Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lost Blog and Cameron's Tongue

Okay, we've lost a blog. It was there the other day. There was a photo of a German Shepherd and a deer in a police car and pet bloggers were supposed to write a short story on the picture. But after 2 mind-numbing days of setting up Google Reader and re-sorting our blogging links, we can't remember which blog it was on. It was so intriguing we'd like to read the stories and find out who won.

(Eric & Flynn emailed us the blog: The Meowers from Missouri. And Perfectly Parker won the nip cigar.)

Cameron didn't win the stick out your tongue contest over at Rocky Creek Scotties & Java, but he did get a badge for participation. You're a good sport, Cameron, for having the courage to let the world see this picture!

Congratulations to DUHGALL of Sweet Cottage Dreams, the winner. And to the runnerup Bailey.

Oh, and stop by The Creek Cats tomorrow. Maggie May will be posting a short video tomorrow. And we guess they'll be announcing the winner of their giveaway contest?

Oh, almost forgot. We found today, on Blogger's dashboard, if you scroll down there is a list of google services. We hate having to go the long way around, so we decided to see if something would work. It does. We left clicked on "Google Reader" in the list and dragged it up to the firefox browser bookmark bar, next the "subscribe." (Yep, after doing it all by copy and paste yesterday, we finally found the subscribe button to add to the bar. ) And we dragged "Picasa Web Albums" up next to it. Now if we want to go to Google Reader or Picasa online, we can just click on them.


  1. Interesting! That is one crazy photo!! Looks like 2 eyes!

    A badge for participation I think is fine!

  2. I missed a stick out your tongue contest? I think it is so cool that Cameron got a badge for participating.

  3. Yeah, blogger makes it very easy!

  4. The blog you are looking for is the Missouri Meowers.
    That is a funny photo hehe!
    We use the next button for google reader too. It makes keeping up a lot easier.

  5. Thanks for the visit and the tip about adding comments. I shall have to have another go at reading through the google reader i think and add some more blogs to it sometime.

  6. WOW!

    Great work all the way around!


  7. We've also been quite busy setting up the Google Reader and discovered the "next" and "subscribe" buttons. It makes it so much easier and quicker to visit.

  8. That is a silly tongue shot. Great tips.. I hope you all got ice cream today.

  9. We thinks Cameron's eyes should have cinched the contest. It looked as if he was sticking out his eyes along with his tongue. ~S,S,C & F

  10. Hi, our v-e-t said that fish can contribute to the problems that Cecilia is having with the crystals that are forming in her bladder, so it's best she stays away from it, which means we all have to.

  11. Nice tip!!! Now do you have one for how to keep up on all the blogs and comment and still do all the other things in your life?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  12. Glad you got your reader all figured out!!

  13. MOL hehe tongues! Momma finks it so funny when we sticks ours out.


  14. cameron hazza grate tongue. (an intrestin eyez, too!)

  15. Neat trick! That picture is hilarious Jan!!


  16. How did we miss that contest??? Mommy just goes around the blogs the old fashioned way!


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