Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cloudy and Bubbly

 MICAH:  We didn't have a chance to do much of anything yesterday, so we got caught without a post.

RUSTY:  We don't have to post this photos of me, though.  It isn't very good.  Jan only snapped it to check if the battery was charged.

MARCUS:  You don't believe that story, do you?  She hit the shutter button by mistake. 

MERCI:  I think you look handsome, Rusty.  I just love the peaceful expression on your fa .. uh, tail.   

PERCY:  Don't worry.  Everyone will recognize your ginger fluff!

RUSTY:  That's what I'm afraid of.

TAYLOR:  Have you guys noticed that Jan has been acting a bit strange lately?

CYNDI:  If you're here long enough, you'll realize that's the norm around here.  But to be fair, she has been under a bit of pressure lately.

TAYLOR: I don't remember her being afraid to turn on a spigot before, but lately she will reach for the handle and stop.

BUDDY:  I believe that's because she is afraid to turn it on for fear there won't be any water coming out of the spigot again.  (Pt 1 I Have A Leak, Yes..No    and    Pt2 In Your Dreams)

MERCI:  Yes, that is another strange norm around here.  We used to have water on demand.

PERCY:  We do again, but as of Monday evening it's cloudy and full of tiny bubbles Jan can only see with a magnifying glass.  She looked it up on the internet and it seems to have something to do with pressure.

TAYLOR:  Does that mean Jan is going to become cloudy and bubble too?

MARCUS:  That should be interesting.  Does anyone know how to work the camera so we can get a picture of that?

MICAH:  According to the article she read, the water is safe to drink.  Just set it aside for a minute to let the bubbles disappear.

NOTE:  Some of you have commented about the safety of drinking the water.  It really puts Jan off to see cloudy water but the water department insists the water is safe to drink.   They claim the bubbles will stop if she runs a lot of water.  Water in a glass does clear up as the teeny bubbles dissipate. 

RUSTY:  Yesterday Mr. Doug suggested she call the water department to be sure the water is truly safe.  She was told the new hydrant on our corner might need to be flushed.

TAYLOR:  A man from the water department came, said he had to go turn off the hydrant a block away and disappeared without flushing "our" hydrant - as far as we know.

PERCY:  And then the water project supervisor and an inspector showed up, talked to her for a few minutes, and went to chat by the meter in the yard.

MERCI:  She wasn't expecting a parade.  She only wanted to know if the water was safe to drink.  It's still cloudy. 

MARCUS:   Well, I'll be glad when this is over.  I can't fit in the bathroom any more when Jan is in there.  She has a bucket of water in the way.  Just in case.

 BUDDY:  And containers of water in the fridge. Would you call that paranoid?

CYNDI:  No, after the last week, I'd call that prepared. 


  1. I dunno - that water sounds suspicious to me!

  2. That is a great photo
    This is really becoming a water Saga, bet its driving Jan nuts!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Hari OM
    ...gotta tell ya... I've been suspicious of town water since ever there was an E-Coli infection in Sydney twelve years back. We all had to boil our water before drinking and I found I preferred it anyway, without all the fluor and continued; then in India, of course that was the norm. Now, even here in Scotland, I still boil the water I drink and keep it in a copper jug. It tastes grand!!! Hugs wags and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. I would be suspicious of water that looks suspicious.

  5. Well Jan is right to be suspicious just look at what happened up in Flint Michigan! Tell Jan as long as it's cloudy to keep calling until they give her clear water again!

    1. No kidding. That is becoming a major issue in our state...what a mess.

  6. guys....if de waterz cloudee afturr runnin de tap for said time, N if perch look at it N say #ell noe we iznt goin in ther, N de cloudz in de sky look better N de cloudz in de glass...yea...sum thinz wrong with de H two N bug de be jezuz outta de ewe til a tee companee til they get it rite !!! ♥♥♥

  7. Best of luck. We've had our own fun with the water dept.

  8. Water woes are no fun at all. Have they issued a boil advisory for your area?

  9. Are your neighbors having the same trouble? Rusty that's a beautiful picture of you.

  10. Well, there is a surfer who has brought clean water to many areas of poor countries who only have river water to drink and he attaches his gizmo to a 5-gallon tank of water and the water coming through the attachment is crystal clear. I'll find out more but yes, Rusty does look

  11. My Dad is mostly cloudy most days!

  12. The water department needs to get it's act in gear. It should have sorted out the water problems by now. Rusty, you do look sweet and sleepy.

  13. Hope y'all get da water thing sorted soon. When we furst moved in da city sent out letters tellin' us our water isn't safe to drink or use fur dat matter and dat they was wantin' to make sum changes. All these years later, it's still not safe and they still wanna make those changes. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. I still have an old country well (and a new well tank and a new sump pump-$$$$), and I would like to tell you not to worry about bubbles, but - didn't everybody in the Flint Water dept keep telling everyone it was safe to drink the water? Jan & Mr Doug need to keep asking questions !

  15. Cloudy and Bubbly (With A Chance Of Meatballs)? Is that the 3rd move in the series? We love movies about food...

  16. We think Jan is wise to be prepared like that. Bad water is no joke!

  17. Yup, gotta be safe and make sure fur sure that its safe. Else you might get sick...
    Leaks are one thing, but yucky water is way worse' Hope you get it resloved.

    And thanks so much fur all the purrs & pawyers fur our pawppy!
    He's on the mend now:)

  18. I hope your water gets fixed soon. Please visit us, we are having a Dr. Seuss giveaway.


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