. Feline Pine came up with a clumping litter... sort of.

    The litter was too lightweight and made a mess... it went everywhere save in the box!

    If it got wet it clumped, but not much good if it doesn't stay in the litter tray!!!

  18. We like our WBCL! Meowm threw out our old when it was time to do so, threw in the WBCL and we have been using it like nothing changed.

  19. I use Feline Pine that is all natural too! Mommy flushes it most of the time. It also doesn't have the stuff that mnakes it hard to breathe which is nice.

    It is a little more expensive, but it lasts a long time for an only kitty like me.

    Thank you so much for the kind words of welcome to our little Baby Joel aka #2. We are so happy to have him home.

  20. This very interesting for us because we has a fancy new cat litter tray for Pepe that 'self cleaning' you roll it upside down then back again then pull out a little compartment and all the clumps and poos is in there. Anyway the makers recommend this stuff, but it very pricey, for now we just has ordinary wood pellet litter from eco cat.

    ~lickies, Ludo

  21. We have Clean Paws but we rarely use it cuz we'd rather use the greenhouse. We do it to help the tomatoes grow, at least that's what we tell mum.


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