Friday, October 31, 2008

Brrrrr, Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Well, here we are. Finally. We're in London celebrating Halloween.

Our photos (2) by Sassy

Sassy's business card in case you want to make an appointment for next year's costume.

We sure hoped these costumes would be warm but we're still cold! And hanging around a spooky old London tower isn't helping any.

Photo by Eric

We're here at Asta, Eric and Lacie's Halloween party. There's so many attending, we figure they won't notice if we're all dressed alike.

Jan said there isn't any costume money in our budget, so she sent Sassy old sheets to make all our costumes. She told us to be sure to bring them home so she can hang them in the windows to help keep out a little of the cold. Brrrrr. We can't imagine how these flimsy things will help, but we are not to return home without them, so if you're at the party too, please, please, please don't let us leave without them!

Perhaps we had better find Sassy, Opus, Momo and some familiar faces. Oh, there's Socks, Scylla & Charybdis. They'll be sure to remind us.

Have a great day!
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  1. Happy Halloween to all of you! Hope you get lots of treats!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  2. We will try to help you keep up with your sheets. IF someone will please help us keep track of Charybdis, if we go home without her Mommy will be cross.

    We can't blame her for wanting to explore, this is a neat place to spend Halloween but would be nice if she would tell us where she is going.

    And watch out for Scylla, she is having a ball jumping to the highest perch she can find and dropping down on the rest of us.

    ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  3. Happy Halloween! We hopes yoo gets sum nip tonight, safe indoors. And the woofies can has what the blurpy beans drop. :)

  4. That looks like a super party! Have fun!

  5. Happy Halloween to you! That will be an excellent party!

  6. Happy Halloween, hope you have fun, be safe.

  7. I'm so glad all of you came to thepawty..Come in by the fiweplace..It'smuch wawmew, and havesome wawm will suwely make you feel bettew..and if you get scaiwed, just hold my hand
    love and happy Halloweeny smoochie kisses

  8. Have a very safe and Happy Halloween

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  9. Happy Halloween, Jan and the entire Funny Farm!

  10. Boo! Those are great pictures, you all!
    We want to thank you for stopping by this week to offer your support with your kind words.. It is truly amazing how the cat blogosphere comes together, and it meant a lot to me to hear from so many, even cats I never knew were out there!

  11. What great ghosties you all make. I am glad you are finaly here at the party! It just isn't the same without all of you around.
    Will remember to remind you all to take your sheets home for Jan to use as window curtains.
    Have a booooooeautiful Halloween!!

  12. It is such a great party!!! we are very very happy to be here with all of you and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  13. Happy Halloween to all of you! Nice costumes - just remember that Jan wants them when you've finished with them.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  14. looks like fun! hope you guys had a great night!

  15. And BOO to you too, all you scary little ghosties. Halloween sure was fun, eh?


  16. Cut price Halloween chic - I love it. FAZ

  17. Hoppy Halloween!

    (You're right! Those sheets might be a problem keeping out the cold with head holes cut out of them!)

  18. Ah yes! we should've dressed hans up in a sheet!

  19. hehe, you all look superkool and superspooky! I hope you hadded a fun Halloweenie!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  20. Making sure you all got home Ok and please, please make sure Jan gets those sheets back. If you want to score browine points you all could even put them through the laundry.
    The executives are still in NYC, we had such a great time we are not quite ready to have it end. We have a surprise for Asta, we are taking her out to one of her favorite places to eat. It will be fun.

  21. Happy Halloween! Those are awesome costumes.

  22. Did ya finalee gets warm?????

    Tanks fur stoppin by whiles you rested frum your London trip n helpin us remembur Spunky n hims long life.

    Katie Too.

  23. I hope you had a wonderful time at the party and finally got warm by the fire. I hope the sheets didn't get singed. I have given you an award.

  24. Wow, what a party! I bet a good time was had by all!
    ps - smooches to you for displaying the Diabetes badge!

  25. Very cool costumes :)

  26. Haha! Your costumes crack me up! I will have to dress up next year!
    Love, Dino


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