Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cameron Is 5 & Dr Buddy

Dr. Buddy was going to be our guest today. We hope he will still be practicing tomorrow. If so, Dr. Buddy will return then.

What Jan read on a splinter under a nail was scary, so she requested prayer from a couple of her friends yesterday and shortly after thought of something that might work, She's trying it. This morning she's had two emails from friends suggesting the same thing. We all have crossed paws for it to work, though from the size of the splinter, it might take longer than 24 hours.

We've had a few ask how Jan is doing. Suffice it to say she isn't chewing on her finger so far today??? Seriously, she had teeth imprints (hers, not ours) in her injured finger yesterday.

So please ignore any typos or stranger than normal mistakes. I (Percy rhe typist) still have phantom sympathy paw pain and have to type one-pawed. Yes, I know I have extra paws, but it is impossible to type with one front and one back paw!

The story of Percy's phantom sympathy paw pain can be found here. The cruel practice of devocalizing dogs is discussed in the same post. We had a couple of comments we would like to share.

By email from a dog rescuer: Just jumped my vet's (butt). Why? Cause he does that crap. He said he would start advising people about training instead and the dangers. (Way to go, Mark!)

Our family cat-a-blog: This is the momma talking now and I have something to say! I had a Great Pyrenees Dog years ago. Pyrs bark and bark and bark and bark. I rescued Willow because I didn't want her to end up in a shelter. I didn't know baloney about Great Pyrenees but did research and found out that they are barkers to the max. It was in Willow's nature to bark to keep wolves away from her sheep and those of us inside the house were her sheep.

Did I have her debarked. NO! She was doing what she was bred to do and it was up to me to make the necessary adjustments. Living in the city, she was never allowed to bark unless it was daytime and then once she had had a good time, I made her come back into the house. At night, I'd let her get a few good ones out and then back into the house once she had done her business. Dogs bark to communicate. A dog needs to bark just as we need to talk. (You sound like a good momma for any woofie!)

To breeders, research labs and those-who-shouldn't-have-a-dog because -you don't want him to bark -- would you want your doctor doing the same surgery on you because your mate doesn'r want to listen to you jabber all the time?

And now for our birthday boy! And thanks, Cat Blogoshpere, for reminding us of an occasion again.

Sam: Oh, no, not again! So much has been happening, we forgot about Cameron's birthday today. He was born in the house next door to us 5 years ago. I wasn't born yet, though.

Cotton; We're sorry we neglected your day, Cameron. We really do love you. You're handsome and kind. It doesn't matter that you can't count past your toes.

Happy birthday, tuxie brother!

Love, your furry family -- Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Buddy, Rusty & Sam (and your human Jan)

PS -- Please remember Hansel's auction for Sugar. Sugar was mauled by a pack of dogs and although she had expensive treatment including an oxygen tent, she didn'r make it.


  1. Sending Jan lots of healing vibe for her finger! Sounds very very ouchy!

  2. Happy Birthday Cameron! I have a ham. Do you suppose a cold ham slice will help Jan's finger?

  3. w00fs, happy meowday Cameron...git lots of ear scratchies and have many many more..hope the finger is better..

    b safe,

  4. Mom did that once when she was a little girl with a piece of slate from an old time blackboard. It hurt so badly. She thinks her mom took her to the doctor and they pulled it out with tweezers.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. We are sending lots of healing vibes to Jan!!!!


    Love, uSSSSS

  6. I am flattered that you posted a portion of my answer to your last post on today's entry. Gosh...shucks...

  7. What if she soaks it?? ouch those things hurt.....Love A+A

  8. Happy Biwfday awe such a bootiful Tuxie. I hope you got some extwa tweats and a happy biwfay song fwom youw family.
    I can't believe hoomans who would want to silence theiw doggie, what cwooelty.It's despicable.
    I'm sending Jan healing smoochie kisses

  9. Happy Purrrrrrrday Khameron!

    I hope Jan's injury doesn't ruin your pawty!


  10. Happy Birthday Cameron! We hope you had a great day. We hope Jan's finger gets better. That hurts just thinking about it!

  11. Happy Birthday Cameron!!!!

    Jan, we hopes you are feeling better and the splinter comes out soon. ~S,S,C & F

  12. Happy Birthday Cameron!
    The maid said a splinter under the nail is THE WORST!!! She feels for poor Jan....
    Lots of purrs!

  13. Happy Birthday, Cameron! You're the same age as Freckles (who doesn't bark, but does grunt and thump when annoyed!)

    We are glad you all are getting the word out about debarking. Maybe people will think before taking such drastic measures!

    Hope that splinter is gone and Jan's finger is on the mend!

  14. Happy Birthday, Cameron!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Happy Birthday, Cameron!! Hope you are having a great day! And we hope Jan's finger feels better soon!

  16. Happy Birthday Cameron. Enjoyed visiting your blog. Thanks for supporting Purrs 4 Peace. Purrs 2 you all.

  17. Birthday wishes for Cameron and lots of healing energy for Jan!

  18. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, furriend!

  19. To Jan: We hope the finger gets better!!

    Happy Birthday Cameron!

  20. Thirteen loud Happy (belated) Birthday greetings to Cameron, you are one handsome dude, according to our Jenny. We hope that Jan's finger gets better real soon. We don't understand why humans bite their hurts but have a hissy fit when we do it.
    - TBH&K

  21. Happy Birthday to Cameron! Lots of healing purrs are heading your way for Jan too!

  22. Happy Birthday Cameron!

    That splinter sounds painful!

  23. Happy Birthday, Cameron! Jan, please get well soon.

  24. Happy Birthday Cameron!

    We are very upset about the de-barking of woofies. Grete barks, but you know what? Over the year since she has been rescued and has been living with us, she barks less and less because we have learned to actually listen to each other and learned how to read each other's body language. A woof only happens when we miss her signals or she really needs to communicate something. Woofies need to be able to bark.

  25. Happy Birthday Cameron!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

    Poor Jan, we hope your finger is much better & you get that nasty splinter out soon!

  26. Oh, dear, that sounds so painful. I hope she gets it out soon.


  27. We think Jan should roll in some good nip to make her forget about the splinter.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  28. Dogs who don't bark? That's like a cat who doesn't meow!

    Buon compleanno dear Cameron! We hope you had a wonderful birthday and ate tons of cake!

    Sending some healing wishes along to Jan. Please tell her not to chew on her paw, it will only make things worse!

    Kitty kisses from Italy,
    Opus and Olive

  29. Happy Purrthday Cameron! Sending purrs to help Jan heal, because we understand that her hand must hurt.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  30. Totally agree on the comments about de-barking. That is like taking a dog's voice away, and the one is EXACTLY right -- its how they communicate. And how WOULD a human feel if they had their voice removed. Some dog owners are so stupid. Forgive me for being frank.

    Jan-hope the finger heals soon. I just took a hell of a splinter out of my big toe and it hurt for three days after it was so big...


  31. We have not been around....Jan are you ok? Sending purrs over to you!


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