Friday, August 07, 2009

Rainbow Bridge Gang, Fraggle

We are privileged to call Bill Walker our friend. We met him after he wrote "Tinker and Poo... The Boys Write." It's a collection of anecdotes about his two Pekingese dogs who, sadly, left for the bridge in 2004. Since then, when anyone he knows suffers a loss, he immediately writes a short welcoming Rainbow Bridge story by Tink and Poo. As someone recently expressed it, he and his Peke assistant Little Girl have a knack "for helping people through their grief in losing those they love." With his permission, we are posting the story he wrote for Fraggle.

But before we do, we'd like to tell you why Fraggle was so special to Jan. She was a sweet dog and that would be enough. But she was also the first abandoned puppy Jan found the courage to help. In the state of Georgia it is against the law to feed or shelter a stray or even to help an injured one. You can be arrested for theft. No joke!

For some reason, Georgia deems it more humane to make people turn an animal over to the police or Animal Control and the animal to be killed than for an pet to be returned to its owner by someone who can/would care for it for an extended time, much longer than 3 days. That also applies to abandoned animals. But to a logical mind, if you abandon it, you are no longer the owner.

But still, even knowing without a doubt this puppy had been abandoned, she also knew Little Hitler. To keep the story short, making the decision to help was an extremely hard one for Jan and it took several agonizing, almost sleepless days to find the courage. The solution came to her as she prayed while walking home after telling the homeowner where the puppy was "hiding" something she hates to tell anyone in this county -- call Animal Control. So instead of a death sentence, the terrified puppy went to a loving home and was named Fraggle.

Samaritan: And although Jan had been helping cats for many years, she didn't have the resources, the room or the contacts for dogs. But the next abandoned dog Jan helped was me. So without Fraggle, Jan might have been afraid to help me and I would have been picked up by Animal Control and killed at the shelter.

Rainbow Bridge Gang, Fraggle
Tink and Poo

It is with heavy hearts today that we rolled out the welcome mat for a new member of the gang. Fraggle is the name. This poor girl may have had only three years of happy times. You see, she was one of those that didn't have a good home till about three years ago, when she at last found a true lover of puppies.

Well, today she took a walk, and was hit by a passing car, killing her. But the young man stopped and found who she lived with. Not only that, but the lad helped dig her resting place. Now this doesn't happen every day.

Fraggle told us how she was loved and how she loved Doug, and Teresa - and she must not forget Jan, who stopped by now and then. She got to meet with the other members of Jan's Funny Farm Family also

We know… well, Fraggle told us enough to know that she was loved and your hearts are breaking. We got her all fixed up. Well, the Angels did the work. She has her bed, bowls, and a bag of treats to chew on.

She will be here watching and waiting for her people to come up the lane some day. The people she so dearly loved that gave her a happy home for three years.

The movie tonight? Fraggle Comes Home. She will have a front row seat and lots of treats.

Thank you, Bill, for all the tears and time invested in each of your Tinker and Poo bridge stories. You can learn more about Bill (and read "The Funny Farm Meets Tinker & Poo") by clicking here.

(s) JFF -- Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam


  1. What a loving and kind way to help you honor the memory of sweet Fraggle.

    Hugs to you, the OP Pack

  2. I am so glad that Fraggle had a good home at the end of her life. That is a very lovely way to memorialize her!

  3. We don't believe in breaking laws unless they are really awful. This one is beyond awful.

    Hurray for Jan.

    Misty the alpha Poodle

  4. Thank goodness Fragle lived long enough to learn about true love. Fraggle will be missed.

  5. That's such a beautiful tribute to honour a best friend.

  6. We are so glad that Jan found the courage to help. Georgia's stupid law needs to be changed. We hate stupid bean laws that don't make any sense.

    The story Bill Walker wrote is so sweet. Our eyes are leaking. We just got an email that one of Mommy's friends had to put her cat Cuddles to sleep. Cuddles didn't have a blog but she did have a good home and she survived Katrina (which was a large miracle as her home flooded). ~S,S,C & F

  7. What a touching tribute. Fraggle truly was an amazing dog, and I am glad you rescued her!

  8. That is a beautiful tribute and a cute doggie

  9. How wonderful Fraggle got to know you. What a lovely tribute to honor your dear furry one.
    Helping a furry in need is one law that should be broken.

  10. WOW...

    That was furry nice...

    It has Mom leaking...

    I'm sure Fraggle is watching all of the moms leak today...


  11. A lovely tribute, well done Jan.

  12. How horrible. I've never had a dog hit by a car. I can't imagine how I'd feel...Rest in peace dear, little dog.

  13. What a moving tribute to Fraggle.
    Our purrs and purrayers are with Fraggle's family and furiends.

  14. That is a lovely tribute to Fraggle. We'd like to send our condolences to all Fraggle's extended family and furriends on the sudden loss of their doggie buddy. A special thank you to Jan for having the courage to step in and help Fraggle in spite of some not too well thought out laws. We're glad that Fraggle got a second chance, and got to know some wonderful loving people.

    {{{gentle hugs}}}

    Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)

  15. What a sweet post. Fraggle must have been a very adorable dog indeed. A very wonderful tribute and lovely words. Hope you have a very Happy World Cat Day today.

  16. What a beautiful way to remember sweet Fraggle...Hugs

  17. They were lovely posts about sweet Fraggle. What a special woofie, and we are sorry has gone to the bridge.

    What a sweet, sweet angel dog.


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