Monday, June 13, 2016

Winton in the Doghouse

Marcus:  Is it safe to come out yet?

Percy:  Not yet.  I'd wait a few days for Jan to calm down if I were you.

Marcus:  A few days?  I could starve to death in here.  And what about when I have to pee and ... um, you know?

Percy:  You might want to hold it.

Marcus:  Hold it?  Hold it where?

Percy:  You're taking your life in your hands if you come out.

Marcus:  But you're out.

Percy:  Ah, but there are more places I can run and hide where you wouldn't fit.

Marcus:  How long do you think it will take Jan to calm down from this weekend?

Percy:  Oh, I'd give it a month.

Marcus:  She sure was angry.  I had to cover my ears in case she said any words on the bad list that we're not supposed to use.  And when she threatened to throw the computer monitor through the window, I figured I was safer in here than out there.  Who's this guy Winton she's so angry with?

Percy:  Not Winton.  Win 10.  It's the latest Microsoft operating system and Jan said she'd like to make the idiot who created it late.  I think that means she'd like to kill Win 10.

Marcus: I think we should help her do it.  She spent most of the weekend trying to figure out how to download photos from her camera so we could post.  Win 10 won't let her just pop a card into the reader to download photos and trying to download to Picasa, which used to be a snap, now takes a looooooooooooooooong time!

Percy:  She finally found a Microsoft program already on the computer that will download faster - one she wanted to uninstall - but she can't add tags (plural) with it, so she has to use something else to tag.  Then when she tried to move June photos from the May file, all the June photos disappeared and it took a long time to find them.  And the "fun" had only started.

Marcus:  If this was a fun weekend, I must have missed something.  We didn't get to write the post we had planned.  Jan missed dinner and was so hungry she chewed nails.  She yelled at someone named Horse's Rear End because he doesn't understand that NO means NO and she doesn't want the crap trying to be forced on her.  I guess that means we're out of poop bags.

Percy:  Well, look at it this way, Marcus.  There is one ray of sunshine for you this weekend.

Marcus:  I'm trying to hide in a crate.  What could be good about that?

Percy:  For the moment, you're not the one in the doghouse.  That guy Winton is.


  1. We know you are innocent
    Lily & Edward

  2. That Win sure sounds more like a Loss gang!

  3. At first Marcus we faught hers was mad at you, we are so glad its that darn hates him also. stellie rose

  4. That Win 10 guy better watch out!

  5. Win 10 took it upon itself to download on my laptop too. Grrrr!

  6. Computer problems are very frustrating, it is best to lay low while Jan is having them.

  7. Oh, Jan, I am so sorry you installed Windows 10 and I feel for you. We have been told it's HELLLLL and so we didn't do it. but if you like, I'll ask our guru who DID install it (and was ready to kill, like you) what he did to keep it under control. Happy to do that. It's supposed to have many problems. Can you un-install and go back to Windows 7 or whatever?

  8. guys....winton iz knot a loud in de buildin at de food gurlz place oh employ....werd on de streetz iz him mite never bee a loud in ☺☺☺

  9. Picasa is no longer "alive" either - it's Google Photos now. I haven't even attempted any of those transfers yet.

    1. Hi, Mary, Picasa online is not dead. It is still used to post Blogger blog photos. And Picasa the program is on our computer, used all the time. It has been our download from camera program for ages - or was before Winton. MS has made it nearly impossible to download to Picasa now, unless I've got an hour to spare for a few pix. So Picasa is not dead, just has a few vital parts that died. :)

  10. My assistant often gets really angry at Microsoft, too!

  11. Ugh, computer problems are no fun. Sounds like you'd better hang out in there for a while, Marcus.

  12. Our mom bean has been saying no to Win 10 every time the computer asks, and so far he's stayed away. She sure hopes he doesn't sneak in some day because it sounds horrible!!! We be she even knows some of those bad words Jan might have said.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. What a pain in the ...derriere!

    Our petcretary doesn't call those pesky machines confusers fur nothing!


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