Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carol is Down to the Wire

We have posted several times about Carol Crocker's situation in Rainsville, Alabama. And we're going to post again.

We were going to post on her today anyway, but instead of writing our own message (who are we kidding, we always write a book regardless), we are going to print a copy of an email received from Heather Ballance, a photographer from Atlanta who has been to Carol's, met and photographed all her dogs. To have Rainsville kill even a single dog will be a knife in the heart of Heather and every volunteer who has been working with Carol to find homes for the dogs.

Heather wrote:
Most you know that I have been involved with helping this amazing woman Carrol Crocker in AL. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, several other rescues & people have been working even harder. Unfortunately its not enough. There are 62 more dogs to go. Per the judge - these dogs can be taken any day and destroyed and we are down to the wire!

This Saturday we will be hosting a open adoption day along with a clean up effort. Please if you are looking for a new furry friend or want to clean up please come, its worth the trip, I promise you!

Please if you can't help or adopt - please share the story. If we can get only 5 dogs this Saturday saved, then its 5 dogs less to die! Thank you!!

Best Friend's story here

Heather's blog here

If you follow the links, you can read more about the work party and adoption day they have planned for Saturday. They need more rescues and adopters to come forward before it is too late for all of these well-cared for and much loved dogs.

We would like to include a message for the "fine folks" of Rainsville, Alabama. You know who you are. You're the ones who are forcing Carol to part with these dogs under a judge's decision. You're the one(s) who set the fire that destroyed Carol's family home and killed a number of her cats and special needs dogs. You're the ones who give volunteers trying to help Carol the cold shoulder and refuse to give directions to her home -- oh, wait, she doesn't have a home; it burned down last November. Whatever happened to small town neighborliness and hospitality?

We don't believe in Karma, but we do believe that it's hard to shovel jackass poop without slinging some on yourself. So, if you fine folks are obtuse enough to shovel jackass poop on others, you're going to be wearing a lot of it yourself.


  1. Another great job in getting the word out -

    This entire story is too sad fur my mom to read -

    Paws khrossed and Sibe vibes being sent South -


  2. That is soooooo sad! First, the fact that so many animals were abandoned and then the fact that people won't help out.

  3. We are so sad for Carrol and her doggies. We will help get the word out. We hope someday the people in Rainsville will get a heart, they are the most heartless and selfish people we have heard about in a long time.~S,S & C

  4. It is so heartbreaking that Rainsville has handled this situation in such a callous manner. I hope they come to their senses and allow more time for homes to be found for those sweet innocent dogs. Thanks again for keeping this story alive so more help can be found.

  5. we are purraying very hard that the dogs find homes.

  6. I am at a loss on how I can help now. I've sent emails out and can not for the life of me figure out how to do any more for this wonderful lady and her dogs.

    BTW, I had a cousin who lived there not too long ago to quote him "Most folks in Rainsville are a$$holes and dont care bout no one." I guess he is right ...

    Mommy Bean Laure

  7. That is so awful!! We are at a loss to describe what we think of this place and how thankful we are that we do not live there.

  8. we believe in declawing. Tesla is fully declawed because she's a terror. AND a swatter. If she had claws- poor little hans would've had his eyes scratched. We've seen many incidents at work were cats almost blind each other. And because she's a very anti social little bugger we did all four. But with Hans, he's just front declawed. That will stop him from clawing my couch. (and screen because that sucker will tear easily then there would be no more hans). we tried scratch posts- they walk around them. They're determined. However, because they were both young enough- no trama was caused. :)

  9. You know it just burns Momma's skin to think that here was someone on her own working to help the helpless and what happens? A stupid bureaucratic local government messes everyone up and harms so many innocent's an outrage. Just an outrage and it makes Momma really mad and also very sad that some stupid people are causing all of this harm to such beautiful and loving animals.
    It's so wrong.

    Abby's Mom

  10. This story shows people at their very best and people at their very worst.

    We send Carol and her helpers our very best wishes that the adoption day is successful.

  11. Great post, you need to tell all every chance that you get. Those are terrible ones that burn down houses and try and kill poor innocent animals that just need love and a home. I hope this has a good ending.

  12. Thank you for posting this! I contacted someone last night and am trying to adoopt one of the dogs!

  13. WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers we are so happy that you are trying to adopt one of the doggies. We wish you luck!!!!

    Everyone thank you for helping to get the word out.

    ~S,S & C

  14. Thank you again for sharing Carrol's story, I will give you an update on adoption day.. I am fearful it will be a tourist attraction vs a an adoption, but well see!! Thanks.

  15. Jan, there is a post on the petfinder site about this ...

    Mommy Bean Laure


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