Thursday, June 02, 2016

Invisible Videos

Cyndi:  Hello, hello, anyone out there?  This is Cyndi reporting from safely within her green cave.

Percy:  Hello, hello, reporting ... green cave?  What language is that?

Rusty:  I think it's Confused.  As in, Cyndi had too much nip after breakfast.

Cyndi:  I did not.  I was just trying to see if anyone was paying attention.

Percy:  You have our attention.  What is there to report?

Cyndi:  This.

Rusty:  It looks like a tree.

Cyndi:  That's because it is a tree.  A lopsided old oak with dead branches sticking out everywhere.  It reminds me of Jan's hair when she wakes up in the morning.  Not dead, just sticking out everywhere.

Percy:  And we're posting this because ...?

Cyndi:  Because Jan likes the tree.  And because we don't have anything else to post today.

Rusty:  But we have lots of pictures to post.

Percy:  Actually, Cyndi's right.  Jan upgraded to Windows 10 Saturday.  It took from 5:22 to 8:02 and then she spent 3 hours trying to close windows and lock doors because she didn't want it to let in the clouds.

Rusty:  I think you mean she didn't want to use the Cloud features so she turned them off until/unless she figures them out. 

Cyndi:  We know a lot of you have upgraded.  How do you like it?  We went from 7 to 10 and there are some big differences.

Percy:  One of the things that has Jan frustrated is that she was used to using Windows Explorer to view her photos and to tag, title and comment on them in batches after she downloaded them from the camera.  Win10 doesn't have that feature and she hasn't yet figured out how to do that again.

Rusty:  We have hardly been able to visit because Jan has been hogging the computer.  She downloads photos into Picasa on the computer but not our new vidoes because they're invisible to Picasa (and to us) on the camera.  Both her Sony cameras can only make HD or MP4 movies.

Cyndi:   HD can be seen and played in Picasa, but not MP4.  MP4 videos are invisible.  She finally found  a photo program installed some time ago that downloaded mp4, but then she had to turn detective to find where it had hidden the videos. 

Percy:  We have had to go without treats while all the attention has been going to the computer.  We would be jealous but Jan keeps threatening to send Win 10 to the shredder. 

Rusty:   If you have a suggestion how Jan can tag and title her pictures in batches again, please let us know or we'll have to keep posting the picture of the tree. 

Cyndi:  I guess we should be thankful Jan hasn't blown up the computer.  Yet. 

Percy:  We're exaggerating a bit.  There are some good things about Win 10.  But ... helllllllp! 

NOTE:  Thanks for the suggestions so far, but the problem I am having is how to tag, etc, photos in batches.  Cortana, One Drive, etc, etc, etc, etc were turned off Saturday night.   I can't believe MS took away that function.  Finding and remembering where things are takes time - lots of time.

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  1. Hmmm, pawppy does not want to let anyone here put Win 10 on their confusers...but even so, the petcretary has no good idea to help out. Maybe if you hunt in the my computer section, or the devices. Truly we have no real clue. And we are on a Mac right now...

  2. We're on a Mac, so the only windows we care about are the ones that get opened when the weather is pleasant!

  3. Hari OM
    Hiya 'farm'cats... deary me; among the techheads of the world, there is a bit of a rebellion against Win10. It is very much geared to the young generation who have already surrendered their idea of having any control over their comms equipment and who think a 'talking head' in their machines is cool-drool. Now, with W10, you need to 'plugin' various bits that you want and were used to (Picasa, for example), in something akin to the Google Android system of 'apps'; however, with Picasa in particular, the thing to be aware of is that Google no longer supports it with updates, as everything is moving to those infamous clouds... Win10's rather ordinary image loader assumes this and use of services like OneDrive are being encouraged.

    This page maybe of help to Jan (if she has not already found it for herself).

    Bottom line, there is no taggability function currently in win10, OneDrive or Google Images would have to be the tool and they are both cloud-based.

    Something that is well-hidden is that you can revert to Win7 within thirty days of having upgraded if you decide that 10 is not for you. This link will take you to advice on this. Of course, this assumes you upgraded from win7 (or 8)...

    Win7 is a strong user-based platform. I have switched off auto-updates feature so as to stop all the Micro-Bullying and retain autonomy of my machine; by keeping a strong discipline of anti-viral and malware checking myself, it will continue to function for many years yet.

    Go give Jan a schnuggle and tail flick pussycats, this techno stuff can get very very aggravating! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. We would like to help but somehow Windows 10 appeared here as if by magic and it's no good us asking Mum because she hasn't got a clue!

  5. OMC Cyndie.... we like that TREE... butt have NO CLUE about the Windows thingy.... Sorry.

  6. My laptop automatically downloaded Windows 10 against our will. Grrrr! I have no answer either!

  7. guys....we think de tree iz awesum sew we will N joy see in it....itz good sized, green and BURD FREE

    N tell yur mom ta un install de funkee windowz til peepulz at de food servizz gurlz place oh employ said due knot install til they { microsoft } update servizz pack one ???

    1. We had forgotten about that, but it doesn't look like MS will be using Service Packs any more. This if from MS.

  8. That really would make a super nice cat tree, if you could get it inside!

  9. I think it might be safer in the cave! We use mac here and at work we have stuck firmly with windows 8 as 10 doesn't have the things we need for the business. So we can't help, sorry!

  10. We remember mom crying about how hard it was to see stuffs when our pawrents switched. Now they are used to it and forgot how it used to be.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. That is a lovely tree, despite the dead branches.

  12. I am not upgrading, I can't deal with change and I haven't heard anything good about it yet.

  13. We unnerstand how ya feel about upgrades. We are on Apple and are resisting their upgrades. Sometimes they try ta get us ta do it several times a night!

  14. Oh, Jan, I hope Windows 10 works out. We avoided it like the zita virus and we have Windows 7 also but papa won't let us get Windows 10 until all the bugs are out. If you need mama's guru, just ask questions, 1, 2, 3 and list them and she'll send them to Andrew, the magician, prepaid.


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