Thursday, October 30, 2008

31 Dogs Need Homes

We just read the latest post at Hope4Dogs. Pam of Forgotten Paws had a brain aneurysm last night and is in the hospital. She was one of those leading the rescue effort.

Pam, we send special purrs and tail wags to a dedicated rescuer who has done so much for Carrol Crocker and her dogs.

The race to save Carrol Crocker's dogs continues. Help is still needed. You can find more information and a list of what is needed at Hope4Dogs.

And photos of the remaining 31 dogs can be viewed at Forgotten Paws/Green Acres.

Remember, these are healthy and well-cared for dogs desperately in need of a home before Rainsville, Alabama officials seize and kill them. It you are thinking they will be taken to a shelter and put up for adoption, think again. Carrol's Green Acres Sanctuary used to be the unofficial shelter for the county. The animals will be shot or ..... inhumanely killed.

Even if you can't adopt, foster, transport, or donate, you can keep passing the information along.


  1. Prayers to Pam...I hope she gets well soon.

    I'll pass it along as best I can.

  2. Oh no! We are very sad to hear about Pam, we will be purring and praying for Pam, too. We are praying this story gets some serious national media attention like Ratchet's story. We just know there are people and families out there looking for these wonderful pups!

  3. Prayers for Pam! She is the one who coordinated my adoption of Delilah! I pray she will be well and back home soon!!!

  4. w00f;s JFF, sure hope Pam will b ok...and really hope the other dogs will find home...i didnt hear from either email i sent out...grrr

    b safe,

  5. Oh, no, I hope that Pam will recover soon. I also hope that the rest of the dogs will be adopted before it is too late.

  6. Stopping over to get all of you to NYC for Asta's party. I know Jan is busy with her work but you all need a break. You have all been working so hard to let us know about those that need our help. So pack on up and some along.
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL OF YOU, yes that does include Jan too.

  7. We will be purring for Pam as well as the doggies that need homes. ~S,S & C

    PS: See you at Asta's Party, Happy Halloween!

  8. our prayers to Pam. We are praying for the doggies too - wish that we could have dog in our townhouse. ::SIGH::

    Happy Halloween!!!

  9. This is so very sad. W e hope Miss Pam is feeling better soon and we sure do hope that those dogs find homes!

    One thing we LOVE about Italy is that it is a NO KILL country! That goes for humans AND anmials!

    Just want to wish you all a safe and happy halloween!
    Prince Not-so-charming

  10. We are sending lots of purrs for Pam.
    We have notified some friends up in the Tennessee area to see if they know of anyone who could help out.
    Love and Purrs,

  11. Oh dearest Lord please help this lady recover...she is so needed for her good heart.
    Leaving you lots of love today dear Jan...thank you for keeping us updated...
    Love Miss Peach

  12. We're purring hard for Pam to recover fully, and for the rest of Carrol's dogs to get places where they can live.


    Gypsy & Tasha


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