Saturday, July 25, 2009

Say No to Debarking!

Buddy::: well, this week has been the week from you know where for jan. we touched on a couple of things in other posts -- such as Merci being frightened by the vet and trying to bite him.

Merci::: if a giant suddenly showed up waving a big needle and then had jan restrain your head while he grabbed you by the tail and yanked and jabbed, it would scare the pee and crap out of you too. at least jan said she is going to change vets so i won't have to go back to him again. he got angry and jan thought it was all her fault, but as someone pointed out, he should have acted like a professional. it's the second time jan has seen him lose his cool with one of us. he scared buddy once too.

Cyndi::: and so many other things have gone wrong this week. but this morning has been the pits.

Cameron::: yeah, she was talking to her friend in Arizona early this morning, when she leaned down to pick up some maps she dropped and got a splinter(s) under her fingernail. Either she broke it off below the nail line or she pulled out one and a second broke off. but it's a long one and very painful. We can see it right through her nail. She's having a problem typing with 9 fingers, so we get the computer today.

Cotton, nose to monitor::: why are you typing in small letters, Cameron? Jan's the one with the injured finger.

Percy::: sympathy pain, Cotton. we've lived with jan so long, we've acquired her bad memory and now i've got a phantom paw injury and can barely type. Talk slow so I can keep up.

Crystal::: she saw Buddy scratching last night and found his allergy/skin problem is back with a vengeance, but no fleas this time. good thing she just ordered something for him, but she had to give him a medicated bath this morning. Too bad it didn't draw out her splinter.

Sam::: Then she turned on the computer to read email and had the strangest message saying the video was eye opening and the sender didn't know what the subject line had to do with the video. Well, jan had forwarded a fun video on to a few friends yesterday, noticed the attachment didn't go with it, found she has thrown the video in the trash, retrieved it and sent it on.

Rusty::: The next message she read was a friend berating her that it was NOT the intended video. She had copied a link to a YouTube video on the dangers of devocalizing dogs with the intention of posting it as cruelty and inadvertently pasted the link into the email she intended to attach the fun video to. Unfortunately, right above the link, she had written, "This is really neat. I would never have thought of such a thing."

Crystal::: Jan was appalled! She hopes those who received that message know she would never call any type of animal cruelty "neat."

Buddy::: We still want to post the video, but we want to make absolutely sure you all understand we do NOT condone this. We knew some research labs use this disgusting surgery, but why would any breeder or owner ever even consider it for their dogs?

Merci::: We found a link to the video posted on Funny End of the Tail blog yesterday, and since blogs don't have all the same readership, we wanted to post it too. It is educational and if you run into anyone considering this type of surgery for a dog, you will be aware of why it should NOT be done.

Sam: It's called "The Unknindest Cut" and if the video doesn't play for you, you can click on the title to watch it on YouTube. And for those of you in MA, please tell your state representative and senator to pass An Act Prohibiting Devocalization, H.344. If you don't know your legislators, call 800-462-8683.

Buddy::: I see you're starting to get the hang of typing with a phantom paw injury, Percy, but you sure are slow and have to make a lot of corrections. Maybe you should take a break and soak your paw in a pan of cold water. It helped Jan for a bit.

Percy::: Good idea, Buddy. I just hope that drawing salve works on Jan's splinter so I can get back to typing as usual. This is too much like WORK!

jff- crystal, cotton, merci, cyndi, percy, cameron, buddy, rusty & Sam


  1. Good lukhk with your patient...

    I know she's a pawful when healthy SOOOO I khan only imagine what she's like 'wounded'

    PeeEssWoo: We'll pass on watching that...we didn't watch it yesterday fur we've heard how it sounds and it stills khreeps Mom out BIG TIMES...she akhtually hopes she nevfur has to hear THAT 'sound' again...

  2. We're laughing at the idea of Jan saying something like that is neat! I certainly hope her friends know her well enough to know she is not for debarking.

  3. We are sorry it has been such a bad week at your house!

  4. Poor Jan, we hopes the splinter comes out soon. We are purring for her.

    We thinks debarking is inhumane. Grandpa rescued a show dog that had been devocalized, Mommy felt very sorry for Lucas. He was a beautiful Collie and very sweet we don't know why someone did that to him. To top it off when he got too old to win shows they threw him out, but he lived happily with our Grandpa for many years.


    Love, uSSSSS

  6. That video was so sad! To think people do that to their dogs is very disheartening!

    We hope Jan's finger is better and that she got the splinter out.

  7. Mom knows about shopping around for a good vet. She has had to go to many different vets when they were in Motel managment and had jobs in different cities and some of them were like Jan described. Sure hope your Mom's finger is better and got that splinter out.

    My Mom had to giggle when Jan sent that email with the wrong title. Mom didn't know that a debarked dog went through so many problems after the vocal cords were cut. But I think she's about ready to have Patches demeowed. Just kidding of course. If people can't train their dogs then they should not have any.


  8. You definitely need a new vet. He sounds like he doesn't want to be there..

    We're sorry you have had a bad week and ouch, that splinter sounds awful!

  9. That is horrible that some people have their dogs devocalised. They shouldn't keep any animal, not just dogs.
    We hope Jan's splinter comes out and heals fast.

  10. We forgot! We originally came to say happy birthday Cameron. Have a great day.


    Auntie Jan: We hope that splinter comes out soon!!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

  12. Happy Birthday to Cameron! We hope you have a very special day!

    We hope this week gets better at your house!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. This is the momma talking now and I have something to say! I had a Great Pyrenees Dog years ago. Pyrs bark and bark and bark and bark. I rescued Willow because I didn't want her to end up in a shelter. I didn't know baloney about Great Pyrenees but did research and found out that they are barkers to the max. It was in Willow's nature to bark to keep wolves away from her sheep and those of us inside the house were her sheep.

    Did I have her debarked. NO! She was doing what she was bred to do and it was up to me to make the necessary adjustments. Living in the city, she was never allowed to bark unless it was daytime and then once she had had a good time, I made her come back into the house. At night, I'd let her get a few good ones out and then back into the house once she had done her business.

    Dogs bark to communicate. A dog needs to bark just as we need to talk. Now, if you want to get me going on another subject, just ask me what I think about people who have dogs with long coats as a part of their breed/genetic make-up and shave the dog down each summer thinking that taking all of the animal's protection from the elements away from the animal. If you don't want a dog with long hair then don't have a dog with long hair but don't cut off the hair of a dog just to stop shedding! It will still shed, but the hairs will be shorter.

    Geez, got me going this morning, sorry. Animal welfare is my passion and I guess I became a little passionate today☺

  14. I think if a Person would do that to a doggie, they shouldn't be allowed to have a doggie. What happens when you have an Intruder in your yard and the dog wants to warn you?

    I would be One Sad Cat if I couldn't say Hello to my staff in the morning.

    I hope your finger gets all better, Jan!

  15. Happy Birthday, Cameron!

    Thanks for posting the video about debarking. The practice is awful. We're glad that you're helping to increase awareness about it.

    It sounds like a very good idea to change vets. The vet's unprofessional behavior sounds like it could trigger an animal to panic and actually bite him,... and of course he would blame the animal. We hope you find a wonderful caring vet that possesses a better understanding of and concern for animals.

  16. Poor Jan's paw.
    I do not think I will let my Mum watch the video, she get upset very easy. I know lots of people get us shelties debarked. How silly and cruel! I bark all the time.
    Lucky it illegal in this country as far as we know.


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