Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jan, Merci, Litter & Flu

First, we need to tell you our computer is down and nothing can be done before Monday, so please, please, please VOTE MERCI EVERY DAY!!!

We have another hodgepodge for you today. Don't you just love the way our minds jump from here to there and off the cliff?

Cotton: We like to tell on Jan when she does something wrong. Today Merci has some good news to share with all of us -- Jan did something right.

Merci: Yes, Cotton, a couple of days ago, when we woofies were walking Jan, she stopped and turned around to look at something. My new collar popped open so I trotted around Jan and waited to see what she would do. I am very pleased to tell you that Jan did not take advantage of this rare opportunity and try to run away. She could have, of course, with only the big guys Buddy and Sam to hold her back.

Cameron: Maybe we should do something nice to reward her. How about some fresh catnip or some furry mice for Jan? **** sees Buddy glaring at him **** And maybe some woofie chews. Any of you guys have any green papers or do we need to ste ... uh, borrow them from Jan's purse again?

Buddy: We moved the CDC voting post. We were going to leave it there until the contest ends, but it is in the way of our regular posts, it freaked out one reader who thought the calendar had lost ten days (they were kidding), and we're posting a link every day, so it isn't necessary. Unless, of course, we forget to remind you and post the link.

So here it is for today. A direct link to Merci's voting page in the Cutest Dog Contest:

Or click on Merci's photo --

A reminder for cat litter savings: A few months ago we JFF cats tested and reviewed World's Best Cat Litter. The company opened a new website and to kick it off, they are offering a $4.00 savings off your next purchase of World’s Best Cat Litter™. The website officially went live the 19th, thus the offer started August 19 and ends August 29. To view the new site and details about the saving, click here.

When we tried the litter, some of us loved it and a couple of us feline die-hards as usual refused to try something new. Jan loved it because it's a natural clumping litter and doesn't coat everything in the house with dust or cause her to have breathing problems. And if Merci wins the Cutest Dog Competition, Merci is going to treat Jan to all the WBCL she can use. Uh, we mean all the WBCL us kitties can use.

We read an interesting article from a vet on canine influenza:

"Forget about H1N1 for the moment. Let’s talk H3N8.

"Now that more states have experienced this nasty strain of the Canine Influenza Virus (there was an outbreak in Virginia last week and now New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado are seeing it) the so-called “dog flu” is again in the news media." You can read the rest here.


  1. Ah yes!

    The human freak out!

    I got to do that once! Fred hadn't rekhonnekhted my khable to the inground post after he mowed the lawn - Mom didn't know that and hooked me up - I went out and then khame bakhk -

    Imagine Mom's surprise when she realised it was attached!

    PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur sharing all woo did on the post!!!

  2. Jan was a very good pet not to run off.

  3. We will go and vote now. We haven't been able to all week cuz we were locked up and couldn't get at the computer.

  4. We will read up on the dog flu so we can keep Fenris safe from it. ~S,S,C & F

  5. We voted for Merci!

    We read about that dog flu...we read that it's hitting some shelters...

    We tried the WBCL and we didn't like it so really was disappointed cuz she liked that it was all natural and safe and all Jan, she says she might try it again in the future...

  6. I sure hope there is no cat flu...

  7. My vote is in! No. 203!!! Way to go, Merci!!! Love, Dino

  8. I am glad she did not run away and maybe jump in a car and drive off...

  9. I'm so glad to hear that Jan didn't run away! Whew! Tell Jan she also absolutely won our caption contest. Between Facebook and my blog hers was by far the best caption! It made me laugh real hard.

    I'll think up a prize and post next week!

  10. We voted for Merci and we'll do it again tomorrrow! Good luck!

  11. Just got back from voting, I do it every day! Merci sure has lots of votes this week! Way to go!!

  12. We are glad that your human is so good! You are a good trainer.

    Thanks for wishing Sarah well. Her surgery went well.

  13. We will go vote for Merci!! Sorry mom is still so busy, we can not keep up with all our friends.
    Miss you and everyone!

  14. Thanks so much for the heads up about the dog flu. We'll be sure to tell our shelter director about it. she most likely knows, but just in case...(:

  15. Thanks so much for the heads up about the dog flu. We'll be sure to tell our shelter director about it. She most likely knows, but just in case...(:

  16. Merci IS the cutest dog and it don't matter none about the voting results.
    - TBH&K


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