Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Katie & Crystal

Today, we would like to let you know of a need for a fellow blogger by pointing you to a post on her blog. Many of you know Katie . She has been struggling with health problems, her mother's health problems, and .....

Some of you are already aware of her situation and have helped her these last months. Well, an emergency situation has arisen regarding her home and she might need to move suddenly. If so, she won't be able to take her cats with her until the house she would be moving to could get repairs. She is trying to look at the worst case scenario and that might mean taking some or all of her cats to the local shelter within the next day or two. We all know what generally happens to cats at a shelter, no matter what a shelter offers. So please read her post and if you live anywhere near her area, perhaps you can can offer to shelter a cat or two for a short time. Visit Katiez Furry Mewz!.

A couple of our non blogging friends emailed last night that they couldn't vote in Boris' birthday contest. We checked and the voting box was broken. It's fixed today but according to Boris, it was broken by a "votey / clicky war." He has shortened the contest from the 16th to the 8th because of it. Well, we sure don't want to participate in a votey/clicky war, but the one vote per day still applies, so we appreciate any friends who would care to vote for us. We don't have a chance of winning, but that's okay. It's just fun to participate. You can vote here -- Gotcha Day & Birfaday Pawty Contesty. Crystal is #28.

We also have a number of friends in the contest, so check out the entries first. You might want to vote for one of them instead.

Note: Jan received and accepted an apology from the blogger who said Crystal's name is "Jan's selfish blunder." She sometimes has foot-in-mouth too and things don't always come out the way she means them.


  1. It works now. We voted.

  2. We just got through voting. We read about Katie on FB. We are purring for her and her kitties. ~S,S,C & F

  3. Oh God! I was very concerned about this news on Katie, if I lived near, sure help her (but I live very far, really very far ><).
    We'll pray and purr for her!

  4. Sassy emailed me asking me to vote for Crystal.
    Since Sasfucious said, I have to obey!
    I did vote for you Crystal! I wish you win!
    Love ya!

  5. Poor Katie. That is too bad for her. I wish we were closer and could help.

  6. I will go vote now.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. SS is behind in efurrything, as usual. We will go and check out the birthday contest.

    We don't really know Katie and are too far away to help but we sure hope things would work out for them.

  8. Fanks fur stoppin by - even tellin dis story helps to finds pawsibilitiez...

    We iz hopin to move from Grandma's house and inta da other house within a month -- ifns we kin get dat woods fixed and sum other stuffoms done!! Just keep purrin dat our city gives us an extension and we dont haves ta move suddenly!

    Maxie and da Kittens will haves to gets helps from KS Humane Society to finds noo homes...

    We iz gonna talks to Best Friends about Mouse - hur needs a retirement place reeel goods... and we ask KSHS for any pawsibilitees too.

    Mom iz gonna do all she kin to keeps us three gurls - Daisy, Bootsie and Me

    -Katie Too

  9. Here is one way that everyone can help, no matter where you live.

    When I takes Maxie and Da Special Kitty Unit to KS Humane Society - Please go to their website and let them know you are rooting for them and to please do all they can to find good homes for them!!

    With the new developments at the KSHS - they need all the good publicity they can get to keep their goal to not euthanize any adoptable pets by 2014.

  10. Mom cried when she read Katie's story. We can purr and pray for a good resolution for all the kitties and peopled involved.

  11. We are so sorry to hear about your friends. It is very sad that they are having to do everything so quickly. We put in a vote for Crystal also.


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