Monday, February 22, 2016

In Your Dreams

Cyndi opens a muddy post.

CYNDI:  We hope you got a chuckle out of our Friday post (I Have A Leak, Yes...No).  But if you think that was the end of the story - in your dreams!

MICAH:  Friday morning began without water again.  We waited forever.  Finally, Jan walked 5 blocks to find two guys from the contract crew.  They said they hadn't turned off any water.  They walked Jan home, looked in both meter holes, searched for a leak, made a phone call, and suggested she call the local water company to see if they had shut off the water.

PERCY:  This is what the yard looked like then.  The old and new water meters to the left of the dirt mound.  The connection point close to the smaller dirt mound at the corner of the house.  The water company said the contract crew working in the area had turned off the water.

MARCUS:  I suggested a walk to kill time.  We set off and up the road we ran into a man who was working his way toward the water tower turning on valves.  He had not turned off any water. (Funny, no one turned it off but it sure wasn't working.)  Ten minutes after we got home we had water.  A half hour later he knocked on our door to check on us. Whoever you were, thanks.

MERCI:  About 8 PM Saturday Jan added water to our dinner bowls.  At 10, she went into the kitchen to wash dishes and we didn't have a drop of water again.  She spent 20 minutes searching for the cordless phone she had left on the desk.   The helpful man at the water company contacted the guy on call.

BUDDY:  Devon Slayton arrived.  The meter was spinning!  He soon found the problem.  Inside, we were dry.  Outside we were flooded, clear through and out the other side of the dog pen..  He dug in the mud at the connection site. Miss Uncoordinated held a flashlight in one hand and used the other hand to snap photos.  We're actually surprised any of them turned out.

TAYLOR:  I'm new here, but I understand Marcus loves mud and he is upset Jan let someone bail out buckets of water and shovel mud without letting him roll in it first.  He is jealous Devon gets to dig in mud for a paycheck.  Jan thinks Devon would gladly have let Marcus do the digging had he known there was a volunteer handy.

RUSTY:  About 11:30, Devon offered to bring Jan some water from his home to get us through the night.  He returned with Jan's container plus three bottles of drinking water.  She thinks this was such a wonderful thing for a stranger to do so I guess she has forgotten all the nice things we Funny Farmers have done for her.  For example, just Saturday night she had a pile of jumk on the desk and I cleared the desk off for her.

CYNDI:  Pssst, Rusty, stop talking before Jan realizes you're the reason she spent 20 minutes looking for the phone to call the water company.

MICAH:  Eerie picture, isn't this!  Those are the water lines that blew apart.  The old one (only 2 - 3 years old) is buried deeper than the 5" the new line is. 

MARCUS:  Sunday morning Buddy and I (Merci didn't want to go) took Jan for a walk and when we returned, Devon and Sean Ellington were just finishing. 

PERCY:  The old meter hole was still full of water and the new meter hole was still half full of water.  No one has been able to explain that. As we write this Sunday evening, we have water,

BUDDY:  Despite the leak-no leak-no water confusion of the last few days, the contract workers and the city water employees have been kind and helpful. 

RUSTY:  Jan was so happy Devon and Sean helped us get water again she promised she was going to say something nice about them in a post.  You know how forgetful she is.  She forgot this isn't her blog.

MERCI:: So we'll say something nice about them for her.  Hey, local water department, you have some courteous, helpful people working there.

TAYLOR:  If Marcus wasn't such a wild child, he could do well there.  Playing in mud is his dream job.


  1. Oh, the mud part sounds fun, but we hope your water is still working now!

  2. YAY, glad to hears you've got water back fur your water bowls AND an added bonus of MUD to play in!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Hari OM
    Good grief, that's a bit of a 'soga' you got going on there Farmers!!! Whilst it makes entertaining reading and Jan is getting to meet some nice young men (always a bonus), I am guessing you all wish it behind you. Well, I also hope, for your sakes, that it becomes a memory quick-sticks!!! Hugs wags and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. That was quite an epic story about not having water!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. OMD....What a crazy few days!! We hope all the excitement is over for a bit!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. You never realize how much you use water until it doesn't work. It sounds as if you have some wonderful water work employees. Maybe they could use Marcus as their mascot! BOL!

  7. Dang, they've done more digging that when my sisters hit the litter boxes!

  8. Oh my goodness we hope the water is still flowing and you've had no more trouble.

  9. I hope this water-thing gets fixed really soon! It must be driving you crazy!!!

  10. We hope your water problems get fixed soon. Fortunately, the water work employees are kind and helpful ! Purrs

  11. I hope you still have water after all that! It is good that the water department had some nice helpful people working for them.

  12. I hope you don't get a bill for all the water in the holes !

  13. OMG what a time you have had over something we all take for granted - water whenever we want it. I hope the issues is finally resolved. Those two men were certainly angels to try so hard to fix your water situation and bring water from their own home no less. That's going way above and beyond what is expected of an employee of the water department. Many kudos to them.

  14. Well, we are certainly glad that you have water now. Big kudos to Devon and Sean. They sound like wonderful, helpful and capable people!


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