Thursday, July 16, 2009

AC Broke EF's Heart and updates

Anderson Cooper, you broke Elsie Fallulah's heart. And you almost cheated The Best Little Cathouse in Pennsylvania out of the $500 she was going to donate if she heard from you. For shame, AC! You couldn't spare a few moments of your time?

As Elsie said in her post yesterday, "The real reason, though, we want to reach out to your Anderson Cooper is to call attention to all the overlooked homeless animals...the throw-away cats that suffer every day. So, I hope through Operation Birthday Wish we might cause others to think twice when they see a stray cat or dog...maybe they will try to help it and meet the best friend of their life."

And Anderson Cooper, Elsie has a bigger heart than you have shown. She is going to donate the $500 to the rescue anyway. This is the cat sanctuary that took in an FIV positive feral kitty Elsie's mom rescued.

Elsie Fallulah Graves of the Whiskers & Purrs Gang, we are sorry your Anderson Cooper let you down, despite all the messages he must have received from pet bloggers around the world. But Elsie, we think you are a celebrity in your own category. A generous, gutsy little furry with a passion to help homeless animals.

We all give you the Clawed Paw Salute. Except Rusty, who has no front claws, but he does a right smart Paw Salute with those huge feet.

Despite AC breaking your heart, we hope you had a nice birthday. Don't binge on Fancy Feast and Temptations too hard today or you'll be sick tomorrow.

A quick update on the tan and white Chihuahua. He was last seen on June 27 -- 3 weeks ago -- leaving the mill property and heading into the bushes. From there, he probably headed into the woods. As the crew boss said today, he was looking pretty bad. He was dumped, his companion "deserted" him (was picked up by Animal Control), he was without food and possibly water for a week and he had no hunting experience. Everything was against him. So, whoever threw him away to die like that, you deserve a taste of your own abuse.

And we'd like to thank ML and Auntie Deb for each doing an auction to help JFF through a rough patch. We didn't know it, but they plotted this for several weeks. We have some ideas we need to work on for income. We figured out how to obtain a copy of Photoshop Elements 7 so we can learn to do some neat things to help out, but Jan says we can't put it on this computer because it doesn't meet all the requirements for the software. So we're trying to figure out something else we can do. (No, we're not downloading Gimp or We already tried that and it uses a program we don't have and it won't install for us. Our computer hasn't been the same since our second hard drive died back in November.)

We've had some good suggestions from some of you. We'll be checking them out. Thank you all.


  1. We were very disappointed with Anderson Cooper over this!

  2. Yet ANOTHER reason why Mom and I watch MSNBC....

    One of their humans would have akhkhommodated her wish!


  3. We are purring for the Chihuahua.

    We wishes we could help with the rough patch. You have our purrs and IF we can think of anything concrete to help we will let you know~S,S,C & F

  4. Elsie is soooo generous and kind! And Anderson Cooper is a HEYHEYHEYSTORMYLEGGOOFMYNECK!
    Sorry. I forgot. I'm not supposed to say those words. I think you catch my drift, though.
    Play bows,

  5. We were so upset to hear about the Anderson Cooper thing too. What a let down. I bet he has some intern who checks his emails though and prob overlooked all the calls for a bday wish for elsie. Shame on him! We lost some respect for him on this one actually...

    Wonderful news about the donation being made anyways, its so nice to know there are kind-hearted and generous souls still left on this Earth...


  6. Well said JFF! We have never seen Anderson Cooper, but after this, we wouldn't want to anyway.

  7. I am so lost....we have not had time to blog and we have seen all the messages on twitter etc about Anderson Cooper. We are lost.....

  8. I have lost a lot of respect for Anderson Cooper.

  9. I didn't really know who Anderson Cooper was before this and now I don't want to know him. How nice that the donation is going to be made anyway.

    We are sorry to hear about the rough patch (we are going through one too with my illness and mom's hurty). I hope things are better soon.

  10. Anderson Cooper is just No Good.

    Huffle Mawson

  11. Mom uses an old version of MS Picture It! which will run on older and less memory systems - no problem.

    Easier to use than lots of programs.

    Mom also gotted a free software from called PC Image Editor - it isn't too bad, but we likes Picture It! Better!

    If you would like to try it, let me know.

  12. To Try Either program dat is...

    Katie Too

  13. Oh... by the way - pleeze help me encourage beans to chek our aucshunz cuz we is givin you ten purrcent of da current aucshunz. But if nobuddy bids - no ten purrcent!

    We gots sum nise cat fings and when Mom gets da film from dat chemist shop hur will havs sum more stuffed babies fur auction. One uv dem is a Teddy frum England and anuver is a white kitty wif movable leggies!

    Katie Too


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