Monday, August 31, 2009

Lakemore Cats Update 2

Hey, Eric is still in desperate need of help to rescue the last 21 of the Lakemore cats, as well as to foster, socialize and/or help with adoptions. Can you help Eric keep these cats moving from the house -- ASAP! -- to the vet's for spay/neuter, to Eric's garage for recuperation, and to a safe environment for socialization and preparation for adoption? If you are anywhere within driving distance of Akron, Ohio and can help, please contact Eric. Think about what an undertaking this has been for him and what he has been sacrificing -- time, sleep, personal life, etc -- to rescue and fundraise for these cats.

This is his update for week 7:

I still need help to finish this rescue. I need groups to hold socialize and adopt cats now.

Found out last night when I called the ----- brothers, the house was scheduled for sheriff sale and paperwork filed by the Bank on August 24th, A ten day notice was filed and sent out. They got the notice Saturday in the mail. The auction will be this next month Sept. {date unclear} . I called my Attorney this morning at 7AM. She said he may want to file bankruptcy. This would hold off the bank for at least 30 days or longer. I will see both brothers today and know more.

The bank would not give me any information when I called last week as I am not the owner. The house will be auctioned "as is." I can't believe they will do nothing with the mess inside. Now I am going to get ten more cats today out of the house and sterilized tomorrow and Wednesday. The crunch is on now. I am still unclear about the time line from the bank.

There are 21 Cats left at Lakemore house. Not bad from 98 in 7 weeks. I have been worried this day would come, but I will get ready and somehow will get the 21 remaining cats out , spayed/neutered, vetted and in my garage or somewhere safe.


Contact Eric at 330-864-2879 or email him at Ages @ (delete the spaces in the address before you send it).


  1. Eric is a real Saint. WE are purring for him ans his work.

  2. i wish eric the best of luck. what a noble effort...

  3. It's amazing what Eric has been able to do! Makes us wish we were in the area so our Mommy could help. We're purring for him and hope someone will be able to help him out.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  4. Sending lots of good luck puurrs to Eric!

  5. Wow! We keep purring that he is able to manage all of this!

  6. Hey Gang,
    We're sorry that we don't live close to Eric. He has done a very good thing and we really appreciate his effort. We hope that he succeeds in getting the last 21 out OK.
    - TBH&K


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