Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You & Vote Merci

We want to thank a few humans and bloggers today for some very nice things they have done for us recently.

Our friend Mark gave us some dog and cat food last month, and Jan's friend Johnnie drove her 30 miles (each way) to pick it up. Thanks, both of you! We're just about halfway through it, and we sure are enjoying it!

Cyndi is checking out the stuffed lion KC's ML bought in Katie's auction and sent to us.

Doesn't Sam look cute here? He's checking out the lion too. The little one is a key chain. With these, Katie sent 10% of her auction proceeds. Very thoughtful of each of you, Katie & KC's ML.

Our friends Bill and his Peke Little Girl gave us dogs a bag of Hill's Science Diet t/d for treats to clean our teeth. We would have taste tested them but Jan couldn't get the bag open. She said she'll open it later.

And this package arrived today from Molly, Shadow, Troo & Jake of The Misadventures of Me blog. As you can see there was quite a bit in it. For us cats, some fresh cut cat mint, all natural Chicken Bite treats, 4 pouches of moist food in gravy-- mackerel & lobster, chunk tuna, whole sardines & squid, and chicken & salmon -- a light chaser toy and 6 mice. We dogs got a big bag of pork flavored rawhide links, a bag of treats and a plush dog toy. Thanks so much. We will really enjoy it all.

They let us know they were sending something but when it arrived today, we were surprised to find it was a Paw It Forward box. We were very touched since we weren't able to participate in that. But their note said we aren't to paw it forward.

Percy: Now, if you look closely, you will see where two of our mice went before we cats even had a chance to sniff them. Guess Sam was trying to stock up before dinner. But Jan rescued the slobber-covered mice for us.

It was really hot and humid today and we're not fond of the flashy box, so we cats hung way back until Jan opened the cat mint and gave us a leaf. Cyndi was the first to reach it. Crystal is the one with the glowing eyes behind the scratching post. Then Cotton, Percy & Cyndi.

Wonderful presents and surprises. Many thanks to all of you!

And we'd like to remind you to vote for Merci daily in the Cutest Dog Competition. Those of you who read the original post missed this part because we didn't think to add it until a few hours later. But -----

"We took a vote and it is unanimous. Should we win any week's competition, we will donate 10% ($50) to a blogger in need or a rescue or ..... We won't try to be specific as needs change and emergencies arise, so it will just be a need we are aware of at that particular time. At the moment, we are aware of Katie n da Katz, Romeo the cat's monthly fundraiser, a Poodle Rescue Houston in dire need of funds....."

We hope you will take a moment to vote. This is the direct link to Merci's voting page:

Angus Mohr left a comment that he's not only voted for Merci, but he's added her voting widget to his sidebar so he won't forget to vote daily. If any other blogger wants to add it, give us or Angus Mohr your email address. Angus noticed the code on Merci's voting page is too wide for the sidebar and had to be modified.


  1. Such wonderful goodies you have received.
    I am getting a small package ready to mail tomorrow and it will include the check from the auctions.
    I'll put a few goodies in there, too.
    That was very sweet of Katie Too, very nice. The little lions are darling, too.
    I've got some items to auction or raffle to help them out as well. There is nothing worse than needing help, and nothing better on earth than receiving help from your friends.
    Love & Purrs,
    KC & ML

  2. Wow, that is really a lot of nice stuff! Congratulations...

  3. I will vote! That is a lot of fun stuff. You are all well loved as you should be for being so cute!
    Kasha and Africa

  4. Woo have lots of furry nice and furry special pals!


  5. We is furry happy dat yoo were surprised! We enjoyed picking stuff out fer all our furiends.

  6. I am so glad you have gotten so many wonderful goodies! YEAH.

  7. Wow!! You got quite the cache. Hope you enjoy all your new stuffs. Hey Merci, I voted for you - you now have
    l9 votes. Is that good? I'll come back and vote for you again and again because I want you to win!


  8. What great furiends you have - lots of goodies for the good!!!

    Now off to vote for Merci again.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  9. What wonderful gift received at your place today! How nice to have friends that send you things.
    I had to laugh when I saw how small the little mice were next to the doggies.
    Send me a sidebar thingie and I will put it up at my place, you have my email address.
    I am on my way now to vote for today.

  10. Pawesome! Congratulations!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Isn't the Blogosphere a lovely place to be? What great friends!
    You got excellent foods, treats, & toys!!
    By the way, how did that squid taste?

  12. Just heart warming to know you have such thoughtful friends. Please send us the code for our side bar so that SS would remember to vote each day.

  13. We are fixing to go vote now and if you will please send us the modified code we will put it in our sidebar so we don't forget. ~S,S,C & F

  14. We are voting every day for Merci! It's great to have friends!

  15. oh boy what wonderful things you have there! We eat purina one too. We love it!

  16. Such great friends you have!

    We voted Merci again today and we'll vote again tomorrow :)

  17. such wonderful goodies!!!

    psstt - guys, can you haf your the mom send our the mom your address? we haf some stuff that we want to send. our email is
    themeezers AT gmail DOT com

  18. What a bunch of nice doings and giftings!
    We voted - and will be happy to add the thingie to our sidebar! You might already have our mom's email address.... or you can email us at her work address: bagsbyKZK at gmail dot com.
    Thanks and good luck! We'll keep voting!

  19. We got a lot of nice stuff!
    I will vote too!

    Have a great days!


  20. Lots of cool stuff! Congrats on all your new toys and things! :)

    We're off to vote again!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  21. Whoa! That's some wonderful gifts you've received! We voted again. We also shared the link with all our friends on Facebook! We hope Merci gets ALL the votes!

  22. what a wonderful community we have! your friends are so sweet and thoughtful. purrrrrrrs

    enjoy all those nummy treats and toys! you all deserve them.

  23. Just found your Blog through a friend, we will be following and voting.
    We belong to an Internet forum called Golden Friends an off shoot of which is "Golden Friends Rescue'
    Check us out sometime.


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