Tuesday, July 21, 2009

K9 Klearup

Buddy: I am allergic to flea bites so May and June were a nightmare. We woofies had to walk Jan several times a day, and since we don't attract fleas, this had to be all her fault. A friend sent Jan a spot on flea control for us but it didn't work and the directions said not to use another spot flea product for 30 days. So Jan was counting down the days! Meanwhile, she flea combed 9 animals, vacuumed and cleaned -- daily! She bathed me weekly and wouldn't let me dry off by rolling in the grass. Bummer! She searched the stores and the internet for flea extermination ideas. But the extreme heat and humidity made my skin worse. I was miserable!!!!!

Sam: So when the email arrived one Monday in June asking would she like to try something natural that "helps clear up conditions like hotspots, cuts, scratches, bug bites, minor burns, ear infections, swelling and inflammation - especially chronic ones," she responded, yes, my dog has hot spots! She meant allergy, but, hey, Buddy didn't care what it was called. he just wanted relief! She was told to take before and after pictures. She took "before" pix, but Buddy said she can't post photos of his butt.

Merci: That Saturday's snail mail brought the sample that was supposed to heal Buddy's skin condition. Jan opened it, read the instructions, and got that someone-is-on-my-kitty-litter-list look on her face.

Sam: The sample was in a very small case and there was only a thin layer of it. The instructions said to pick one specific area to use this sample on, clean it, and apply a thin coat of K9K 3-5 times daily -- for up to 7 days. Why would someone say he's sending a sample to clear up a skin problem and only send enough product for a pimple?

Merci: I think it might be expensive to send out product samples. Do you think the nice man who contacted Jan either didn't know how much sample is sent out or he didn't have a clue about allergies, skin conditions, hot spots or how quickly they can spread and become infected?

Buddy: Well, Jan told him, politely but bluntly that they had goofed and she wasn't messing around with a pimple-size sample on her favorite hound dog's much-larger-than-a-pimple body! ( I know, I know, I'm her only hound dog.)

Merci: But, meanwhile, Sam started chewing on his leg and Jan used a tiny dab of K9 Klearup on the sore spots a few times. Since she was busy with Buddy, she can't remember how many, but it was neither 3 - 5 times a day nor for 7 days. So it healed quickly.

Sam: It's too bad K9 Klearup didn't send a larger sample since Jan specified one of her dogs has a skin problem. If they had and their product is as good as claimed, they could be getting a howling testimonial from Buddy. What interested us in the product is that it uses natural ingredients. We don't know how long the shelf life is, but if we had an allowance, we would order some for all of us woofies to have on hand, but especially for Buddy and his chronic allergies.

Merci: You think one day Jan will give us an allowance so we'll have our own spending money?

Sam: Yep, when fat pigs fly and she gets a new computer!

Buddy: You can read about the product at K9Klearup.com.

Merci: Oh, maybe we should let you know, Jan stopped bringing home fleas when we walk her and we've all been doing okay these past weeks. Buddy is fine, except he looks a bit strange with bald patches on his butt. See, K9Klear, if we'd had enough product we could have tested it to see if it really does help hair grow back after an" injury."

(s) Buddy, Merci & Sam


  1. That really wasn't much of a sample. Don't they know that not all dogs are small? Sure glad that things are cleared up and you have Jan all free of fleas until next season..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  2. It would have paid them to send a decent sized sample cuz look how many people Jan could have recommended it to.We are glad you have got rid of her flea problem.

  3. There is one advantage to having a drought. We haven't had a single flea for two years. But when the rains come again, and they will, we will have to start fighting the millions of them again.

    We're always looking for new products. Timmy has a flea allergy with all the symptoms so any product that our blogging friends can recommend are really appreciated.

  4. I had an ofFUR one too...maybe I should have said yes and sent mine to woo!


  5. Dat is surely a joke wasnt it? Ummm has Jan tried witch hazel on yoo? It's cheap and yoo can get it at any store dat sells peroxide or rubbing alcohol. It really works on hot spots the mom says!

  6. We hope your spots get better soon! We are sorry they sent such a small sample!

  7. Arch is allergic to them as well..Now we can not remember who it was, but someone else here got a samlple of the same thing and liked it as well....Hmmmm we will go check out that sight! Love A+A

  8. I use Comfortis to keep fleas away from me, the cats get Advantage Multi and we have no clue what Mommy uses.

    Mommy wanted me to tell you that an oatmeal paste is soothing to itchy skin. ~Fenris

  9. Such a small sample, but at least you know it works and one day maybe you can get more.

    I'm allergic to fleas, too!

  10. Since mum won't let me outside I don't have to worry about fleas!

    It is OK if your brain isn't working, it is getting late. The issue of one comment is that I have only had one comment on an old post that went through the moderation thingy.

  11. Oh, hot spots sound so uncomfortable! I'm glad it's clearing up, but I wish they sent you more. My kitty Cricket is allergic to the spot treatment flea medicine that goes on the neck. She has very sensitive skin like yours. I have heard something about putting brewer's yeast into woofie or kitty food to keep fleas away.
    I hope the fleas leave you and Jan alone!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  12. Oh no, fleas is very bad to have around, they cause so much trouble.

    Mike, had problems with them before he came here and now after months his furs are growing back in nicely. We wish that company had sent more of their product to you.

  13. Maybe they will read you post and send you a bigger portion.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Those greedy old companies.... they want to sell their stuff and make a profit but they really do;t care about anything or anybody...
    Happy Birthday Merci!!!

  15. It's a downright shame that they sent you such a small sample. I am glad that it worked, though.

  16. Too bad you couldn't get a better sample. I hope my mom bean doesn't bring home fleas. I had them once, a long time ago. The vet gave them to me...and they weren't free either.

  17. Fleas are the worst!!

    Happy Barkday to sweet Merci!!!!

  18. Kind of silly to send such a small sample when you said you had a real problem. Guess they weren't really thinking? *shrug*

    Happy birthday, Merci!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  19. This one looks like it is worth a try - thanks for the scoop!

  20. Boy that sure was a small sample, weird...

    we heard wonderful things about this product though, it worked wonders on our cousins the Bassets...

    Benson and Gibson

  21. Geeze.....how small a doggie was that sample for????

  22. We got flea issues here for us cats - any ideas for skin stuff for cats? Glad yours cleared up.


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