Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making Green Papers

We are grateful some of you are looking forward to the JFF Band Bluemobile coming to your town sometime in the future -- according to our budget, in the faaaaar future. But we're working on our harmonizing and looking for some cans full of background music so we can stock up. We've even had some offers to join the band. We can always use extra band members for emergencies -- like concerts scheduled against our will during our naps. But don't worry, we will still be stopping by to sing for your special days -- birthdays, Gotcha Days, anniversaries, alien blurpy arrivals .....

Meanwhile, we are still looking for some means of obtaining green papers so we can remain on the Funny Farm. We have some design ideas and are thinking of opening one of those online stores that sell things like notepaper, t-shirts, toys, mugs, etc., but Jan lost all our source information. We'd trade her in for a human who actually has a memory, but she needs us and the utilities are in her name -- not to mention we have to walk her daily.

The cat and dog blogging community knows "everything" on just about any subject. Any kitty, woofie, hammie, bun or .... who has any knowledge on how to make green papers online and wouldn't mind sharing it can leave a comment or email us at jansfunnyfarm @ gmail .com (put it together). We would be grateful for the information!


  1. Well, if woo post in the future, we khan find out what the lottery numbers were and pikhk them!


  2. Check out either cafepress.com or zazzle.com. I think you can do some stuff even on shutterfly.com but they are usually just cards and stuff and I don't think you can do the store.

  3. Need any roadies or groupies?

  4. Chey and Gemini said the two that we know of as well. Good luck with the green papers (yoo dun has a money tree do yoo?).

    Fank yoo fer passing on the info about BARC!

  5. w00fs, heehee mama says when ya find out about the green papers to let her no too..she cood use sum more $$$$$'s..

    b safe,

  6. Obtaining green papers? I don't think Mom knows a lot about this...she'd like to get more of them too! But the online store idea sounds cool! Hope Jan gets her source information back soon...=)


  7. Daisy is living in a very nice foster home right now and got her second operation--which the original adopters didn't do. It was very puzzling but shows you we MEAN BUSINESS. Treat our animals right or you don't get the privilege of living with them! You have a bandmobile? My mom would love that!

    love & wags,

  8. w00fs, Shane iz Huskee and hersheys mama, she just lost her baby girl a couple weeks ago...its really sad, cause she lost her baby boy a year ago...i should have put a link to it in there, didnt think..

    b safe,
    ~rocky and mama~

    pps will go back now and p0ut link in, b4 i furgit it...heehee my mind is slow..

  9. Good luck on raising the green papers. It's pretty tough right now!

  10. Oh I heard that the hoomans have some invention called the 'memory stick'.. you think that'd work for Jan? We know how you feel... we also have to walk our hoomans and make sure they have things to keep them busy and occupied.. like making our meals, packing our toys, etc.. you name it.
    And those green papers sound good.. we don't mind some if you find out where we can get them :P

  11. Wow, we no nothin about gettin green papers, so we wish ya all best luck and headbumps...

  12. jan, does you haf a pay pal account? if so, can you please email the information to us? (themeezers AT gmail DOT com).

  13. oh, and our the mom might still haf information about blogging for dollars. we will ask her to dig it out and send it to you.

  14. Happy purrfday! Have a wonderful day Merci.

  15. Happy Birthday. I'm so sorry about the green stuff. There never seems to be enough to go around here either.

  16. Thank you for sending my mom get well wishes! She is home now and getting stronger every day! You have a very cool blog. Please visit me again soon.

  17. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, furriend! We hope that you get lots of attention:)

  18. Hiya Jan!!

    Time fur some Turnabout is Fair Play.

    Since our policy is to tithe to someone else in need...We iz gonna send at leest 10 percent of our movie auction to help your funds.

    Here are some places we iz trying:
    www.zazzle.com (best)
    My Cat Goma site recommends Zazzle.
    Goma's Mom has lots of original Goma Toons dat she sells on t-shirts and mugs n stuff.

    www.cafepress.com (good)

    You can go to our blog and clik on our info on the side about Zazzle and see what designs we got.

    So far, we haven't had anyone buy anyfing (as far as we know...dey s'posed ta send an email when dat happens.)

    And we is going to start writing at
    www.hub.com and see if that gets us any greenies.

    Katie Too

  19. And Duz u hafs a PayPal Account?

    If not, just email how you wants us ta send dat helps...


  20. Mommy & Auntie ML have been scheming again! :) They have been plotting this new auction for weeks!

    Love, uSSSSS


  21. Green papers are such an elusive thing! Very difficult to obtain and so easy to lose. We hope you find a cool way of getting hold of some!
    Purrs and noselicks,
    Siena & Chilli

  22. We are thinking about you all, and hoping things will look up soon.

  23. I think you are talking about money paper, aren't you? (they are not green where I live! :-) )
    - I wish I knew how to get them too - my humans are always worrying about that as well - sorry I can't help but just wanted to wish you good luck! The others seem to have lots of good ideas!

    Honey the Great Dane

  24. I love this line, "not to mention we have to walk her daily." This is a great site. It looks like you have your hands full with lovely creatures!

    Check out my blog about a colony of abandoned/feral cats near my home. There will be stories there as time goes on that could inspire and inform anyone you know who wants to help homeless cats.
    Would you add me to your blog list?

  25. Gosh, are you trying to push time ahead. Please don't do that, time is flying by fast enough. Your post says Thursday July 30th. Not unless their is a reason for that. LOL. Anyhow, Mom says she can pray for the green papers for all of you, cause you guys are a real good cause. Mom was thinking about cafepress.com too. BTW Mom was giggling about the trip home from the concert. Mom got lost like that once. She says its scary and funny at the same time. Hey, we like the idea of the bluemobile.

    Casper and crew

  26. Our staff thinks about making green papers online for years now... So far with no results....
    The maid does have a cafepress store but sells an item every 3 month or so - for X-mas she got lucky and had a card that sold so many times that she could actually pay the yearly fee for the store with it. But no profits...
    There are ways to earn some by writing about stuff on your blog, Moki knows about those, we think.
    We hope you'll be able to find something. And if you hit it big, let us know, hahahahahahahahaa, so we can follow!
    Thank you so much for your condolences concerning our Luna, we very much appreciated it! It was a bit hard to keep it to ourselves but we really didn't want to spoil the Dare.... We are so afraid every day we have more bad news, the other morning the maid found a fresh coyote kill on her morning walk through the desert (she actually disturbed them in their meal) and it was a beautiful grey cat.... No one she knew but we know someone is missing her...

  27. Thank you for my happy birthday! I am having a wonderful time today, thanks.

    ~ Trooder

  28. Thank you so much for reminding us about MoTH - we totally forgot....

  29. Making green papers is real, real hard! Besides Cafepress, you can also open an Amazon store for free. We have not really made any monies on either of those things though. The most success for us has been with the text link ads and the Project Wonderful ads, but it is still not very much.

  30. We can't help you with any advice, but we want you to know we're wishing you the best!

  31. I have Mr. & Ms. Alpha scour the world for green papers. I am too busy perfecting my winning smile.

    Besides, border collies are NOT really diggers. I leave all that rooting around for green papers to the humans.

    Your pal who lolls in the lap of luxury.


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