Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crash and Collide

Rusty:  We also have a few more Fractured Paw Awards to pass on to some humans who were nominated by their furries. 

Cameron:  We are pleased to share this prestigious award to the following bloggers.  And Jan is always pleased to know she isn't the only accident prone person around.  :)

Merci:  If your human is eligible, please let us know.  Your humans doesn't have to actually break any bones.

We Bees Siameezers:  Our Meowmy/Growlmy likes to test out stairs she discovers, in homes, churches, and other buildings...she tests almost all of them by falling down them, and yes, she's done the falling up maneuver too.  Amazingly the only broken bone she knew about was her foot, when she wasn't doing stairs, but showing off how her pawrents' puppy pranced, MOL/BOL!   And she has a healed vertebrae fracture in her mid back, from a tumble you guessed it...down some stairs...carrying her seven month old first son, our unfurbro. Simba was at the top of those stairs and he tripped her. Or so she says, MOL/BOL!  She didn't even know she had that fracture until about 18 years later after a routine chest xray. Go figure.  Oh and she fell off a chair while stnding on it to get in a closet...we think our Meowmy/Growlmy is dangerous to herself.

All Fur One and One Fur All:  Their Fozziemum:said, "Slipped on black ice on the step..hit my head on a rock..i always cut myself..trip..slip..twist ankles..hit arms..i am a one woman hazard zone guys.  There are so many of us clutzes out there Jan."

Buddy: We thank you for having some fun with us.  We try not to let Jan take herself too seriously.

Percy:  So we laugh when she collides with something.  Or flies through the air.

Marcus:  It amazes me that Jan can fly, even for a short distance.

Cyndi:  Of course, she doesn't fly far.  And she always crashes.

Micah:  Do you think we should chip in to send her to charm school?

Rusty: She collides with everything and crashes in flight.  I think we should send her for a crash and collision survival course.


  1. We Laugh at OUR peeps too. Why have them if they don't amuse us. RIGHT?

  2. That should make our mom feel better also to know she is not alone, one time when she was in 5th grade she fell off the top of a picnic table at a school function and broke bof her arms, that was one bummer summer she said.
    stella rose

  3. Our mom is clumsy but so far hasn't broken anything!

  4. Maybe you could offer her an airbag ? Purrs

  5. Our Mom is a weeble wooble (remember those?) because of her inner ear problems. But so far she's not tipped over completely...just like the old saying weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

  6. Aaaaw How cute. Meez furgot all 'bout this wiff evewyfin' dat's been goin' on. There be lots of clumsy peeps out there weez suwe of dat. Ow mommy be no ballewina eevew, but hers not bwoken anyfin' least yet. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. Maybe you can get Jan some wings, that way she could just fly further and avoid the crashing part!

  8. We sure hope sweet Jan's flying and crashing days are over. Maybe you all can teach her to be more sure-footed, cats are real good at it.

    Thank you so much for thinking of us during this sad time of having to say goodbye to our sweet Patches. Your words meant a lot to us and comforted us. We miss her a lot but we have lots of sweet memories to treasure. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Mum's fallen a lot...and usually she knows it LOOKS funny while she's falling so she can't help but laugh. But she's glad she's not alone either.

  10. When our pawrents first tried out their hands-free leashes for running they thought it would be better to test drive them on a walkie. So mom got her feets tangled up in me and Stanley and she fell on the asphalt and then since I was tethered to her I stood on top of her. Stanley thought it looked good so he jumped on too.
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws
    Use Your Noodle & Vote For A Doodle!

  11. Klutzy humans! He he...


  12. goodness! we thought our mommer an' miss jan was the only ones who were gravity-challenged, but it seems like there's more fambly-members out there! we purrs fur alla them who's not so nimble like us cats!

  13. Appawently Jan is in good company. Maybe it's a bean thing? MOL

    Mom bean is always stubbing her toes, and has broken a couple, but lucky for her she hasn't had to wear a cast.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  14. Oops! She dropped the award on her kidding, MOL/BOL!
    Thanks (?) fur passing that along to our meowmy/growlmy...she deserves it...tee-hee!

    Here is another clumsy act she pulled off at her job of all places: She was passing drinks of water to all the residents...big 500cc cups with straws...and she had delivered her fresh ones and was about to turn with the old ones to dump them out. She caught her toe under a cord she didn't expect to be there, and she stumbled all across the room and landed squarely in the ladies bathroom, on her knees...OUCH!...but didn't spill a drop!
    Oh, how that lady and her visitor giggled and giggled, but meowmy/growlmy had a furry red face and two badly bruised knees...and dignity!

  15. MOL! What a funny award! Be careful!

  16. And mes thoughts my Mommy was a super Klutz! Last weekend she dropped a wooden box on BOTH her feets at the same time. She looks funny limping with BOTH feets having a broken toe! She feel ubder her car this morning when she was brushing the foot of snow off of it!!!
    And that is just since Saturday!

  17. Oh boy. I have had my share of clumsiness hahaha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  18. TBT doesnt fall an break things, but he sure likes ta pull muscles and pinch nerves. He's allus complainin about SOMETHING!

  19. Wow guys I don't know if I should feel honoured or ashamed of myself hahaahah:) what a lovely award and I shall be proud to show the world! that way they can keep out of my way hahahaa :) I shall do a lovely proud postie this weekend ..thank you so very much :) hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx


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