Monday, August 31, 2009

Water Dogs & Cutest Dog

Love him or hate him, Senator Edward Kennedy evidently liked his dogs. He didn't train them well but his 3 Portuguese water dogs went to the office with him -- even on occasion to the Oval Office. Kennedy's Dogs Will Be Missed On Hill. That must have been an interesting office to work in. If you were a dog lover.

In Water, Computer & Merci, we posted a comment we left on the Cutest Dog Contest post. It was the 3rd comment we left on their blog. And guess what? They deleted that one too.

Wonder what part of the comments they didn't like. Perhaps the part that stated our friends were often unable to vote, for one idiotic reason or another. No, we didn't use the word idiotic in our comment, but this is our journal so we can say that. Or in the last one, perhaps they objected to our mentioning they deleted our first two comments. Well, we get to mention that here too. It's really nice to have our own journal where we can meow and bark to our heart's content and post our comments to the CDC without them being deleted.

If you're still game to vote for Merci --

JFF -- Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam


  1. We did not know that about Senator Edward Kennedy. Interesting!

    We voted for Merci!

  2. That is an interesting tidbit about the Kennedy dogs!

  3. We are having internet issues. We were barely able to visit your blog our computer is very slow, but we are going to go vote for Merci later today when hopefully we will have a better connection. We think it's neat Senator Kennedy took his doggies to work. ~S,S,C & F

  4. We registered and voted for Merci!
    Good luck, Merci!

  5. Several people at the memorial spoke about Sunny and Splash. I wonder what they are doing without theirperson.

  6. We have been able to vote most days. We know Kennedy had Water Dogs cause he gave one to Obama.

  7. Dear Friends at the Funny Farm, HI! We have more than 2 things to say but cannot remember the negst number but here they are first, we are very glad that we britened your days and also thank you for the very fun postings on your truly outstanding blog! And second, thank you for that on The Senators of Edward Kennedys also, we have tried to call Bo Obama before, which is the dog that Edward gave to the Prez, but can never get thru! And also, we are glad you are helping Eric we will see if there is anything we can do 2. Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

  8. Hey Gang,
    The site took our vote for Merci today and it even registered. Dad's been out in Tucson this week so we haven't been able to vote everyday but he doesn't leav again until next Saturday. Sony and Splash are very loved dogs.
    - TBH&K


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