Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Litter, Ponies & Unicycles

We hope you will take a moment now to go vote for Merci in the Cutest Dog Competition. On Tuesday we had a terrible time getting through for quite some time. We got a number of "debug" messages and even one that said Merci doesn't exist -- and the site is slow loading, but we hope you will persevere. We met two of the contestants, Harley the Rescue and Muffy on Twitter. Of course we hope Merci wins but we wish the other contestants well in the competition.

PS -- We are still getting Out of Service much of the time. How can one dog already have over 2000 votes when so many can't even get through to vote? Having problem w/Cutest Dog Contest voting? Leave polite comment on their blog. We did. Seems the easiest way to reach someone.

And did we mention we're getting as memory-deficient as Jan? We wrote this up for today and accidentally, belatedly sandwiched it in yesterday's. We took it out of Tuesday's, but we don't want any anipals to think you're losing your minds. It has moved. And here it is in the correct post --

Jan is kind of snowed under trying to do what she doesn't know how to do without the tools she needs to do them if she did know how, so *** stop, deep breath **** so if we don't get around to your blog or we do get around but we don't leave a comment, please don't think we're ignoring you. It's all Jan's fault.

A few months ago we JFF cats tested and reviewed World's Best Cat Litter. The company is opening a new website and to kick it off, they are offering a $4.00 savings off your next purchase of World’s Best Cat Litter™. The website officially goes live today, thus the offer begins today August 19 and ends August 29. To view the new site and details about the saving, click here.

We really enjoyed this video and we think you will too. We don't speak the language so we don't actually know what it is. We just know it involves ponies and unicyclists. It's synchronized and fun to watch. So enjoy

If the video doesn't play, you can find it here.


  1. Yes we found we couldn't vote this morning, so we voted this evening!

  2. Yep!

    I had a few 'service unavailables'

    BUT made it in now!


  3. Hopefully, they got all of debugs cleared up!

  4. Hey Funnyfarmers, you keep posting Merci's link every day, and I'll keep clicking it and voting, don't you worry!

  5. We voted again!! Best of luck Merci!

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes. You were the very first except for MoMo. She arrived by special delivery to spend the day with me. Be sure to get some of the cake she brought and help yourself to the buffet. ~Socks

  7. interesting video. We were able to vote without any problem.

  8. I just voted! It is a very slow-loading site for some reason.

  9. It does take quite a while to load, but we Voted for Merci!

  10. Good luck ta Merci, an we hope ya get the computer problems fixed soon!

  11. We are having problems voting. We will keep trying as others have had success :)
    Thanks for the info on the kitty litter and the neat video!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  12. I have not been able to get into the site at all!

    I added a little bit of detail to my post from yesterday. I am sorry the story about Ruckus leaving us was confusing. I did not proofread it well enough I guess.


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