Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy BD Sassy's Moth

The Happy Birthday, Merci greetings we received went right over our heads today. And suddenly they whapped Buddy right in the middle of a yawn. So we rushed right over to the Cat Blogosphere and sure enough, there is Merci listed among the birthday celebrators.

We hate to say this, especially since Jan is so bad about remembering our special dates, but Merci's official birthday (and Gotcha Day) is next Wednesday, July 23.

But today is a special day for someone. And we almost missed it. Please drop by Sassy's blog -- you all know Sassy of CCSI -- and wish her Moth (mother of the house) a happy birthday! She is...

Percy: OWWWWWWWW. You stepped on my paw, Sam! I was typing. Why would you step on my paw? Ever? You're at least 100 times my size.

Sam: You were about to tell a lady's age. Guys aren't supposed to do that! And I am not 100 times your size. Maybe ninety -- tops.

Percy: And besides, I was not about to give away her age. I was about to say she's on a break, but sooner or later she'll be back to read her email.

Sam: Oh, in that case, I'm sorry I stomped your paw while you were typing.

To get back to the subject before my paw swells and I have to limp to bed for the remainder of the week, today is Sassy's Moth's birthday. Please stop by Sassy's blog to wish her Moth a happy day. We miss Sassy.

And thanks to all of you who have sent green paper info. And to ML and Aunti Deb for the auctions they've posted. The Cat Blogosphere is full of surprises and kindness.


  1. Oh well Merci, maybe you can be like the Queen and have two birthdays.

  2. Am I a total slacker pet mom? I don't celebrate pet's bdays. I only do my children because they keep track.

  3. We shall get right over there! We are horrible with birthdays too...

  4. We aren't very good with birthdays either (sigh) we fear it has something to do with our help (um mm Mommy is coming so we better change the subject) gotta run, Happy early Birthday Merci. Heading over to Sassy's now. ~S,S,C & F

  5. We're gonna go over to Sassy's now.....

  6. I think we kitties should be treated like every day is our birthday.


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