Thursday, February 04, 2016

Operation Straw

MARCUS:  HEY!  HEY, UP THERE!  I'm down here.  Remember this picture?  It's the time Jan stopped to talk to someone and I removed my harness and leash while she wasn't paying any attention to me.

PERCY:  Why are you yelling?  We're not deaf.  But we are in the dark about why you told us you want to do a post.

MARCUS:  I wanted to do a post on that new program Jan told us about after the Humane Society meeting last night.  They had a couple of ladies there to explain what they are doing.

RUSTY:  It would have helped if Jan had given us the correct information so we didn't waste time searching Facebook for "Operation Hay". There is no "Operation Hay" page.

MICAH:  It's actually called Operation Straw.  How could Jan confuse the two?  She was very happy to learn it's coming to Upson County too.

BUDDY:  A lady named Jennifer started it in Griffin.  Her local friend Becky has been helping her and now Becky is going to head the project locally.

MERCI:  Here in Georgia, there are so many dogs who live outside in weather, many without a doghouse, that Jennifer asked some of her friends to help her buy hay and doghouses for those who need them.  Word spread and now she has a group who go out with her, as well as doghouses and supplies coming in from a growing list of supporters.

CYNDI:   These nice ladies are not judgmental. They do this to help the animals and the humans too. Many humans have very little for themselves but they do their best for the dogs in their care, so the help is appreciated.

TAYLOR:  It's would be great -

MARCUS:  Other areas might have something similar.  If not, wouldn't it be wonderful if outside dogs everywhere had a warm shelter to huddle inside for the winter and shelter from the sun in the summer? Taylor, why are you holding up your paw?

TAYLOR:  I was about to say the same thing but you interrupted me.

MARCUS:  I did?  I didn't hear you say anything.  You have been here since November.  You should know by now we are a noisy crew and you have to jump in and speak up.


BUDDY:  He said to speak up, not yell.  Is there anything else you would like to add, Taylor?

TAYLOR:  Oh, I guess I'd like to say I hope Operation Straw continues to grow in supporters and workers and keeps spreading to other areas.

CYNDI:  Operation Straw is a good theme for today's Thankful Thursday.  We're thankful Jennifer started it and word is spreading.  

MARCUS:  Okay, Funny Farmers, that takes care of this post.  Over and out.

PERCY:  *whispers to Merci*  How did Marcus come to be in charge today?

MERCI:  *whispers to Percy*   I think his head swelled when he squeezed out of his harness.

We are joining Pepi Smart Dog for the Thankful Thursday blog hop.


  1. Hari OM
    That is a wonderfur and most heart-filled initiative indeed!!! Well done for telling us about it Marcus! Hugs and wags and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. What a pawsome action! Paws up for all the people involved ! Purrs

  3. We have never heard about operation straw, butt think it is WONDERFUL...
    Some folks don't know WHERE TO GET Straw... and SOME have no way to Transport it...
    We can see why you are all excited about OPERATION STRAW!!!

  4. We had not heard of that operation straw, but it sound great.

  5. Sounds like a great idea!
    Have a super Thursday...

    Noodle and crew

  6. Pawsome post! Katie Mom's fambly always used straw for the doggy. really helps. Stray helps feral kitties be warm too.

  7. That's terrific and hooray for hay, I mean straw!

  8. kewl iz thiz....operation straw izza grate grate program !! ♥♥

  9. Such an amazing program!! Too many dogs have to stay outside when its cold.

  10. They do that here too. Its a good program...sad that it is needed.....


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