Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marcus vs Shopping Cart

Merci:  Marcus got into another fight yesterday and you won't believe with whom ... uh, with what.

Rusty:  He claims he took a chunk out of the other guy ... I mean his opponent, but I don't know.  The photos tell otherwise. 

Buddy:  But first we'd like to show you something that irritates the dickens out of Jan.  Take a look across the street.  What do you see in front of the tree?

Micah:  A shopping cart!  Not that I've ever met one but it sure look like something Jan has steered home a time or few.

Sam:  Right, Micah!  And we helped Jan put that shopping cart there on our morning walk.

Cyndi::  But why would you leave it sitting on the corner and not return it to its rightful owner like Jan usually does?

Cameron:  Because Jan didn't borrow it from the store.  She finds carts that someone borrowed to help walk their groceries home abandoned along the road.

Marcus:  But if someone borrows one and then abandons it, that would be stealing. So they are thieves?

Percy:  Yes, and Buddy says he's seen abandoned carts occasionally pushed into the ravine or the woods by kids.

Mercy:  And when carts are destroyed or never returned, all the store customers pay for them through higher prices. 

Cameron:  That's not fair to those who borrow a cart and return it.

Micah:  Borrowing a cart is a privilege, not a right.

Cyndi:  So Jan pushes the ones she finds abandoned back toward the store.  She can't push a cart up the hill while walking the dogs, so she will leave it on the nearby corner, hoping someone going that way will return it or one of the help will see it and come get it.

Percy:  Yesterday there were two carts along the walking route. She pushed one toward home on the morning walk and this one on the evening walk.

Sam:  With all the able-bodied humans who walk that route every day, I should think one would say to himself (or herself), Ah, I am young, my hands are free since I'm not walking dogs, so why don't I push this cart back to the store, especially since I'm going there anyway?

Rusty:  Better yet, why doesn't the one who borrowed it take responsibility for returning it!

Buddy:  The punishment for those who abandon the carts should be to have to walk it back to the store with Marcus helping.  That would teach them a lesson!

Marcus:  Why, thank you, Buddy.  I didn't realize you think so highly of the help I give Jan.

Buddy:  You might want to reflect for a while on what I said, Marcus.  I think you misunderstood. Here's some video evidence of how helpful you are.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Marcus:  I really herded it showed that cart who is boss, didn't I?  When it got unruly, I spun it around with Jan so fast she got dizzy and the cart almost fell over.  Or was it Jan that almost fell over?  But the cart sure behaved itself after that!

Note:  When we uploaded the video to YouTube, it said it detected our video was unsteady and did we want YT to fix it?  Well, what do we know about video?  So we said yes.  And when it "fixed" it, everything was bouncing so hard we got a bit seasick watching "Jan's Funny Farm" bouncing up and down and seesawing.  We tried to find a way to delete the video but before we did, YT asked if we wanted to keep the "corrections".  No way!

Marcus: We left these two carts to keep each other company until someone rescues them. 


  1. Oh my goodness! Mum is laughing so hard. Marcus, you are the bestest shopping cart herding dog we've ever seen. It's a shame that people are too lazy to return the carts they borrow though. . . .

  2. Bwahaaaaahahah goodness me Marcus...you could get a paying job as a trolley boy :) do you know if you find a trolley here and you ring a special number you go into a draw to win cash! you and Jan could retire hahaahah :) and by the way the furbabes put MY award from you n THEIR bloggie tonight ...think they want to shame me and my clumsy ways:)..they even asked others to dob in their peeps to you! sheesh..hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx

  3. Marcus that is a very good PUBLIC SERVICE you pawformed. We do NOT have that happen around here... beclaws there are no Grocery Stores really CLOSE to where folks LIVE... BUTT we do see folks leave their Carts/Buggies in the MIDDLE of Parking Lots... instead of in the Cart Park places...
    That is so LAZY. We just shake our heads and Mom pushes the abandoned carts back to the store.

  4. We did not EVEN know that peoples left their grocery carts out in the cold like that...abandoned...we are just shaking our heads, wtheck!! Marcus you did such a good job though, ....
    stella rose

  5. Our building purchased a bunch of old carts from a local store. They are used for carrying everything from laundry to the laundry room, groceries to apartments and lots of other things (mommy's never saw someone carry their pet in one). But somehow they end up on different floors or even in the elevators all by themselves. Mommy has pushed lots of them to the storage area on 1st floor that we think was made just for them!

  6. We can't help but wonder what the grocery carts could be talking about.

  7. That is some pawesome herding Marcus!! Too bad no one is herding the silly hoomans that leave those things back to the store!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. Good diligent working there, Marcus!

    You sure kept that cart in line BOL!

    Our nearest grocery store is about 5 miles away, so no carts here...and at those stores there are posts set in such a way that the carts can't get out of their yards to wander about...but in a wind if they are not 'crated or cart-coralled' they might attack a car or someones legs...sheesh!

  9. Excellent Marcus you are one good shopping card herder!

  10. Wow y'all must liv weally close to da store. And hav nice stowe owners. Cuz nopawdy wound here walks to da store ifin they can anudder way. and nopawdy gets to take da cawts off da purropurrty. which be good, cuz nopawdy wuld take them back. They won't even take them back to da store fwum da pawkin' lot after unloadin' into their caws.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. Good work Marcus. Can't believe how many carts you all run across!

  12. Yes, that is something that bugs our pawrents too! Some people are so lazy they will not walk 10 feet to a cart return either!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Join us for our week long series "Road To The Great Debate"!

  13. hahahahahah!!!! Love that video!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. Marcus, you are a mighty market basket herder, for sure! :)

    We get so annoyed when we see carts abandoned, too. We have a hard time understanding why people just can't take them back to the store when they borrow them. And at that point, it stops being "borrowing."

  15. Great herding Marcus. But we thinks maybe it would have gone better if Jan had putted you in the cart, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. MOL! We try not to fight with metal things. They arent very chewable. Though we recognize that woofies have a differnt idea of "chewable".

  17. Well done, Marcus ! You showed it who is the boss ! Purrs

  18. oh, marcus! MOL an' LOL!! we are all laffin' an' laffin'!! you sure showed that cart who's boss!

  19. Marcus...good gosh! I have never seen a cowboy dog like you! What a mandog!


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