Friday, February 19, 2016

I Have A Leak, Yes ...No

RUSTY:  If you think the title is weird, you should have been here for the conversations.

MICAH:  In early December workers started tearing up sidewalks and making a muddy mess as a crew began to install new water lines.

PERCY:  The pictures below are along our side yard in December 2015.  

MARCUS:  Yesterday morning, Jan let me outside, intending to start a late day with a shower and then feed us.  I started barking and a heavily accented voice called out that he was connecting the new water line.

MERCI:  Jan hid behind the door in her pajamas as he explained he was hooking up the new water line. She couldn't shower without water, so she threw on some clothes and went outside to scoop poop.

PERCY:  The "voice" returned.  She asked how long before the water would be turned back on?  About 20 minutes was the response.  An hour and a half later the worker was long gone and still no water.  Jan put on a coat and as she walked by the hole with the old meter, it was full of water.  Not a good sign.

CYNDI:  She found the workers up the street and around the corner.  She arrived as a truck pulled up and a man with the air of a boss asked if he could help.  He stood in the street speaking good but accented English.

Boss:  The glue is drying.  Wait 5 minutes.  You have a leak. 

Jan:  I have a leak, or the city has a leak?

Boss:  You have a leak.

Jan:  Are you sure I have a leak? 

Boss:  Yes.  It's been leaking for some time.

Jan:  I do have a leak?  You're sure?  Were you going to tell me?  I have to let my landlord know.

Boss:  *rapid Spanish with a tall worker*  Go with him.

BUDDY:  Jan followed the worker back here.  He lifted the lid over the new meter.  The hole was half full of water.

Jan:  Where's the leak?

Worker:  No leak.

Jan:  But the other guy said there is a leak. 

Worker.  No leak.  *points to new meter*  Our pipes are good.  See, no leak. 

Jan:  *has no idea what the meter is or isn't supposed to be doing*  Are you sure there is no leak?  He said there is a leak.

Worker:  *leads Jan to hole near pen where new line is connected; ground is damp*  See, no leak.

TAYLOR:  Jan walked back to stare at the water in the meter holes. Worker walked to front of house and called her.  Led her to outdoor faucet.  Water was pouring out the spigot.

Worker:  See, water is on.

Jan:  Yes, but where's the leak?

Worker:  No leak.

BUDDY:  Jan came in and emailed our landlord to tell him the new water line was hooked up but she was confused as to whether there was or wasn't a leak.  He emailed right back that he was confused too; did we or didn't we have a leak?   Jan donned a coat and walked back to where they were hooking up another line.

Jan:   Hi, you told me I have a leak.  The other worker told me I do not have a leak.  My landlord would like to know whether I do or don't have a leak.

BOSS:  No leak. You had a leak BEFORE, but you don't have one now.

RUSTY:  And now if you will excuse us, we have to go comfort Jan.  For some reason, she has a headache.

BUDDY:  We can't forget to wish Mo who runs the CB (Cat Blogosphere) a very Happy Birthday!  Thank you for all you do to try to help cat bloggers keep up with each other.

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  1. I finks I'm gonna haf a headache as well...leak or no leak...very confusing!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Hari OM
    Crikey, that's enough to ache even the strongest head!!! I trust the water is now in full flow... hugs wags and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. To leak or not to leak that is the question.
    OH MY Jan I can see why your head hurt!

  4. Worker Guys OFTEN give Peeps a Headache... We just hope that the Leak or NOT LEAK is not gonna Leak or NOT... again... OH HECK, now WE are confused.

    We also wished MO a HAPPY BIRFDAY!

  5. We got a headache just reading about leaks and no leaks

  6. How confusing humans can be. Hope there's no leak.

  7. How confusing ! We understand that Jan got a headache by reading the "To leak or not to leak" question. Purrs

  8. Oh, I had a leak problem for a long time, but the meds helped it!

  9. It sounds like those guys installing the pipes have a leak- in their heads.

  10. Oh my pug, my mom would have had a big old headache after all that confusion..........whew!! stella rose

  11. I have a headache reading that!!!

  12. No wonder Jan got a headache!!!!

  13. We unnerstand that conversation about the leak. No matter what happens, it will be "YOUR LEAK"...

  14. Here a leak...there a leak...but no leak is better than a real leak...and then there is always the other kind of wonder the headache, all those leaks...or not...make heads spin...

    Hope its all unleaked now:)

  15. OMG Jan, I would have had a headache too! One that would have needed a long bath and a good glass of wine or two!
    The Mom

  16. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay to be onnest i hav no ideea now if yoo had a leek or not!!! all i no for shoor is i reely hav to pee!!! ok bye

  17. Somebody get the aspirin for Jan.
    She needs a big Noodle hug too...

    Noodle and crew

  18. OMC We just hate things like dat. MOL We think nun of them ever really know what's goin' on and nun of them can ever agwee on anythin'. MOL Glad yous leak is fixed.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  19. Yikes. We can understand why you have a headache. So ... you HAD a leak, and now you don't have one?


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