Monday, February 01, 2016

Good Night or Good Morning

MICAH:  I'm hiding out here in a laundry basket to get a little alone time before tomorrow ... er, before today.

BUDDY:  What's so special about tomorrow?

MICAH:  You mean today.  We're returning to Blogville and the Cat Blogosphere after nearly a month's absence.

RUSTY:  Yes, we're writing this today for tomorrow.  Or should I say since we're writing this very close to midnight that we're writing this tomorrow?

CYNDI: I thought we were planning to return Monday.  Is Monday today or tomorrow?

MERCI:  Tomorrow is nearly here, so what difference does it make?

BUDDY:  Whatever day it is, we're coming back from hibernation.  Wait, that's not right.  Hiatus.  We're back from hiatus. 

MARCUS:  Jan has had nearly a month to recuperate from Sam's illness and her injuries.  She hasn't done anything except lie around eating chocolate and watching TV. 

PERCY:  She has not!  She has been busy digging up the muddy mess you made around the dog pen panels, Marcus.  And worked toward getting the house cleaned despite the constant clumps of mud tracked inside. 

CYNDI:   And tried to convince you, Marcus, to walk with Merci and Buddy without starting a riot.

MERCI:  But she took my squeaky football and my soccer ball.  I have to have some fun.

BUDDY:  You'll get them back when the mud in the dog pen dies.

PERCY:  Mud doesn't die.  I think you mean when the mud dries.  

RUSTY:  Who cares whether it dies or dries?  The post is supposed to be about our return.

MICAH:  Stop arguing.  Smile and wave a paw.  We're back.

TAYLOR:  They forget I'm here and never let me get a word in edgewise, and now tomorrow is already today.  Good night.  Or should I say good morning?


  1. I hope you guys have an amazing week!! Xxoo

  2. Its so good to see you once again, to giggle at your antics and enjoy hearing all about yourselves.

    Yup, its Sunday night, but its Monday morning, too...and do not get us started n the fact that we have to change the calendar from January to February, LOL!

    Hope you're feeling a lot less ouchie, Miss Jan:))


  3. Hari OM
    Cooooeeeee!!! Hope you ALL had a restorative break and are readjusting to 2016 well... I L O V E the bloggy make-over!!! Bright and uplifting. May it herald a wonderful return to Blogville... hugs, wags, whiskeries, YAM xx

  4. WE are THRILLED to have you Back With us...
    NOW we are concerned... we thought Mud only slept when there is no Snow or Rain... we LOVE mud... and don't want it to be Deaded...

  5. Welcome back...we hoe that mud dries up soon!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo

  6. Yay welcome back gang! We are so glad to see you. We have been purring for all of you and it makes our day and gives us a big smile to see your posting!

  7. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum bak it is nice to see yoo!!! hay saya the mighty is a big fan of mud she wil come over and help yoo kleen it up!!! and by kleen it up i meen dig and mayk mor of it!!! ha ha ok bye

  8. Welcome back, mud is our friend.

  9. Welcome back, my Funny Farmers! ♥

  10. Our moms need a lot of encouragement to type for us, huh? Oh, Funny Farmers, do we need new moms or what??
    Well, I still love mine and I bet you still love yours, so I guess we are all stuck with someone who loves us back. Not a bad deal, really.
    Just glad to see you, too.

  11. We don't care what day it is, we're just happy you are here!

  12. Welcome back ! We're so happy to see you again ! Purrs

  13. Welcome back! I hope you are feeling better in both mind and body.

  14. guys...grate two see everee one bak....we dee sided ta commint two day which iz still monday sted oh waitin til two morrow twooz day just in case yur post waz frum sunday coz then we wooda reel lee been late sayin HI !! ♥♥

  15. We for one have missed you and so have several of your friends, we also have mud inside of Alcatraz...wet mud, not dry mud........ugh...stella rose

  16. Welcome back- you were missed!

  17. So good to see you again!!!!

  18. You found a good place to hang out and rest
    Lily & Edward

  19. Welcome back! You all were sure missed. We missed following all of your antics. Jan hope you are feeling much better. Again glad to see you back.

  20. So glad you are feeling better and are back ! (Here in Ohio the mud is just getting started.)

  21. So, SO HAPPY you are back!!!!!!

  22. We Beaglebratz r so furry much happee tue c that u'all iz bak now. Hope all u kittiez an'woofiez wuz good fer Ms Jan - after all, u mite not like tue admit it BUTT we know u all love her (an'she duz hold the pass tue sum really great stuff - where else duz your food, treatz'n toyz come frum, huh?)
    ANYWAY - we all r glad tue c u bak'n our mom iz tue. Hope Ms Jan got sum much needed rest an'iz feelin'better.
    Lord Shiloh'n Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  23. We are so happy you're back, dear pals! Sorry we've been a bit scarce ... dad's been under the weather, and work for him and Mom has been crazy. Hugs to you all. We missed you! - Gracie and Zoe, and Mom and Dad, too

  24. We haven't been around furry much but we're sure glad you are back! We hopes Jan is feeling better.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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