Wednesday, June 15, 2016

No Problem


Rusty:  Hey, come closer so I can tell you a story without Jan eavesdropping.  Yep, I'm going to tattle on her.

Merci:  Can I help?  I love to tell stories too.

Rusty:  Do you remember the post we did the other day on Winton causing Jan so many problems downloading and IDing her photos?  (Winton in the Doghouse)

Merci:  Winton?  Oh, you mean Win 10, Microsoft's lunatic operating system.  Yes, I remember.

Rusty:  Jan is a bit stubborn and she really fought to download her way - to Picasa on the computer - except Winton absolutely refuses to recognize the computer card reader.  And she found a workaround to ID the photos her way.

Merci:  It's been a bit tense around here since Winton arrived, so we're all relieved.

Rusty:  Monday night she finished the latest batch of photos so we could do a review today.  She was so proud of herself.  And then -

Merci:  And then Jan, who could manage to shoot herself in the foot if she had a gun, discovered some of the photos for the review needed to be re-shot.  No problem.

Rusty:  She moved some things around to make room in the bedroom, grabbed her little camera and ... well, it would look a lot better if she was level with the object.  She doesn't bend well any more, so when she tried to sit on the floor, she fell.

Merci:  No problem.  Now she was at the right level.  She picked up the camera, turned it on and before she could aim, it went dark.  Great.  She crawled across the floor to pull herself up on the bed, found the battery cable and plugged it in to charge the battery.

Rusty.  No problem.  She'd just use the big camera.  But first she had to scoop the litter pan since it would be in the picture and Micah had decided to christen it.  No, she didn't want to try sitting on the floor again.  She pulled over Buddy's 2-step stool and sat down, picked up the big camera, turned it on and -

Merci:  A banner popped up saying "Battery depleted" and it, too, went dark.

Rusty: No problem.  This camera has a spare battery.  She changed the battery, took the photos, downloaded them to the computer, ID'd them, cropped and slapped our name on them, resized them, uploaded them to Picasa online-

Merci:  Where we wrote most of our review post, until Jan suddenly yelled," Stop, we forgot something!"

Rusty:  It's now after 11 PM and we have to wait on something for the review, so we have no post for tomorrow (then) /today (now).  What do we do?

Merci:  No problem. We write about Jan since this is all her fault.


  1. Oh-OH!! Too much going on...our petcretary knows all about that kind of thing.

    The problem is a lot of the time that happens at her work,and it makes her residents giggle...well, she says that isn't too bad if they are getting a good laugh!

    We are now here:

    (We had to change our blog to make us have a real name instead of all those silly numbers.)

  2. Rusty our head is spinning with all that excitement!

  3. Boy, you guys really know how to keep notes on Jan's doings with her camera and bring it all into focus, so to speak. And what is a two-step stepstool? A new southern dance? I'd love to see you all do that one.
    This Winton better get his act together and shape up or you are all going to be on Nipium soon.

  4. That sounds like a lot of problems for Jan and her photos. Mum has got Win 7 on her laptop and it keeps telling her to upgrade to Win 10. She has been putting it off every time she gets the message, but now it has put a date when it will happen.

  5. Uh-oh. We have days like that too. I hope it gets worked out.

  6. We are starting to think that YOUR Jan and Easy's Peeps are in a race to see who will have the NEXT fiasco. AND GUESS WHAT... We are rooting fur all three of them.
    We live our lives Vicariously through your peeps... BaaaaaWaaah.

    PeeS... we DESPISE Computer troubles.. they are worse than a whole FLOCK of SQUIRRELS..

    HEY... how are the PIPE BIRDIES coming? Have they Blown the Pipe yet?

  7. Good thing Jan has you guyz backing her up. Who knows when she'd get a post posted, ;)

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Wow, Rusty, that was a really detailed tattle report. Sorry to hear about all those Winton and camera issues. But glad Jan's antics allowed for some good posting fodder. :)


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