Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mr Turtle & Crystal

Buddy, straining at the leash: Hey, guys, look at this. We found a new friend.

Sam: What is it?

Merci: We saw him a couple of weeks ago -- or one of his relatives. Jan said he's a turtle.

Buddy: Oops. Guess we got a little too inquisitive. He's backing into his house.

Merci: His shell, Buddy. It's called a shell.

Buddy: But it's where he lives, so it's his house.

Sam: Well, I hope he's not looking to be adopted because we don't have any room at the Funny Farm for him.

Buddy: Don't worry. Just start walking fast and Jan will have to follow. She can't grab him if she's running.

Sam: Jan running? Do you think she knows how?

Merci: No, but let's teach her. Heeeeeeeey, not so fast, guys. I have short legs.


Remember, you can find Crystal on "Gotcha Day & Birfaday Pawty Contesty." He's #28. If you don't have a pet entered or another pet you'd rather vote for, we hope you will vote for Crystal. As Boris says, "Voting will runs until August 16, 2009 (ends midnighty EST). You can votes once a day so come backs every day! Tell you furends to come and votes fur u too! Crystal was doing well but 2 or 3 are really running ahead of him and the rest of the contestants.

Jan: And speaking of Crystal, there is something that needs to be clear, so I am going to repeat it. Crystal is a male kitty. He was not named by "Jan's selfish blunder," as one blogger commented yesterday. Nor is he going to be called Chrys or Chris. His name is Crystal. Look it up in the dictionary and the definition is not "it's a girl's name." If you can't get past it as a "name, consider that Crystal is also a last name. The word Crystal is not exclusively associated with female humans. I don't know whether the writer of that comment intended it to be offensive or funny, but it nearly had me in tears.

I enjoy reading your comments and it's okay to disagree with any opinions expressed on JFF but personal "attacks" are not welcome.

Now back to the post. I hope you will go vote for Crystal.


  1. A kitty that sparkles like crystal has earned his name. That is a cool turtle! We did vote for Crystal.

  2. Cool Turtle, they are fascinating...

    We love your photo Crystal. Good luck in the contest.

    Holly & Zac...XX

    PS..we think you have a lovely name... :-)

  3. That is a really cute turtle.. He doesn't need a home he carries one with him all the time..
    We went over and voted for Crystal. Surely he will win with all us bloggers voting..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  4. We voted for Crystal yesterday and we will go and vote for him again now.

  5. I totally understand where Crystal is coming from. Ask me how many times people think I'm a GUY! Where is it written that Stormy is a guy's name!??! Hmmm????
    Good luck in the contest, buddy!
    Oooh, and I like your new friend.
    Tail wags,
    PS: Bart is a bat who lives under our upper deck; we can see him from our lower deck! He eats TONS of mosquitoes every night, so he's cool in our book!

  6. I like the tortoise! Mum has made me call him that cos she has a friend who had one as a pet and she always got corrected from turtle, she not know if it right now but she has a fear of calling land shelled thingies turtles. BOL!

    We like Crystal's name. I has a rabbit brother called Molly, peoples don't understand that. I also had one called Crocus who be a boy too.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  7. Hmmm, that looks a lot like my friend Tony the Turtle I found last summer. Say hi to him for me.

    Woos, Thunder Dunder

  8. Looks like we have wait a few more hours, then we will be back over to the voting booth!

  9. I think you do sparkle Crystal! We'll go vote now.

    What a cool turtle. We think it will be a good outside friend. Then you can play the look for him game!

    I'm sure the kitties didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. we don't know them, but checked out their page and they seem nice. it looks like they are furry rescuers.

  10. I'll go right over and vote for Crystal.

  11. What a cute birthday photo of Crystal. I'll look for her pic in the contest. Thank you for continuing to support purrs 4 peace.

  12. I love the pictures of the turtle!

  13. You don't have to worry about the turtle eating a whole lot. I think they like to eat grass or lettuce, but what do I know. Mom just voted for Crystal. Great birthday photo.


  14. Oh Jan, sorry to hear about the comment someone left you about Crystal's name. You can pick whatever name you want for your kitty/ doggie and pawsonally I like the name Crystal. Our mom has a boy's name (i.e.Shane) and she's gotten not so nice comments from other people too.
    We like the turtle.. perhaps you can adopt it and add it to the JFF Clan? If it's a male, then you can name him 'Boy' and if it's a female, you can name her 'GIRL'. I am sure the person won't have anything to say then.

  15. That turtle is WAY cool! He looks like a very nice friend to have.

    We will have to go vote in the contest. Mom is kind of out of it and this is the first she heard of it...that means we did not enter so we are free agent voters!!! Yay!

  16. The turtle looks pretty cool. We will go and vote for Crystal.Good luck.

  17. in England, we call them tortoises... I think turtles live in the water. but then again, they're all equally good fun to chase!

  18. That turtle looks nice..

    ~ Bae

  19. Aw...we think Crystal is a lovely name and suits him perfectly! The kitty who lives with our neighbours upstairs is Calvin even though she is a girl. Who cares? Didn't some famous dead human say "What's in a name...?"

    Honey the Great Dane

  20. We loves the name Crystal. It reminds us of the very pretty glass that Mommy keeps in the China cabinet so we can't break it. We thinks the name means something pretty and special, which fits Crystal to a tee. Cause he is very handsome and very special. ~S,S,C & F

  21. We are on our way to vote for MASTER crystal(geesh some people are goof balls) and that turtle kid? It must take him hours to get anywhere..Love A+A

  22. Turtles are fun to watch. They move faster than you would think, don't they? Sometimes we get some in our yard or we see them walking around in the street.

    ps: "MckLinky" is a new service that I think was developed after "Mr. Linky" had all those problems. It's easy to use (you don't need to add code to your blog), and you can use it on any post that you want to add a link list to, like Wordless Wed or Photo Hunt.

  23. We will go vote for Crystal. We like the turtle a lot. Mom did go to Costa Rica to get material for my Big World blog.
    We were too scared to hide in her suitcase! hee hee

  24. I voted for you handsome Crystal!
    I have never been into that boy name girl name thing. My Billie is a "Miss", Toeshee is a boy and my beloved Tookie had the name Jake as her formal name for a while until the nickname Tookie took over.
    I'm sure the blogger didn't mean to hurt feelings. We all usually comment to make friends.
    lots of hugs,


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