Friday, July 24, 2009

Tale of 3 Collars

Buddy: It's been one of those days. Not for us. Our day was good. But Jan -- **sigh**

Sam: Yeah, Jan noticed our collars are looking frayed and she's paranoid about losing even one of us when we walk her. Cause she can't find her own way home.

Merci: So Jan went right out and bought all 3 of us woofies a new collar. Jan wasn't crazy about the designs but they were the right sizes and the colors were much prettier in paw than in the photo.

Merci: Or they were until Jan clipped all the ties, removed our collars --

Sam: And found she couldn't open a one of them. Hehehe! It was funny. She pulled and pulled and brought out the pliers, but they wouldn't budge!

Buddy: So she mumbled some things we couldn't quite hear but we think they were on our no-no list. And she took the made- by- Wal-mart collars back to Wal-mart for a refund. The greeter didn't quite believe it was possible, but she couldn't open one either. The cashier was a young woman and she did manage to finally pull one open with a pop, but she said, "No way, it shouldn't be this hard!"

Sam: Then Jan tried to take photos of us wearing our new collars. The choices are very limited, but this time she managed to find 3 different colors, and she checked Merci's to be sure it could be opened. They didn't have one with the buckle and eye in her size. We were all very cooperative. We circled and rolled so she had to take 2 sets of photos -- with 2 sets of batteries -- but we look pretty spiffy, don't we? Notice how well mine matches the liver color of my coat! And how my eyes match the red of my old collar.

Merci: Speak for yourself, Sam. Can you tell I'm miffed? I have too much hair for my new collar to show, so Jan draped it on my head It's pink and white to go with my red hair.

Buddy: I think blue is my collar, don't you?

Sam: Well, now we'll have dinner and in a little bit we'll walk Jan and break in our new collars.

Buddy: Speaking of dinner, it's late again. We're going to have to replace her if she doesn't get on the ball and start putting meals on the floor on time. Maybe we should join a union.

Merci: I think we each need a job to join a union, Buddy.

Buddy: Oh, well, maybe we'll keep her then.

(s) Buddy, Merci & Sam

PS - Sorry, we've been heavily spammed, old and new posts, so word verification has been turned on.


  1. I love the new collars guys. You look great in them. The De vocalization is scary & absurd. The ones that do this, have no right to blame there dog for not warning them of intruders or scaring them off for that matter, Huh? Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Us kitties keep loosing our collars, Mommy says we are very naughty.
    ~S,S & C

    I have two collars now. The one I wear all the time and my pinch collar that I wear for training. Mommy says that whoever invented pinch collars should be shot as she has trouble getting it on and off.~Fenris

    LOL our word verification is moopig

  3. Fenris got a khool word!

    Tell Jan that's what she gets fur going to THAT place...

    I wear two khollars (down from three)...

    Have fun pikhking on her some more!


  4. Yer collars look furry nice, now dat they isn't broked yoo can break dem in yerselves.

    PEEEEEEssssss : the colours are furry nice on yoo all too

  5. Those are some very cool collars.

  6. Those are very nice new colors!

  7. You look very nice in your new collars.

  8. Very nice new collars, too bad the first one didn't fit.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  9. Hey Guys,
    Cool collars. Not everyone likes THAT place, but around here THAT PLACE donates a lot of food and stuff to the local SPCA and rescues. All of those ripped bags don't get sent backto the manufacturers, they're written off and donated with shipping tape covering the rips. Our dad says that there aretwo sides to all the coins he's seen. Try not to exhaust Jan when you walk her, and definitely bring her home with you or else dinner tomorrow will be really, really late.
    - TBH&K

  10. OH MY GOODNESS....POOR AUNTIE JAN! What a terrible day! We all wear collars with our names and phone numbers on them. Even though we NEVER go outside, Mommy just wants to make sure that we don't ever get losted!!! We don't mind the collars at all!

    We think that your new collars look fantastic! Merci, we do hope that your collar is now around your neck! :)

    Have a great day! Oh, we don't mind the "word verification". Hope it cuts down on your spam!

    Love, uSSSSS & Auntie Deb

  11. The collars are beautiful and the colors are great. We've been hearing rumors of new collars here but Mom says most of what she likes are too girly for us boys.

    Woos, the OP Pack


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