Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Day & Merci

Please don't forget to click on Merci's photo at the top of our sidebar or the link below to vote for Merci in the Cutest Dog Competition. If we don't win a spot in the semi-finals this week, we'll keep trying over the next few weeks, until the contest ends. Last night we had 100+ votes, but we stumbled across one dog with 800+ votes, so if you can help us, we do need your daily vote.

As we type this, the Cutest Dog Competition site is back up after being down much of the day for maintenance, so be sure to vote for us -- if you want to, of course. Bookmark us, put Merci's widget in your sidebar (we'll gladly send you the code), whatever it takes to remind you. Whether we win or lose, we appreciate your support.

Today is Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day at We encourage adoption of those aging, handicapped, less "attractive," etc. A 3-legged cat can purr and snuggle just as well as a 4-legged one. An older dog is less hyper and your furniture doesn't look as appetizing to it as to a young pup.

Buddy: I remember a newspaper story a while back on a family with an older dog (10 or so) and a puppy. It showed the puppy inside the house with the family and the older, "smellier" dog sadly looking through the glass door. The family was considering euthanizing the older dog because she didn't seem to have quality of life any more. An outspoken letter to the editor writer stated bluntly that it was no wonder. Why was the older dog relegated to the outside looking in? The idea of considering killing a pet just because you're bored with it is unacceptable to our thinking.

Cotton: If you already have a "less adoptable pet," give him or her a hug and an extra treat today. You have a treasure.

Perfectly Parker's mom's birthday present wish is a very worthy goal. She wants to donate $200 to Save Homeless Animals. You can read about it here. She is approaching her goal, but perhaps you can help.

We're still kind of lost on Twitter, so if you tweet, we'd like to find you. We're easy to find. We're @jansfunnyfarm.


  1. Oh my, euthanizing a 10 year old dog for being too old? That's just ridiculous. Some beans are too stupid. There was a big story on the news here last night, we didn't get all the details but a puppy mill was busted and they rescued something like 300 dogs. Wowser, that's a lot to be adopted. We hope they all find good furever homes, too.

    Still voting for Merci, we hope she has good luck. Maybe the 800-vote dog will get out of the way this week so she can win next week, if nothing else (presuming she can only win one of the weekly things, we didn't read the rules).

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  2. I will definitely go and vote..I love to vote.
    I think there should be empty shelters before anymore babies are born, that away every furry has a forever home, even the less fortunate, or the ones considered, unadoptable....very sad. BUT, it will never happen. Breeders will continue to breed....I hope someday everything has a forever home or atleast feels the warmth of a loving heart if even for just a moment in time.

  3. When we adopted Wizard, he was two and has an problem with his eye that needed surgery. He was the most gentle and loving kitty I have ever known!

  4. We will vote for Merci this afternoon hopefully after the maintenance is done. We wishes all pets had homes. ~S,S,C & F

  5. One of Mom'a most special Sibes was an older gal when she khame to be with her...LadyGray is missed evfurryday!

    I tried to vote earlier and got the maintenance 'thing' - I'll chekhk bakhk!


  6. I vote for Merci as often as I can get away with...what a cutie!!!

  7. Nanny is thinking of adopting a kitty because Loki will be leaving with is daddycat. Now that her doggies are used to have a nice kitty like me at home it should be easier. Nanny is having a great time with me and I know she will miss a lot.


  8. We went and voted. We are heading over to donate now... sometimes the woman is very slow!

  9. We have voted!

    Hoping all the furries in need get the forever homes they're dreaming of.

  10. We didn't know you could vote everyday!! We are on our way. The people who had the ten year old pup should be put out of their misery...Love A+A

  11. So heartbraking, about the 10 year old doggie. We want all preshus kitties and doggies and furries to get loving fureffur homes.

    We voted fur Merci! And Momma's followin you on Twitter -- her name's Thomma Lyn!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  12. I hopes all the less-adoptables out there gets adopted by beans who will shower them with so so so so much loves! Just like me!
    Although I wonder why the Giant Kitty says he's so good because he letted mine Mummy adopts me since I'm also in the "less-adoptable" category. He says usually no one would likes a kitty who's bonkers and who smells like a woofie. But I is not less-adoptable, am I?????


  13. Done again!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. We just cast our vote!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  15. That is a perfect gift. I'm a twittering fool and here are a couple friends too.

    We love tweeting. It takes a minute to get us to but I think it's alot of fun.

  16. Adopting an older pet is a wonderful idea.


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