Monday, October 27, 2008

Down to 34 Dogs

Carrol Crocker currently has 34 dogs in need of immediate rescue, foster or adoption! Earlier today the number was still at 42. (Scroll down or click here to read our earlier post.)

Please consider how you might be able to help. You might not be able to adopt or foster a dog, but you can keep help keep this message going out. You just do not know who might read it that might be able to step up and save one or more of these dogs. Every one of these dogs is precious to Carrol. She has done without many necessities to provide for them. And these dogs are worth saving!

You can view their photos on Green Acres Animal Sanctuary. You can view contact information on Hope4Dogs.

Can you help? You sure can. Pass this message on! Especially to anyone in the Alabama/Tennesse/Georgia area.


  1. It's heartbreaking to think of the woofies & fluffies. I will pray for them all.

  2. We are brokenhearted to see that Mico still hasn't been saved. We were hoping that Mico and his friend Sheeba had been rescued. We are purring for all 34 of the remaining doggies. And it goes without saying our paws are crossed. ~S,S & C

  3. My neighbor, Margaret, is from Tennesse. I will forward Carol's info to her sister, maybe they can help. You just never know.
    Thanks for posting about Criz. I am hoping he will decide against adopting out some of the J-Family. It is breaking his heart to have to do so.
    Cathy & Beau and Crystal & Moki asked that their share of the last auctions be loaned to Criz, so he can get Mama Janice back home. And they really needed the money, but they felt Criz needed it more.
    The vet refused to release Mama Janice until Criz paid for her surgery (the "horn" removal). Of course, every day she was there resulted in more fees.
    We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people in our Cat Blogosphere. I am just continually amazed. It is the best group anywhere. Period.


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