Thursday, July 02, 2009

Chef Needed, Apply Now

The Funny Farm wants to hire a chef. We don't have any green papers, mind you, but working for the Funny Farm should look good on your resume.

Usually we don't mind that Jan is such a dunce in the kitchen. She has developed this habit of putting something on the stove and forgetting about it until the odor of burnt whatever fumigates the house. No, we don't mean permeates, we mean fumigates. But she has always been the one who has to eat what she's burned so it didn't bother us.

But because of Buddy's allergies and skin problems, Jan suddenly decided to cook for us dogs to give us something more than just dry kibble. She figured the recipe was so simple even she could make it.

She mixed the ingredients together in a large bowl according to directions. But how could all that fit in a loaf pan? A loaf of what? It must mean a dozen loaf pans. But never mind, she wasn't turning on the oven, it was too hot! So she dumped the whole mess in a 12" frypan. The lid just kind of sat on top of the mound like a too-small baseball cap.

And you guessed it, she walked off and forgot about it. But she didn't burn it, not this time.

A while later she went in to drain off the fat, but there wasn't any fat. Just a crisp crust on the buttom. She'd cooked off all the fat. But, hmmmm, it needed to be turned over. How? Well, isn't that what a pizza pan is for? Five minutes later, she successfully turned the huge mass over without breaking it and slid it back into the pan. Proud of herself, she glanced at the ingredient list: ground beef, tomatoes, corn meal, oats, 3 eggs --

Uh-oh, she forgot the eggs. And up to 2 cups water, as needed. Truthfully, she didn't forget the water. She just planned to add it after she drained off the fat. Oh, well, she cracked 3 eggs in a bowl and added water, beat them well and -- You guessed it. She poured it over the crisp crust (now on the top since she's flipped it over) and started mixing it in.

That's when we knew we need to hire a chef. Before she tries to cook anything else for us. We mean, just look at this .... this ..... what is it?

Percy started typing up an ad for a chef for us before the .... the .... finished cooking.

And then -- horrors -- she spooned some in our bowls and set them aside to cool. Oh, no, she was going to make us eat that .... that.... When it cooled, she tossed in some crunchies and set the bowls on the floor. We all turned our noses up and refused to eat!

Okay, we're pulling your paw. We ate every bite and licked our bowls clean.

So, we hope you'll forgive us, but we're rescinding our ad for a chef. We won't be hiring after all. We decided we'll keep Jan. At least until this .... this .... runs out.

Maybe she'll try cat food next. But the kitties are hoping she won't. Cats are finicky eaters.

(s) Buddy, Merci & Sam


  1. hehehe At least she tried. Our human barely remembers to feed herself and the other humans around here. She keeps saying she would like to just open a bag or can for humans.

  2. Why, she's a regular Julia Child! It didn't look yummy, but we'll trust you on this one, furriends:)

  3. Hey, do you have to have thumbs to apply? I"m mighty helpful in the kitchen!
    Play bows,

  4. Ha Ha, somehow we figured this might have a tasty ending.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. I think dog food would be easier. The Woman had to cook for the cats and didn't make anything they would eat. They went back to regular kibble...

  6. MOL We knew you woofies probably ate it, woofies will eat anything!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  7. Well, it tasted better than it looked? She definitely tried and that's worth something :)

  8. My mom is NO chef but she can shop! Maybe you need a personal food shopper. Uh, you can't have my mom though.

    That thing looked mighty tasty, mighty something...

    love & wags,

  9. w00fs, heehee food not haff to look good to b good...guess chalk one up fur Jan..

    b safe,

  10. Kc Gentleannie27/03/2009 1:32 AM

    **smile** must have been ok for the taste, even if it looks Strange! keep us posted on if Jan
    comes up with Kitty stuff..
    it cant be all bad-- but have to ask.." what on earth is in it"??
    Annie, Gyp and Mollie
    and MOM KC

  11. Hmmm! We really think that looks kind of yummy for doggy food!

  12. Glad you enjoyed your home cooked meal Buddy, Merci & Sam. ~S,S,C & F

  13. It's not what it looks like, it's what it tastes like!

  14. Mommy is rolling on the floor laughing!!! So funny!!! Umm...Mommy is a gourmet cook and would be happy to help your Mommy with recipes (EASY ONES) any time! :)

    Mommy even has EASY doggy and cat food recipes! :)


    Sorry Jan....just so funny!!!

  15. Do tell when she starts cooking for the cats! Oh, and if it's yummy, do you mind if I go over and join you? I don't weawwy mind how mine food wooks wike as wong as it's yummy.


  16. It still looks a little bit delicious! My Mommie only knows how to cook in the microwave.

  17. picky eater? is ME 'posed to be a picky eater? Dog food is YUMMY. so is the mom lady person food. I efen eated arugula last night. - Billy


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