Thursday, June 09, 2016

Taylor Changes Her Spots

Micah:  Hey, Taylor, do you know any jokes?

Taylor:  Yes, but I'm not telling any around here.  You guys are a hard audience for each other.

Micah:  I'll be gentle.  Honest. 

Taylor:  Okay.  How does a leopard change his spots?

Micah:  I'm guessing he uses Photoshop?

Buddy:  That depends on who took the picture.  The photographer might not want someone messing with her work and the leopard could be sued for copyright infringement.

Taylor:  I didn't say anything about anyone taking a picture.  It's a simple clear-cut question.  How does a leopard  change his spots?

Micah:  Not in public, I would hope!

Buddy:  In the bathroom?  No, the bedroom.  Wherever, behind closed doors.

Taylor:  How did a rich leopard get into this joke?

Micah:  How do you know he's rich?

Buddy:  Oh, I know.  Not every leopard has a bathroom or a bedroom.  Come to think of it, most leopards don't have a door to change spots behind..

Micah:  So how does a poor leopard change his spots, Taylor?

Buddy:  Hey, Taylor, where are you going?

Taylor:  When a leopard gets tired of one spot, he just moves to another!  And so do I.

We had a fun poem left in the comments of yesterday's joke by Rusty (Knock, Knock Orange) and we'd like to share it. or out...
wherevfur you may be,
you are funny!!
So do not pout,
let alone shout.
Just sit tight,
enjoy the sunlight,
And a big dose of nip...
Cause today
We heard you say:
Let me in; Let me out!

Thank you, Meezer's Mews and Freckles Woofs.  We like that!

Join Pepi Smart Dog and friends for the Thankful Thursday blog hop.  


  1. Bwhahahahaha!! You got u sand your furblings too, Taylor! Great joke!! MOL!

  2. BaaaaaaWaaaah That is just sooooooo typical of how thingys go at your place... It always sort of reminds us of the TODAY show... where everybuddy talks over everybuddy else. BaaaaaWaaaah.

  3. MOL! That was prety darn clever!

  4. It's hard to get a punchline in around here.

  5. Oh, wow, Taylor, you are so, so cool with your riddles? And serves them right to change YOUR spot! Maybe I'll send you some little tricks to play on those lackadaisical listeners!!!

  6. Too funny! Got any jokes about zebras?

  7. MOL! That's a good one. Also like the poem from yesterday.

  8. MOL ! That's a good one ! Purrs

  9. You guys are keeping us in stitches this week! BOL!

  10. Taylor we think you are very funny!!

  11. Taylor , you are funny :) And cute too.

  12. Too funny!
    Have a great Thursday...

    Noodle and crew

  13. That was a really good reason ta changes spots, Taylor!

  14. MOL! Nicely done, Taylor. That was life imitating art/joke!

  15. Good one Taylor! That's a tough crowd you're playing to.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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