Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rescue Ink

Our friend Mark sent us a link to a trailer for a show called Rescue Ink. We saw a video of these guys before but now they're going national. We'd love to see it but not only don't we have cable but we haven't had television since the switch to digital on June 12th.

In case you haven't met them before, they are a tough-looking in-your-face group of 8 guys who stand up to abusive and/or neglectful pet owners.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Don't forget to vote for Merci by clicking on her photo at the top of the sidebar or on this direct link.

And while your voting finger is all warmed up, would you click here to vote for Miss Peach's face to appear on a rubber stamp. She is #113 and also #131. (We're kind of partial to #131. You can see her pretty face.) Whether or not she wins doesn't depend on your vote. The ones holding the contest will make a decision. But voting for her is a good way to let her know you love her. She's held a number of auctions to help other bloggers. If you don't know Miss Peach, go meet her at her cozy cottage.

Also, Daisy the curly cat's brother Harley is entered in the Cutest Cat Competition. We know many of you are on Facebook, so you would be eligible to vote. Just go to Daisy & Harley's blog and click on Harley's photo at the top of the sidebar.

But before you go anywhere, meet Hugo, the neighbor cat that saved a man's life. It's a really nice story.


  1. Your post was sooo full of khool things!


  2. I LOVE that Rescue Ink program! Isn't it a shame that because it's on TV, they can't show the guys beating up the abusers afterwards?

    I wish I had national geographic...

  3. This was a bunch of posts in one! We've already done today's voting! :-D

    Rescue Ink looks like a wonderful show. We liked the moniker "Army for Animals". How funny to see such a big brute of a man cuddling a tiny kitten! We'll look for this show!

  4. I cannot wait to see that show!

    I just voted for Merci again. Good luck! And thanks for the link for Harley; we're in 3rd place and the contest ends tonight. Woohoo!

  5. The YouTube on Rescue Ink warmed our hearts! Those guys are BIG and TUFF but with hearts even bigger. What a pity more people aren't like them.

    We voted for Merci again.

  6. The mom emails JohnnyO sumtimes, he is a great guy and is really nice too! If anyone has an evil Facebook account yoo can find Rescue Ink there too.

    Jan, has yoo tried, or to catch up on tv programs? The mom loves it!

    We voted fer Merci!

  7. I had never heard of that show before. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Yes, your post is great!
    I had seen those guys before... they are pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. We've been voting! Ha rooooo!
    I liked that big guy cuddling with the tiny kitten, too. But then I like Freya's idea of those big guys beating up the abusers, too. I can't help it.
    Play bows,

  10. All sorts of good stuff today! We're still voting for Merci and hope this week will go better. We've never heard of the Rescue Ink show, how very cool!

    Hey, Bugsy's posted another update today, he's doing fine and adjusting to his cone. Oh, uh, we see you've already been by since we posted! MOL Well, thanks for stopping by and lifting his spirits on Friday and today, dear friends!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew and The Mommy

  11. Rescue Ink looks really good. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  12. Lovely post full of all good things..

    Hugs GJ xx

  13. Great post today-- wonderful links,
    I love the Reascue Ink. -- whis I were home to enjoy more TV tho.
    that would be a "Watch". can't u just see these guys chasing the Chickens..!! that must have been a kick - but glad they do what they do !
    voted for all the furkids-

  14. Great post, we need to see if we can get that show in the fall.

    Off to vote on all counts now.

    woos, the OP Pack

  15. Wow we have to vote for a lot of stuff..WE ARE ON IT..Love A+A

  16. I can hardly wait for Rescue Ink!!!!

  17. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing ... we can hardly wait to watch Rescue ink!


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