Saturday, July 18, 2009

Percy's Bugging Eyes

Merci: Hey, Percy, shouldn't that be bulging eyes instead of bugging?

Percy: No, I meant what I typed. My eyes are so tired they're really bugging me.

We -- uh, Percy is going blind trying to put our blog links in Google Reader so we can keep up better -- we hope! Khyra helped us with information and a link to videos of how to use a GR. (If the link has timed out, just google "how to use google reader.")

And this afternoon, in a second folder of blog links, we reached A Cat Called Freya and she has a post on how to read a ton of blogs with a reader.

So we've read blogs, watched videos, and sent Percy nearly to the brink of blindness scrolling, copying, pasting, losing his place and starting over. Last night he got a rhythm going and bingo! Our internet went out and we had to stop for the night. This morning, same thing happened. Percy's nimble fingers were typing away and the internet went bonkers. But this time it came back before Jan could call tech support. So we've had a busy couple of days.

Percy: What do you mean, we? I've done all the typing. I mean, look at me! My eyes are swollen. They won't close.

Most of you already know how to set up and use Google Reader or any other one of your choice. But in case even one of you doesn't, perhaps this information will save you from looking like Percy after 2 days of staring at blogs and links.

Buddy: Percy, you can stop typing now. We've finished our post. Percy... Percy??

Percy: ZZZZZZZZZ. Snort, snort.

Cameron: Isn't Percy supposed to close his eyes before he starts snoring?


  1. Our reader puts our links in for us and we use Google. Wonder what happened for you...

    Sorry 'bout those eyes! Holey moley!

  2. Do you know, Percy, that I've been using a reader, but I'd forgotten all about the "next" feature! I was glad for Scientist Freya to remind us all! Dude, get some shut-eye! Get it? Shut-eye! ::cackles madly::

  3. DUH! We hadn't even thought of that; we aren't too technically savy we guess. We are going to look into this and maybe our eyes will be bugged out. That's 26, make that 24 (Radar's eyes won't get bugged) that'll be bugged. Thanks guys for the great idea. Use some Visine Percy.
    - TBH&K

  4. Percy, you need to close your eyes a bit, you're scaring us!

  5. I went to Freya's blog yesterday and we set up Google Reader last night. We are still adding blogs as they become available. It really is a lot easier to visit!

  6. Oh yes, Google Reader does make things so much easier and Khyra put us on to it too:) We just wish we could leave comments through GR and not have to go to every blog.

    woos, the OP Pack

  7. Hi guys, thanks for coming and visiting our blog. Our mum has something in her sidebar that lets us see if anyone's talked to us, but I think it's only on her blog not ours. She's not too computer wise either and got a friend to do this for her. We'll have to ask for help too, as she's a bit useless.

    We're a bit scared of those weird eyes...shudder...go get some sleep.


    Mitzi & Bella

  8. We just have our subscribe button on our browser and set up google. Then we open blogs in a new tab (easier for us than the next button because we like to read all the cat blogs together and all the foodie blogs together etc) and then we can open comment pages too. We do about twelve at a time. Our eyes don't get all bulgy like that!

  9. So, I guess dinner on Friday really helped!

    Welkhome to the world of googliereaderiethingie!

    It really does help things!


  10. You need more helps!!! you got lots of funnies to help you blog roll. It is very responsible of you to take on the work load!!!

  11. Poor kitty, we hate that your eyes are bugging. We like google reader a lot, but don't blog on google so not sure.

  12. Yikes! We hope your eyes soon get unbugged! We use google reader too and find it easier to keep up.

  13. Poor Percy, supposedly cucumbers are suppose to be very soothing for tired eyes. No! You don't eat them silly, you puts the slices on your eyes and takes a nap. Mommy has a weird gel mask that you put in the refrigerator and when your eyes get tired you puts it on and take a nap. ~S,S,C & F

  14. Well Archie is rolling with laughter at the goolge eyes! PL2 isn't even sure if she has it or not( oh brother) and is going to check into this! Love A+A

  15. Poor Percy! Mommy just goes from blog to blog cause she likes to read everything!

    Hope Percy gets some rest!




  16. Ah, poor Percy! I think he has the Google Eyes, not the googly eyes!

    We added the "subscribe" button in our toolbar so when we visit a new blog that we like, we can just click on the subscribe button.

  17. Those eyes are just scary!! We hope Percy is feeling a little better now after a snooze.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  18. Goodness what buggy eyes you do have. I don't get to more than a couple of dozen blogs a day. Just not enough time.

  19. It's enough to make you buggy! I just follow all the kitty blogspot blogs, then they show up on my dashboard in blogger and then I can be sure to comment when I visit. Then, I subscribe to the wordpress, etc. blogs in reader on my toolbar. It's works for me. Good luck!

  20. Hey! Just wanted to let you guys know, Maggie May will be posting a short video on her blog tomorrow! Be sure to stop by and see her!

  21. Our human has some in google reader but not all of them yet. She prefers looking at blogs through the links on our blog roll as you can't comment on the google reader. Sometimes they don't update properly though on the blog where google reader is more instant we think.

    One of these days she is going to add more to the google reader list though.


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