Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ratchet is Rescued

Well, it's about time we all have some good news! We just checked and found an Associated Press story stating Ratchet is on his way to Kuwait and then home to Minnesota to await Gwen Beberg's return to the US.

On Sunday, a private security firm collected Ratchet from the small base, put him into a pet carrier and transported him to the airport on Baghdad's western outskirts.

Baghdad Pups coordinator Terri Crisp then took custody and boarded him on the charter.

Read the story here: Iraqi puppy adopted by soldier en route to US

Now if only some rescue(s) could take the remaining dogs at Carrol Crocker's so none will be seized and killed by Rainsville. Twelve dogs were adopted yesterday. Time is crucial for the remaining 50!

Whimpurrs Whim adopted Delilah from Carrol's yesterday. She just posted some photos of Delilah in her new home.

And River the Beagle's mom doesn't have room for any more fosters at the moment, but she signed up to transport any coming her way.


  1. How exciting...we are so happy for Ratchet. We wish him well.

    Thank you for following our story of the "Sugar Glider" was fun for us.

    (((HUGS))) Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernie's Voice

  2. One of the dogs from yesterday is now one of my babies!!!! Yes, we met a transporter yesterday with her in Columbia, TN and she is precious and so grateful for her new home! I am going to be posting pics in a while on my blog! ;o)

  3. We are very happy Ratchet was rescued.

    We are thankful that 12 doggies got rescued from Rainsville, we just wish it could have been more. We are purring that the remaining 50 find a safe haven soon. We will be purring for them and if you can think of anything we can do please let us know. ~S,S & C

  4. YAY, that's marvellous for Ratchet!

  5. That is wonderful news! Hooray for Ratchet!

  6. Excellent news about Ratchet. It makes us very happy. Don't you wish all animal dramas would end this way?


  7. Thanks fur this happy news -

    AND hoping there will be more where this khame from!


  8. Yay, I'm so glad Ratchet was rescued. And twelve of Carrol's dogs finding homes is awesome too.

  9. Such a relief to have good news! Thanks for searching for that. We have put our name in to transport--we have too many fosters now (5) or we could take some. If they come our way my mom is willing to drive.

    love & wags,

  10. That is such excellent news. Thanks for keeping us posted guys!

  11. Yay! for Ratchet and Delilah! Figgy, the cat we have been Sponsoring, was also adopted Saturday! Mom's been crying tears of joy a lot this weekend!

  12. yeah that was a great story to read - made me happy :-) there are so many animals that need homes... i'll prolly end up keeping buddy just so another dog can go some where else! oh that and the fact he's an amazing dog!!!

    and yeah, doggie day care keeps me busy and puts a few extra shekels in the bank :-)

  13. This is lots of great news! I've got my paws crossed that the rest of Carol's pups can find a home soon.

  14. Great news about Ratchet. And the photos of Delilah in her new home were wonderful.
    We are all purring, purraying and praying for the remaining dogs and for Carol.
    Thanks to JFF for following these items and bringing them to everyone's attention.

  15. We are so happy about Ratchet!!!
    We are purring that the rest of the dogs at Carrol Crocker's find new homes very soon.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  16. I am so happy that Ratchet is now on his way home. It's great that Whimpurr could adopt Delilah and that 12 more dogs have found homes. I really hope and pray that the rest of them can be saved. Thank you, Jan, for posting these stories for us and all the good you do.

  17. Dearest Jan! A basket full of lov and purrrs for you today! Two wonderful happy ending stories to begin the week. Life is indeed good at times...
    love Miss Peach

  18. We hopes Carrols remainin woofies finds fur ever homes quick! We spread the word on petfinder and we can only hope dat it helped if any!

  19. We were so glad to see that Ratchet got to start his journey toward his Mommy and home!!

  20. we are so glad Ratchet is safely on his way home. we are thrilled that Delilah is also in her forever hom.

    we will purr and pray for the rest of Carol's dogs to find loving homes. D*mn those Rainsville beans.

  21. WOO HOO for Ratchet!!!!!!!!

    We are purring for Carol's dogs!!! We wish we could adopt one!

  22. Excellent news! Something positive came out of something so negative. I love it when that happens. That dog is going to have a good life. I can not imagine being off fighting a war, at least Ratchet kept her spirits high and gave her that comfort of never being alone. Excellent.


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