Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ratchet, Criz and Monk

First, we would like to update yesterday's post. We mentioned our friend Criz in Malaysia and the medical bills his rescued cats have been racking up the last few weeks. They have been fighting the Calici Virus, and now Justin is severely ill with it and Jason now has the same symptoms his mother had.

If you can spare a dollar or two to help Criz and the J Family of cats, we would greatly appreciate it. And we know Criz would too. He has been having health problems of his own, but still he has had a houseful of sick animals to care for, and he has put them first. There is a Paypal "Donate" button on the left side of his blog.

(Jan here. Percy is usually the JFF typist, but it's too cold in here today for his little paws, so I filled in for this post. It's too cold for my fingers too, but Criz's situation is important. Buddy said he needed to go out, but I was intent on finishing this post. I said, In a minute. Call it temporary insanity, but I momentarily fogot when Buddy says he has to go, he means NOW! I finished typing and discovered what all the noise had been behind my back. Of all days, he had to pick this one to not be able to hold his poop. The area rug was littered with white fluff and small pieces of poop they'd slung around while playing tug of war with Buddy's bed. Yes, they are all still alive. Please, bribe their way out of the doghouse and donate some spare change to Criz.)

We're a little late posting this, but in case you want to read about Ratchet's arrival in Minnesota, here's a link with photos. Ratchet is the Iraqi puppy that created such a furor when he was confiscated by Gwen's commanding officer on the way to the Baghdad airport, where he was scheduled to leave on a rescue plane for Gwen's home in Minnesota. But he is safely home with Gwen's family now and will be waiting for her when she is released from her military duty.

Ratchet has arrived home.

We love this video of Monk the Kingdom Dog. Jan says she wishes she had given Buddy a name to live up to, as she did Samaritan.

Scroll down for the updates on Carrol Crocker's dogs or click here.


  1. WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the video and story of Monk! What a powerful message! We can't wait to pass it along!

  2. It makes me so sad, that so many people are struggling financially to take care of their fubabies. I wish pets could be tax exemptions like human children. They deserve the same love and care that humans do!
    I hope all of your kids are doing well and you too Mommy Jan.

  3. We are very happy Ratchet has arrived! We really enjoyed the video about Monk - aka Isaiah 40:31, which is one of Mom's favorites! She had is done in Calligraphy and framed it years ago. It is a wonderful lesson to learn! ...Although we are not very good at waiting or being a patient, as our post today clearly demonstrates!

  4. Mom is so happy that Ratchet made it home her eyes are even dripping. She just can't help but think that DWB had something to do with this.. We are all so happy that Ratchet finally made it home after such a trying life.. He is truly one lucky pup...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  5. w00f's JFF, mama says we cant help Cris and kittys rite now, but mayb after the 1st..and me iz sooo happy Ratchet made it home...and wish me cood adopt all of Carol's puppies...

    b safe,

  6. We wish we could help these Carol's doggies... Our paws are crossed.

    Momo & Pinot

  7. sister took the blog lists and contacts and is taking those dogs into work with her. Some girls were interested in at least fostering the babies. Hopefully some good will come!

  8. Thanks for the update on Ratchet. Seeing that he's finally home now brought tears to our eyes...

  9. Thanks for sharing all this and the update on the always-popular Ratchet.

    That poop story had me in stitches by the way! Thanks for the laugh!


  10. Nice to meet you, Jan! I am looking forward to getting to know you and your gang better! Love, Dino

  11. We'd love to help all the Criz family, but we know how it is to be short on green papers - we will be purring our hardest for them all.

    We're glad to hear that Ratchet has arrived home!

  12. Bless you for all your hard work and trying to help the Criz family. I'm always telling some furry thing around here I'll be there in a minute too; there's always just one more thing to do so you don't forget to do it, but the animals just don't care do they. Hope the mess wasn't too big.

  13. tried to get those girls to get some dogs. Looks like they can only have small dogs, and nothing under 50 lbs is left.. we were all going to take a road trip this weekend, and drive all the way to alabama and get those dogs. But, they can't have dogs that big, so, we can't do anything. :( we were all excited about it too.

  14. The video was great. As a teacher, I appreciated the message very much. Many of my students could learn a thing or two from Monk.

  15. Hi Mates
    I'm sorry it has taken so long to reply to your comment but mum is very busy with day to day urgent life stuff at the moment. Take care of yourselves.
    Love from Hammer

  16. Hi Jan,

    keep up the good work - you're my hero!

    =^..^= Milo xx

  17. My neighbor, Margaret, is from Tennesse. I will forward Carol's info to her sister, maybe they can help. You just never know.
    Thanks for posting about Criz. I am hoping he will decide against adopting out some of the J-Family. It is breaking his heart to have to do so.
    Cathy & Beau and Crystal & Moki asked that their share of the last auctions be loaned to Criz, so he can get Mama Janice back home. And they really needed the money, but they felt Criz needed it more.
    The vet refused to release Mama Janice until Criz paid for her surgery (the "horn" removal). Of course, every day she was there resulted in more fees.
    We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people in our Cat Blogosphere. I am just continually amazed. It is the best group anywhere. Period.

  18. Thanks Jan for posting this up. It's getting tougher each day. Justin is still not eating. Jayson had lost half his appetite. The worries now is more on Justin. I had to syringe feed him with some vits and liquid diet every few hours. If he is still not eating, I have to bring him to the vet first thing in the morning. Let's pray that everything would be better tomorrow.

    By the way, thanks everyone for helping us out.

    Criz & the J Family Kitties

  19. Please collect your awards at my blog.
    Love, Dino

  20. We are so sorry to hear about Chris and his family of sick cats. Thanks for sharing this news as we didn't even know about it.

    Sending you my love in hopes to see you guys at Asta's Halloween party!

    Prince Not-so-charming

  21. Oh I hate so much to hear of kitties or doggies being sick or even hamsters and other furries.
    I wish I had time to go to those links, but my mum is making me hurry cuz she has to work.
    My Lord, nothing will get done at my home if mum can't do it....My daddy will implode with all the extra work, men in white coats will come and get him...I know they will.


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