Thursday, August 13, 2009

Runnerup Crystal & Charlie Taylor

Our Crystal will receive one of 5 runner up prize in Boris Kitty's Birthday Contest. (Our original post is here.) Crystal won a hunting mouse. Not a real live squealing mouse but a squeaking one.. Jan would freak out if Boris sent Crystal a real live mouse. And you'd probably see her racing past your window -- no matter how far away you live. But a toy mouse to hunt. If Sam doesn't eat it first.

We want to thank all of you who voted for us in this contest. And it was entering this contest that helped us screw up our courage to enter Merci in the Cutest Dog Competition.

Boris has posted the winners here. The winner is #10 Sam the Cat. Congratulations to Sam, the runners up and to all the entrants. It was a fun contest and there were a lot of neat entries.

Of course, we're going to mention again that Merci needs your vote for the Cutest Dog Competition. We're not even close to having the most votes for this week. We need your vote every day. This week's competition ends Saturday and a new one begins Sunday with all contestants at 0. Since at least one dog has over 900 votes so far, zero sounds depressing.

Please click on the photo of Merci at the top of our sidebar or on Merci's personal voting link.

There have been a number of losses in the blogosphere again and although we don't always post them, we do visit each grieving blogger we are aware of.

We hope ML doesn't mind us borrowing this graphic, but we are typing this on Wednesday, just after learning that Charlie Taylor has had to be helped to the bridge. He is a good example of yesterday's Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Day. Charlie was an older cat -- 14 years old -- when his owner suddenly went into hospice. ML & Auntie Deb rescued him as soon as they learned he was alone in the home. No one knew he was there, so he got very sick and spent a long time at the vet's. Although he survived, it was discovered he was in renal failure that couldn't be treated because of heart problems. So each day was a gift to his family. And although their time with him was too short, they wouldn't have missed loving Charlie. If you haven't already, please stop by Missy Blue Eye's and leave a purr or two.


  1. We were sorry to hear about Charlie. We are purring very hard for his family.

  2. Jus herd bout Charlie... dats sads and happy at same time. Him was a good boy and furry luffed, but now himz not hurtin... and we hopes him is rompin wif our Sandy Red Tiggur, wherh our babiez waits fur us ofur da bridge.

    Second, congrats on bein runner up in dat contesty!! weze entered but Katiez fotoh waznt silly enuf...We jus entered to be silly not fur winnin.

    Soh we is glads u wons!!

    Katie Ann Kitty Too

  3. Congratulations being runner up! We hope you're having a purring good time with your squeaky mouse.

    We're off to visit Charlie now. Thank you for sharing!

    licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

  4. We were sad when we heard the news about Charlie. He was a special kitty.
    Concats to Crystal for being runner up.We keep on voting for Merci.

  5. We are very sad about Charlie Taylor and are purring for his family.

    Congrats to Crystal and going to vote for Merci now. ~S,S,C & F

  6. Concatulations to Crystal, YAY!!!!

    We are very sad about Charlie. We are purring for all of his friends and family during this very sad time.

  7. congratulations on your fine showing in the contest.

    charlie sounds like he was a great cat.

  8. Poor, poor Charlie! RIP

    Everyone should take a great deal of comfort from the fact that Charlie had a home and people to love him during the twilight of his senior years.

    Congratultions on being a runner up!

  9. Khongrats on your khommendable finish!

    I like the idea of a real mouse...

    Maybe woo need to paw me your address!


  10. Sorry to hear more sad news. On a happier note, you always have our vote! :)

  11. congratulations to Crystal! We were sad about Charlie Taylor.

  12. Congratulations on a great showing in the contest. You should have an autograph party.

  13. We are sorry to hear about Charlie Taylor but we are glad that he had so much love at the end.

    Congratulations Crystal! A toy mouse sounds much better than a real one to my Mom too.

  14. Congratulations, Crystal! Too bad it wasn't a real, live mousie! :)
    Sorry to hear about Charlie Taylor.
    Tail wags,

  15. Congrads on your awesome win.
    We voted again.. ya.
    So sorry to her about Charlie he will be missed. May he have a happy life over the rainbow bridge..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  16. We were sad to hear about Charlie Cat, but happy that he had love with ML and the family in his last days.

    We're sorry Crystal didn't win the birthday contest but at least he'll have a non-live mousie to play with as a runner-up!

    And thanks so much for your purrs and tail wags and good thoughts for our Bugsy on his surgery today. As you know, all went well and he'll be home tomorrow. We appreciate your thoughtfulness very much!

    Big purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew and The Mommy

  17. Oops, and we're still voting for Merci, too. Even if she doesn't win this week, we're still voting every day!

  18. We voted for Merci today (we have another computer and network Im going to sneak on and vote too ;).

    Im still sad over Charlies passing. He was such a brave trooper when he was alone for two weeks and for the last 3 months he has touched all of us on the CB.

    Mom Laure

  19. Congrats on winning the mousie! We are glad our votes helped...


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