Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cyndi Is 5

We have been so involved with trying to upgrade this journal that we completely forgot our lovely Cyndi's 5th birthday was yesterday, October 1st. Now, that's her guesstimate birthday. She's a rescue.

Jan just looks at a newcomer and says, You look to be about xxxxx, so as of now you were born xxxxxx.

And we just look at her, nod and say, Yes, Jan. If it makes you happy, we'll play along. Can we eat now?

Cyndi sitting in a cat bed lined with a Gizzy quilt.

We were plannng to tell you the story of how Cyndi came to live here but Jan says she's way behind in everything and needs the computer today. We can tell you we're glad Jan's brother rescued Cyndi and she came to live here.

She loves to weave around woofie legs and if we don't hold still when it's our turn, she just "roars" in protest, rears up and nips an ear. And we stand still!

We're not having a party for her. We just wanted you to know that our calico girl has turned 5.

PS from Cyndi - Thank you Gentle Annie for such a lovely card. I've never had a birthday card before. I look like a demur, mysterious princess.

And thank you, Chef. This was another lovely surprise.


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  2. Happy birthday, Cyndi! I hope 5 is a good age, because I am 4 now. You look pretty.

  3. Happy Happy Day Sweet Cyndi!
    (and tell your Mom her blog DOES look very, very nice...)

  4. Happy Purrfday Cyndi. Hope you had a great day.

  5. Happy Birthday Cyndi! And I'm glad the blog is looking good!

  6. Happy Birthday Cyndi! You found a great forever home. Keep up the good work keeping the woofies in line.

  7. Happy Birthday Cyndi!!!!!
    ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  8. Happy birthday Cyndi :)

  9. Happy birthday, Cyndi!!! I can't wait to read your Gotcha/Birthday story. I like those when they have happy endings like ours.

    I hope you got extra treats cause your mommy forgot. That is funny you like to weave between legs. mommy thinks I'm the only cat she has met who doesn't!

  10. Happy birthday Cyndi!! You sure are a pretty girl....calico, like me!
    ~Maggie May~

  11. We are furry happy to be able to wish Cyndi a Happy Birthday!! What a beauty she is! ;o) ~Purrs~

  12. w00f's JFFm happy meowwww day Cyndi, we hope u has a special day, wiff lots of treats and pressies...and many many more meow days...

    b safe,

  13. I'll khut woo a break fur your bigday and NOT eat woo!

    PeeEssWoo: Hope woo had a grrrreat day!

  14. Happy Birthday, Cyndi! We think 5 is the best age because Grayson just turned 5 and Gandalf will be 5 on May! We hope you get to weave through lots of legs and get all the scritches and treats you want!

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  16. I am pretty sure that Cheysuli would never be that nice to Momma

  17. Happy 5th Birthday, Cyndi :-D You are such a pretty girl. I love the card you received, it's so pretty, just like you :-)

    PS to your Mom: It looks great! Do you have any hair left?

  18. Happy Birthday Cyndi!
    Have a great day.

    HUGS~ Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernie's Voice

  19. Happy Birthday Sweet Cyndi


    ben xxxx

  20. Hi Cyndi - Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!

    I hope your Mama tells your story during Autobiography Week ... (see my blog) ...

    Yeah, we know my blog sometimes takes forever to load. That's because of all of Mama's silly stuff on the sidebar and elsewhere. We're sorry. There are a few blogs that we go to that also take a long time. What helps us is we just reboot and they download faster. Sometimes if you've had several screens open, it seems to take longer.

    We signed the petition for Carrol, by the way, and we're in prayer mode for her.

    We love your banner - good job!


  21. By the way, your header and sidebar look perfect to us. You must have fixed it... but in case you were wondering ..

  22. Happy Birthday, Cyndi! You don't look a day over 4 1/2!

  23. Happy Birthday! Daddy is home and doing well. Thanks for all your purrs!

  24. Happy Birthday, pretty Cyndi!

  25. Happy Birthday, Cyndi! You look so lovely in that picture.

    Your blog looks great. We hope Jan's hair grows back quickly.

  26. Hi Cyndi,
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, gorgeous!

  27. G'day Everyone

    Thanks for dropping by to visit me.



  28. Happy Happy Birfday Cyndi!!
    You can come weave awound me anytime..I'll twy to hold suwe awe bootiful, and I'm so glad you live in such a wondewful home
    smoochie kisses

  29. Happy 5th Purrday, Cyndi! Calicos are the best!
    Calico, but not as floofy Jawsy . :)
    Hugs from all of us 3 stooges!

  30. Happy Birfday! We have guesstimate birthday's too.

  31. Happy Belated Burfday, Cyndi! We Ballicai hope you hadded a superduper wunnerful day.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao and alla the Ballicai!

  32. A very belated happy birthday wish. Hope you had a great day.

  33. Happy 5th Birthday.
    I wish I was five again. Make the most of every moment.

  34. Happy belated 5th Birthday, Cyndi!!

    Momo & Pinot


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