Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We Need Your Input

Thanks to all who have responded in comments or by email. You've been a great help.

We have loaded the banner in what should be the correct size (900 w) and it is still causing some to have to scroll right to view page. We checked and see what an earlier comment meant about the sidebar being all over the place. We assumed it was because we copied and pasted old code and the pix were different sizes. But now we see that with the larger banner, the contents of the entire sidebar have moved right and out of alignment.

Okay, we're stumped. Anyone have any idea what could cause this? Jan's going bald and mumbling about a bottle. We think she needs to be walked. And quickly. So we're off. We'll get back to this problem later. Meanwhile, we apologize for the lopsided page. We're stumped for the moment.

We are still working on this upgrade and are about to just revert back to the old classic template and give up. We need your input.

What looks okay with our monitor's resolution might look terrible on yours. We found a stretch template but no matter what we do, the photo won't stretch from side to side. We've been told it isn't fitting into the space allowed on one computer because it is short on the one end.

We have seen that happen when we tried to stretch the old header, but we can't see it now. Can you? Is the header photo centered? Lopsided? Is everything viewable in the sidebar or has the sidebar dropped to the bottom on your screen?

We did fonts and colors yesterday and lost them all again today when we changed templates again. So we're not doing any more until we get some feedback so we'll know whether to keep this or revert to the old JFF.

Jan says getting the car running again, paying bills and cleaning the house are more important than spending time on redecorating a blog. Our journal time is important to us, so please help us win this discussion. Vote for or against the new blog look. And be honest. If the header is lopsided, say so.


  1. Now Mom and I know why we won't touch ours evFUR!

    On her work monitor, she khan see over to Merci, B and then she has to move the bottom slider to the right -

    That is the only thing she notices!

    Good lukhk!


  2. Me again!

    The sidebar is where it should be - it is just the header here on the desktop!

    I'll let woo know how the laptop looks later!


  3. We love the header photo! It doesn't fill our screen (reg. size) but it IS in the middle. Maybe you need to make the photo longer and then upload but DON'T click the "shrink to fit" button.

    If you need help, we are happy to try..
    Opus and Cyn

  4. Hi Jan, Barb here... Yes, the header is centered. If you ask Ann (Zoolatry) for a header that's 990 pixels, it should fit perfectly! And everything on the sidebar looks fine! I'm at work and my monitor here is 24", set to 1024x768 pixels. It looks fine. I'll check it on my home computer after work. It's only 22", but set to a higher resolution.

  5. The header is centered fine. The only minor problem is that a lot of the photos in the sidebar are all over the place for me and it looks like one that should be in the sidebar is actually on the bottom.

  6. the photo won't stretch from side to side. We've been told it isn't fitting into the space allowed on one computer because it is short on the one end.

    No, it doesn't fill the header area, there are blank areas to the left and right of the photo. But the photo is centered and stays centered.

    Is everything viewable in the sidebar or has the sidebar dropped to the bottom on your screen?

    Your right sidebar looks fine to me. Even when I have my favorites list open and make the favorites list as wide as possible, your sidebar is still fine. I can read everything, no need to scroll over, and nothing is pushed to the bottom.

    I think this new theme looks really good! It's very easy to read.

    I have some issues with the theme I chose for my blog. I'd like to make the font larger, so it's easier to read, but if I put too much in a post, either words or photos, it splits my white background :-/ To change themes, I'd most likely have to update my WP version, too, and that just scares me. Instead I work with what I have, until I get brave.

    One thing I notice about the photo in your header, is that at this size, if you were able to stretch it to fit the header area, the proportions wouldn't be correct. Stretching it might distort your image. The height of the header area is insufficient. Can you instead get rid of the border in the header? So your photo stands alone.

  7. It all luks gud ta us. We lyk da noo luk. Sympls but elegants.

  8. It looks good to me, too. The header image is centered, but does not fill the entire space.

  9. It works well, if you want me to help with your template, e-mail me and I'll help you with the thing you want; It would be a pleasure :)
    brownie [@]

  10. Everything looks great in Internet Explorer on the Dell. We LOVE the new header.

    Mommy will check it in Firefox if she doesn't forget and then when Daddy gets home she'll take a gander at it on his laptop. She remembers that sometimes when we added something our blog would look fine in IE but then when she looked at it in Firefox it was a mess and she had to tweak it.

    Such a headache.
    Paws crossed that Jan get's everything fixed just the way you want it. ~S,S & C

  11. Hi... about 5 pm Eastern Time; we're looking & header is centered and proportionately correct. All sidebar items are well lined up and none seem to be cut off or awkwardly placed. My monitor is just 12" wide and about 15" on the diagonal; my husbands is a larger monitor & it also looks fine on his. One thing if you go into the layout area & make the "border color" also WHITE like the background that hairline double rule will disappear. If your template says 990 pixel width, I can rework to that size; but like a couple people have said, do not use the "stretch to fit" box; it just does not work.

  12. We think your new header looks GRRRREAT!

  13. We like the new header.
    What we meant by "all over the place" was that they aren't in a straight line, some are way over on the left and some on the rightr and some even next to each other in the sidebar.
    Yes, the one at the bottom is thanks criz. It wasn't centered on mom's day hunting computer, but it's centered here. She's home with us now so she can't check to see if it's still lopsided on the day hunting computer. You can email us with more qwestions at catsinmd at gmail dot com if you want, so we don't have to keep commenting back and forth, if that's easier.

  14. Your sidebar looks aligned in Firefox and also in Safari. So does the header. We just checked safari and got your most recent post update--and it looks good in both our Mac browsers!

  15. w00f's JFF, it looks fine and dandy to me here...

    b safe,

  16. It all looks fine to us. We're using a 19" monitor and Firefox, and there are no probs at all.Mum tried it with IE 6 and that was okay too. She tried it on the laptop which has a 15" screen using IE7 and that was all okay too.

  17. Everything looks good on my laptop, but I will need to check the desktop later. Miss Ann fixed mine and I don't think I will ever change it.

  18. I can see the banner and it is in the center. Also everything on the sidebar I can see.
    No, redoing your blog is much more important than paying bills and all that other stuff. Stick to your guns and don't let Jan give up.

  19. Hi guys/ girls,
    THe banner looks pawfectly fine and centralised to me.. The sidebar too...
    Ever since my mom tried to 'renovate' my blog and lost all the sidebar information, she swore she'd never touch it again. I think this'd only last 3 months max.. so check out for my new look in 2 month's time!

  20. We can see the banner and sidebars all aligned neatly over here on a 17" monitor, guys...
    MBean isn't a tech whiz at all, so she is sorry that she can't be of more help.. We hope you will find the solution from the other bloggers soon.
    More walks for Jan in the meantime, we do not want her to be left with no furs on her head...

  21. Everything looks OK in Firefox to us. ~S,S & C

  22. It looks fine to us -- centered and lovely.

  23. Mum checked the site on her 22" widescreen monitor at work, and then came home and had a look at your site with us on the 15" monitor and she said that everything looked okay on both monitors.


    Gypsy & Tasha

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